20 Best Friend Tattoos

Together you walk, cry, eat and enjoy. Friends are precious gift of God. One cannot stay healthy and alive without having true friend. Your friend is unique and precious but similar to you. Show your friendship with tattooing your bodies together with a same tattoo or complementing tattoo designs. This is demand of modern guys and girls to carve their body with awesome and crazy tattoo designs together with their friends because trend of wearing friendship bands is changing with evolution of tattooing body art. Each and every group of friends want unique but upto date tattoos on their body. Here are some innovative tattoo ideas for best friends tattoo designs. Go through this article together with your friend and rush for having fabulous best friend tattoos on your bodies.

Fly Free Tattoo

fly-free-tattooGet this tattoo on your arms or shoulders and feel free to fly with joy. Each friend’s upper back is tattooed with flying matching bird of their choice. It shows your love for your friend.

Best Friends Forever Tattoo

best-friends-forever-tattooIt is mostly etched on legs one friend’s star is funky pink and other one in funky blue. You can use colour of your own choice.

Knights Tattoo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis tattoo really valued your friendship. Get this tattoo on your biceps.

Elephant Best Friend Tattoo

elephant-best-friend-tattooTraditional elephant tattoo with colourful flowers is etched on feet of both friends. It really looks cool.

Our Cat Tattoo

our-cat-tattooIt is a very unique designed tattoo in which one friend has powerful fatty cat on her side of belly while other has feeble cat at the same position. It gives funny look.

Musical Best Friend Tattoo

musical-best-friend-tattooSame musical notes but with different colours are made on shoulders of both friends. It expresses your musical nature.

Our First Tattoo on Wrist

our-first-tattoo-on-wristSimple but elegant pattern is carved on wrists of friends to show their love for each other.

Lock Key Tattoo

lock-key-tattooThis is really a cool tattoo. One friend’s arm is inked with a lock design in heart shape while key to that lock is etched on arm of other friend. It shows that you both are made for each other and your appreciable understanding.

Friendship tattoo on back

friendship-tattoo-on-backIt is a very cute design of best friend tattoo. Tom and Jerry characters are made with shaking hands.

Tolkien Tattoo

tolkien-tattooA very contrasting pair of tattoo is made on bodies of friends. It gives and elegant look.

Diamond Best Friend Tattoos

diamond-best-friend-tattooThe belly sides are carved with same colour diamond. Enjoy friendship day with this very tattoo because you all are gems for each other.

Puzzle Best Friend Tattoos

Puzzle Best Friend TattoosThis tattoo means a lot. You can solve problems of each other is the main theme of this tattoo.

Yin Yang Best friend Tattoos

yin-yang-best-friendsA twin tattoo design adds glamour to your personality if you wear this on your feet.

Same Heart Tattoo

same-heart-tattooFriendship is matter of your heart, get this tattoo in matching colours on your hearts and show your care for each other.


Remarkable Friendship Tattoo

remarkable-friendship-tattooThis tattoo includes friendship band etched around wrists of friends in matching colour. It is really remarkable plus meaningful best friend tattoo design.

Shining Star Tattoo

shining-star-tattooBest friends often imprint their shoulders with shining and dancing yellow stars. It gives you fabulous look.


Me and My Best Friend Tattoos

me-and-my-best-friendCarve your wrists with a same design with a short meaningful friendship quote.


Awesome Foot Tattoos

awesome-foot-tattoosYou walk together is the main theme of this tattoo. Etch your feet with beautiful same flower.


Pair of Hello Kitty Tattoo

pair-of-hello-kitty-tattooCarve your arms with matching hello kitty tattoos to show your sweetness and care for your friends.


Magical Friendship Tattoo

Magical Friendship TattooCarve your legs with magical ponies in cute wardrobe with dancing stars all around them.

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