20 Armband Tattoos

The people who love to have tattoos on different parts of their bodies are going to increase day by day.  Tattoos can be embossed on your legs, arms, shoulders, and your upper and lower back.  Each part of the body has its own significance and characters.  Armband tattoos are very popular among tattoos lovers and armband tattoos have their own significance.

1.       Celtic Shamrock/Clover

 Celtic Shamrock / CloverShamrock is a very beautiful plant and there are three beautiful flowers on the same branch.  It looks very nice and its natural green color provides peace to the eyes.  In Ireland, it is considered to be a symbol of love and in Christianity it is used to illustrate the dogma of trinity.

2.       Four Clover

Four Clover TattoosIn this tattoo, there are four branches each having four leaf.  It is traditionally green in color and it suits your personality when your engraved it on your arms.

3.       Four Leaf Clover Tattoo

Four Leaf Clover TattooIt’s a very beautiful tattoo with its bold green color.  There are only four leafs on a single clover.  It gets attraction by its charming design and dark colors.

4.       Irish Heart and Clover Back Tattoo


Irish Heart and Clover Back TattooIt’s a very unique tattoo and mostly used by Irish people.  In this tattoo, heart is beautiful and it resembles Irish flog with respect to its colors and besides this there clovers flowers behind this heart.  It is a very exceptional way for Irish people to show love for their beloved country Ireland.


5.       Irish Clover Tattoos

Irish Clover TattoosIrish clover is a charming tattoo with its excellent green color.  Leafs are just like heart and they look very gorgeous on your arms.


6.       Clover Butterfly Tattoos

Clover Butterfly TattoosIt’s a very beautiful tattoo with a combination of a clover and a butterfly with some natural colors.


7.       Clover Cross Tattoo Design

 Clover Cross Tattoo DesignIn this tattoo cross design is very unique because its designing is done by clover leafs and it looks very nice with its dark green color.


8.       Flower Band Tattoos

Flower Band TattoosFlowers are embossed on your arms in one row and they look very nice on your arms.  The design of this tattoo comes in various sizes and colors.

9.       Barbed Wire Tribal Band Tattoos


Barbed Wire Tribal Band TattoosIn practical life barbed wires are used for the protection of some prestigious asset and sometimes they are used for fence to keep animal and thieves away from a house and may be from industry.  Barbed wire is very famous in the field of tattooing and their zigzag shape is very eye-garbing when you get carved on your arms.


10.   Star band Tattoos

Star band TattoosThe design of this tattoo is very simple because there are many stars arrange in a single series.  There is a wide range in the design and size of stars.

11.   Tribal with Yin & Yang Tattoos

Tribal with Yin & Yang TattoosThis tattoo design is very significant among Chinese people believe the symbol of Yin & Yong represents the earliest Chinese perceptive of how things work.  Additionally, Yin & Yong means shadow and light and they are designed in white and black color.

12.   Thorn Band Tattoos

Thorn Band TattoosThis tattoo is just like thorn and it is engraved on your arms.

13.   Butterfly Band Tattoos

Butterfly Band TattoosIn this tattoo there is a group of butterfly with dissimilar colors and they are arranged in a single series on your arms.

14.   Orchid Band

Orchid Band TattoosOrchid is a very beautiful family of flowers with unforgettable fragrance.  Orchid flowers exist in nature with a wide variety of colors and in this design they are arrange in a single horizontal row with eye-catching colors.

15.   Flower band

Flower band TattooFlowers with a wide range of colors are imprinted on your arm and they look very nice and mostly these types of tattoo design are favored by girls.

16.   Red and Black Arm band

Red and Black Arm band TattooRed and black arm tattoo is designed in two colors only and this color combination is very attractive.

17.   Ocean Wave Band

Ocean Wave Band TattooIt’s a fantastic tattoo with an ocean blue color.  It is just like waves of ocean and it seems very nice on your arms.

18.   Black Band

Black Band TattoosBlack band is a very good looking tattoo design with black color.  The design of this tattoo is very excellent.

19.   Fire Flame Band

Fire Flame Band TattooThis tattoo is yellow in color with different designs and it looks very nice on your arms if you have muscular body.


20.   Spider Arm Man

Spider Arm Man TattoosIt is a very famous tattoo and it is engraved on your arm.  As it is clear from the name that in this tattoo there is a spider with some typical design of tattooing.

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