20 Brilliant Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattoos are one of the means of one’s personal style statement. Older generations seem that they don’t like the idea of getting tattoos as they link them with some negative connotations but with each passing day they are becoming more and more adaptive to tattoos! Tattoos can have different meanings and everyone has who gets a tattoo has his own reason behind it. The  tattoos can also have some religious background and some individuals also relate them to spirituality.

Star tattoo on the back of the neck

Star tattoo on the back of the neckA delicate and starry tattoo symbolizes femininity and is a hot favourite tattoo amongst women!

Simple butterfly tattoo

Simple butterfly tattooButterflies depict many mysteries of the nature; they are also associated with fire and the vast and rich imagination of human mind.

Full phoenix tattoo

Full phoenix tattooSun is represented by the phoenix, dying in the blaze at the end of each day and mounting each morning up and so it instils positivism.

Carter clips Tattoo

Carter clips TattooThis tattoo is a very unique and funky tattoo and depicts endurance for main and a strong female personality.

Butterflies tribal tattoo

Butterflies tribal tattooThis great looking tattoo depicts powers of magic, transformation and joy! Very popular amongst women and they really do look appealing.

Swirly floral foot tattoo

Swirly floral foot tattooThis little tattoo can be engraved on either of your ankles and this tattoo looks really beautiful! Flowers are the incarnation of nature!

Cherry blossom tattoo

Cherry blossom tattooCherry blossom is considered a symbol of love! Within herbal lore’s Chinese language the cherry blossom is believed to be a symbol of love and affection.

Lotus flower tattoo

Lotus flower tattooThis tattoo is usually engraved on the lower back but you can get it wherever you want! This tattoo also gives the message of love and peace.

Back piece new school tattoo

Back piece new school tattooThe intricate interweaving shows no beginning and no end and it reflects the cycles of the seasons of our precious but short life.

An arm butterfly tattoo

An arm butterfly tattooButterflies are of many different colours and there is a great variety of butterfly tattoos you can get! On the arm it looks pretty cool in women.

Star Tattoo on side

Star Tattoo on sideThe star tattoo is hot favourite amongst women and the star is considered as a symbol of truth, hope and spirit.

Paisley tattoo

Paisley tattooPaisley are symbols which look similar as mangoes and these tattoos are common with south asian countries women and they depict passion.

Dog paws tattoo

Dog paws tattooMostly women who get paw print tattoos want to give a tribute to a beloved pet cat or dog and this kind of tattoo is common amongst pet loving women.

Hello kitty tattoos

Hello kitty tattoosThis little tattoo is one of the cutest tattoos women have! These tattoos depict your persona! They really do look great!

Gun tattoos

Gun tattoosWomen flourish gun tattoo designs to show their solid and straight forward personality.

Tribal foot tattoos

Tribal foot tattoosTribal tattoos are one category of the tattoos that can never get outdated. These tattoos look really wicked on your foot!

Portland tattoo

Portland tattooAdventurous and fun loving happy go lucky kind of women f=prefer this tattoo and it depicts calm nature of these women! They look real cool.

Music heart tattoo

Music heart tattooAs the name implies this tattoo will be of interest to a women who is really into music and enjoys music to the max!

Koi fish tattoo

Koi fish tattooThis tattoo symbolizes courage and bravery and one can imagine what type of women would want this tattoo engraved on their body! Definitely brave and courageous women.

Wing tattoo

Wing tattooThe wing design is usually linked to something spiritual and it may also have some religious background.

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