Snake Tattoos – 20 Frightening Snake Tattoos

Isn’t it amazing that how people are in love with this dangerous creature snake tattoos? People do love snakes! Not only their deadliness but also their appearance! Snakes are also considered symbols of power, wisdom and strength. So it will be no wonder if you see snake tattoos getting more common every day. These are 20 amazing snake tattoos to have if you like any. Girls love snake tattoo ideas.

Rattle snake tattoo

Rattle snake tattooThis is a typical killer rattle snake tattoo engraved on your leg! And this tattoo is very intimidating. Has got real bright colours.

Cobra snake tattoo

Cobra snake tattooBlack in colour this tattoo looks pretty graphic! You can get this tattoo engraved on any part of your body and this tattoo will give the ultimate scary look.

Black back snake tattoo

Black back snake tattooYour whole back is engraved with this frightening black cobra snake. This tattoo is freakishly scary!

Snake scar tattoo

snake-scar-tattooThis tattoo is engraved on your ribs and it looks like the snake is emerging our from the bearer’s body with its lethal look.

Left shoulder snake tattoo

left-shoulder-snake-tattooThis tattoo as the name implies is engraved on your shoulder! Being a very small tattoo it kind of looks pretty wicked.

Mosher snake tattoo

mosher-snake-tattooWhat an amazing snake tattoo! This tattoo is a block buster!  In this tattoo a snake is inked on your whole arm and the snake has its mouth open and is in attacking mode.

Cool tribal snake tattoo

cool-tribal-snake-tattooExotic tribal snake tattoo with its half body appearing as a sea-serpent! It looks extremely frightening and awesome at the same time.

Dark rattle snake tattoo

dark-rattle-snake-tattooThis tattoo is engraved on the back of your shoulder and this is an amazingly good looking tattoo and it looks scary at the same time.

Eating snake tattoo

eating-snake-tattooIn this tattoo a red snake is shown to attack its prey and this tattoo looks pretty wicked! And this tattoo also gives a very frightening vibe.

Dangerous snake tattoo

dangerous-snake-tattooThis tattoo is engraved on your arm! In this tattoo there is a snake with its mouth wide open and telling others not to get close.


Guitar snake rose tattoo

guitar-snake-rose-tattooThis tattoo is a combination of a guitar, a scary snake and a rose. It’s design is like there is a guitar around which there is a snake with a flower on one side.

Foreleg snake tattoo

foreleg-snake-tattooWhen engraved on the foreleg, this tattoo looks quite amazing! This tattoo is one of the best snake tattoos that i have ever seen. See it to believe it!

Crazy snake tattoo

crazy-snake-tattooThis tattoo is engraved on the shoulder back and this tattoo gives an impression of a crazy snake! It looks like this snake has lost its mind.

Warrior snake tattoo

warrior-snake-tattooAs the name implies this snake looks like a fighter snake and whoever looks at it can’t help but to feel fear.

Snake and scroll tattoo

snake-and-scroll-tattooThe secret magical scroll is shown to be in custody of this deadly snake. this snake tattoo is a stunner.

Rib snake tattoos

rib-snake-tattoosThis tattoo as the name implies is engraved on your ribs and this is quite an amazing tattoo to have! With its sea green colour this tattoo looks absolutely amazing.

Snake head tattoo

snake-head-tattooAs the name tells us, this tattoo is just a snake’s head and this head is opened wide and simply looks intimidating.

Right arm snake tattoos

right-arm-snake-tattooThis is a beautiful red snake engraved on your whole right arm and this snake has got this deadly expression in its eyes.

Snake head on shoulder tattoo

snake-head-on-shoulder-tattooWhat an amazing piece of artwork! This is a very beautiful pattern of the snake’s skin which is engraved on the shoulder and only the head is shown.

Green snake tattoos

snake tattoosThis is a unique concept for a snake tattoos as it is combined with some geeky elements.

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