Superman Tattoo – 20 Awesome Superman Tattoo for Men

Everybody loves superman. Superman is usually the hero of the kids but many adults like the character as well. So if you love superman you can get a superman tattoo on your body. if your kids love superman you can get a superman tattoo for them so when they see that tattoo on you they think that you are their superman. Here are 20 wonderful superman tattoo designs from which you can choose your superman tattoo and get it engraved on your body.

Superman neck tattoo

superman-neck-tattooAs the name implies this is a tattoo which is engraved on your neck and this tattoo is the super man logo and it looks impressive.

Superman wrist tattoo

superman-wrist-tattooSame superman logo engraved on your wrist! This tattoo when engraved on your wrist looks wonderful.

Rock solid superman tattoo

rock-solid-superman-tattooThis is a great concept for a superman tattoo! This tattoo is engraved on your upper arm, in its design there is a superman logo inside a rock shield.

Superman flying high tattoo

superman-flying-high-tattooAs the name implies in this tattoo superman is flying and this tattoo is engraved on your upper arms and looks stunning.

Superman memorial tattoo

superman-memorial-tattooIn this superman tattoo, there is a superman shield logo with a name of a memorable person on it and this tattoo is really meaningful.

Superman tattoo on biceps

superman-tattoo-on-bicepsA blue superman logo tattoo when engraved on your biceps gives a pretty strong impression.

Superman tattoo on chest

superman-tattoo-on-chestPlain and simple superman tattoo on the chest, this tattoo looks elegant and aggressive at the same time and is a wonderful tattoo to have.

Superman in blood tattoo

superman-in-blood-tattooThis is another great superman tattoo. It is a superman logo in red and blood is shown to be dripping from it! This is a stunning tattoo.

Superman in black flames tattoo

superman-in-black-flames-tattooAs the name implies this is a tattoo of superman’s logo which is lit in black flames! This tattoo looks pretty unorthodox.

Superman shoulder tattoo

superman-shoulder-tattooThe typical superman logo with its typical colours when engraved on the shoulder looks pretty damn good and you will not regret once you get this tattoo.


Superman in scars tattoo

ripped-superman-tattooSuperman is shown to be in some serious scars and this tattoo looks quite graphic! If you like it you can get it.

Superman batman tattoo

superman-batman-tattooThis is a mixture of both batman and superman symbols. A very different and unique tattoo this tattoo looks awesome.

Burning superman tattoo

burning-superman-tattooWhat a great design for a superman tattoo! In this tattoo there is the superman logo with its outlines lit on fire and this tattoo is the best that i have seen so far.

Superman tattoo on back

superman-tattoo-on-backThis tattoo is engraved on your back as the name itself implies. In this tattoo the superman logo has got its feathers and it looks different and awesome.

Superman standing bold tattoo

superman-standing-bold-tattooIn this superman tattoo! The superman is standing tall by defeating all the threats and this tattoo looks quite bold and awesome.

Superman emerging from smoke tattoo

superman-emerging-from-smoke-tattooThis is a very unique idea! There is a smoke cloud in which you can see the superman and this tattoo is yet another great superman tattoos for you to have.

Ripped superman tattoo

ripped-superman-tattooThis is a large superman symbol sleeve encircled in two layers of flames! This tattoo is a great tattoo to have on your arm.

Superman leg tattoo

superman-leg-tattooBrightly coloured superman logo engraved on your foreleg and this tattoo is a great tattoo for you to have.

Superman sketch tattoo

superman-sketch-tattooThis tattoo looks like somebody sketched the superman on your leg with a led pencil! What a great superman tattoos to have on your leg.

Superman pictorial tattoo

superman tattooWhat a massive, slick and colourful superman tattoos design and this tattoo will suit on any part of your body.

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