20 Beautiful Flower Tattoos

Get glamorous and attractive outlook with beautiful flower tattoo designs on your body. Feel free to engrave your body with flower tattoo because flowers are liked by people of every age group and many people will appreciate your tattoo choice. In combination with flowers several other supplementary designs are added during tattooing. It depends on the choice of person and creativity of an artist that how he molds your thoughts and dreams into a very precise representation. Flower tattoos give you fresh and energetic sensation. Rose, lily, lotus and daisy flowers are commonly added in tattooing the bodies. Flowers are delicate, charming and aromatic. Therefore girls like to engrave their body with tattoo of this amazing creation of nature. We hope you will get revolutionary ideas for imprinting you bodies with fabulous flower tattoos here.

Beautiful Flower Tattoo for Belly


This flower tattoo is classic and very eye popping. A beautiful rose with a string of colourful beads is made on belly.

Stylish Flying Specks Tattoo

stylish-flying-specks-tattooThis tattoo is unique from other flower tattoo designs made on shoulder. It gives a delicate look like a flower.

Stylish Color Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

stylish-color-butterfly-and-flower-tattooA very stylish tattoo that covers whole back with artistically designed flowers and their guests butterflies. It is charming.

Skeleton Key Rose Tattoo

skeleton-key-rose-tattooIt is a very unique design of flower tattoo having a key looking like skeleton with a rose head.

Lovely Blue Flower Band Tattoo

lovely-blue-flower-band-tattooIn this tattoo enchanted flower is inked on lower back with subtle shades of blue. You really look gorgeous by wearing this tattoo.

Smart Elegant Lily Tattoo

lily-tattooLily flower is so impressive and attractive aroma producing flower. It is a symbol of progress. You can get an elegant look with this tattoo of lily flower.

Flower Heart Tattoo

flower-heart-tattooGet attractive and creative piece of art on your body which consists of merging roses into a shape of heart. It adds charisma to your looks.

Flower power

flower-powerThis magical tattoo is engraved on back with magical strokes. It grasps the attention of viewers easily.

Awesome Flower Tattoo on Foot

awesome-flower-tattoo-on-footGet another graceful accessory for your foot which is stylish in its appearance and design.

Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

beautiful-daisy-flower-tattoo-on-shoulderDaisy flower is linked with innocence and beauty. Add these qualities to your personality with this tattoo.

Red Roses Tattoo

red-roses-tattooRed rose is a symbol of love, affection and care. Show your feelings to your lover and ink your body with sensational red roses.

Purple Flower and Butterfly Tattoo

purple-flower-and-butterfly-tattooPurple colour adds a very cool and enchanted touch to everything. Ink your shoulders with

Black Flower Tattoo Designs

black-flower-tattoo-designsAn awesome design made with black flowers on ribs and belly looks stunning.

Beautiful Yellow Corner Flower

beautiful-yellow-corner-flowerIt consists of a sequence of yellow flowers with twigs. One big yellow flower is made on the joint between foot and your leg while other flowers along with twigs spread on leg upto 10 inches. It is really very cool tattoo design.

Tribal Flower Tattoo on Hip

tribal-flower-tattoo-on-hipGirls and guys like to carve their hip with typical tribal flower tattoo. It is simple but an attractive tattoo design.

Random Flower Tattoo

random-flower-tattooRandom shaped tattoos are engraved on the upper back or shoulders heavily. It adds charm to your body.

Two Butterfly Flower Tattoo

two-butterfly-flower-tattooClassic design of this tattoo is made with perfection on any part of your body. This is one of the fabulous designs of flower tattoo.

Purple Petals with Yellow Smiley Center

purple-petals-with-yellow-smiley-centerCute look to your personality can be added with having this very tattoo on exposed part of your body.

Lotus on Arm Tattoo

lotus-on-arm-tattooA simple, beautiful and charming lotus is carved on forearm of a girl. It is simple and meaningful.

Pink Lily Everywhere

pink-lily-everywhereOn choice of wearer an artist spreads pink lilies on shoulders and arms. It gives an awesome look.

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