20 Awesome Female Tattoo Designs

Tattoos describe the character and add glow to one’s personality. Basically tattoo designs for females emphasize their natural delicacy and attractiveness. No matter what kind of tattoo you are selecting but you should be mindful that it should match your own taste and tendencies. Usually females like tattoo designs on their body that can maximize their soft and tender looks. Birds, flowers, butterflies, stars and artistic designs are the widely preferred tattoo designs liked by females. It also depends on your body shape that what kind of tattoo will suite on your body. Furthermore if we talk about the location of tattoos on body, it depends on size and design of tattoo. If a tattoo is simple and small then women often prefer to place them on their wrists, foots and ankles that are seem to be most favorite locations. Moreover if tattoos are detailed designs then women would prefer to place them into their backs, rib-cage, shoulders and the on the lower stomachs.

1. Flower Tattoos

flower-tattoosMost of the female like flower tattoos as they are the established symbols of peace and love. So it is good option for them to print them on their bodies. There are many famous flower tattoos and among them lotus, roses, cherry blossom and highly demanded.


2. Dove Wrist Tattoos

dove-wrist-tattoosIt is quite usual to get wrists inscribed with dove wrist tattoos among females. Compatible to their delicate looks, dove designs best suit a female personality.


3. Stars Tattoos

stars-tattoosFemales would also like to print stars on their bodies as they symbolize flexibility and simplicity. These kinds of tattoos can be designed anywhere on the body. Sometime they are made like solitary star, cluster of stars and also with geometrical designs.


4. Butterfly Tattoos

butterfly-tattoosOne of the most prominent and attractive tattoo many females want is butterfly tattoo. As butterfly tattoo seems to be collection of colors that provide a different look to you. These tattoos are designed to enhance your physical look.


5. Fairy Tattoos

fairy-tattoosBasically fairies are a symbol of beauty and fun. They are mythical creatures that give the impression of a beauty icon for the women and reflect their personality as naughty, free and carefree.


6. Angel Wing Tattoos

angel-wing-tattoosAngels are known for their piety, and serene beauty, females are often phrased with angelic beauty. These tattoos maximize the beauty and piety of the womenfolk.


7. Insects Tattoos

insects-tattoosLady bug and dragonflies are commonly liked insect tattoos by most of the females. The color combinations are always striking in these tattoos.


8. Animals Tattoos

animals-tattoosAnimal tattoo designs are equally popular with males and the females. Animals have their specific and symbolic meaning. In case of females, usually those animals are selected that have a softer appeal, matching a womanish look.


9. Bird Tattoos

bird-tattoosIt is one of the famous forms of tattoo among the females. The birds just like sparrow and swallow are highly demanded among women.


10. Fish Tattoos

As dolphin and fish seem to be friendly animal so they also attract females. Moreover they can be printed in bright and attractive colors.


11. Hummingbird Tattoo

hummingbird-tattooThe beautiful bird is the emblem of beauty and softness hence is liked by many ladies as a tattoo design.


12. Sanskrit

sanskrit-tattoosCharacters of various languages are used also in tattoo designs. Sanskrit, being and ancient language is used to create wonderful designs in tattoos.


13. Symbol and Icon Tattoos

symbol-and-icon-tattoosSymbols and icons from Egyptian and Greek civilizations are also used for tattoo designs and are liked by many females.


14. Tree Branch Tattoo

tree-branch-tattooTree branches with their intricate patterns are one of the loveliest tattoos for females.


15. Arrows Tattoo Designs

Arrows have their symbolic significance with reference to women in many cultures. They are inscribed in many designs usually on arms and legs.


16. Artistic Designs

artistic-designsFemale tattoo designs also include artistic pattern and designs. With the addition of colour combination they make a female look more gorgeous.


17. Leaves Tattoo Designs

Various leaves have their own distinguished look and they are made in various designs and colors according to one’s taste. Leave design tattoos are very popular with females.


18. Peacock Feathers Tattoo Designs

peacock-feathers-tattoo-designsPeacock feather are loved for their beautiful look. Hence they are also used in tattoo design and women like them very much.


19. Cute Comic Style

cute-comic-styleSome females like to get their bodies printed with popular comic characters. This helps create a rapid affinity with the people in surrounding.


20. Henna Tattoo

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Henna tattoo designs are particularly fixed for females. Numerous gorgeous designs are available in henna tattoo designs.

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