Heart Tattoos – 20 Lovely Small Heart Tattoos for Girls

If you want your tattoo to be adorable, beautiful and which expresses love then you should opt for small heart tattoos. There is a lot of variety in the designs of little heart tattoos and get the one which you think is the best. Small heart tattoos are also very affordable to get and you have to suffer for much less pain. This is a list of 20 small heart tattoos which you can get and be happy.

Stitched heart tattoos

stitched-heart-tattoosThis tattoo is engraved on your wrist and it looks like, that the heart is stitched onto the wrist. This tattoo looks lovely.

Heart trail tattoo

heart-trail-tattooIt looks like the heart is a kite and someone is flying it with a string. This tattoo sea green in colour and this tattoo looks awesome.

Little finger heart

Little finger heart

This is the simplest tattoo! This is a small heart engraved on the little finger and this tattoo just signifies your love for hearts.

Neck heart tattoo

Neck heart tattooThis is a very small red heart inked on the back of your neck. This tattoo looks awesome. You can get it if you like this amazing little heart.

Little heart on the wrist

Little heart on the wristYet another small heart tattoo which is just beautiful. This is a tattoo which is engraved on your wrist and looks simply lovely.

Heart and stars tattoos

Heart and stars tattoosThis tattoo is engraved on the waist! The heart is purple in colour and the stars are sky-blue in colour! The combination is rocking.

Twin heart tattoos

Twin heart tattoosAs the name implies these are identical small hearts engraved on your each wrist. This tattoo looks quite elegant and you won’t regret if you ever get it.

Music note heart tattoo

Music note heart tattooThis tattoo is a hybrid tattoo! It looks like a fusion of a music note symbol and a heart! It looks awesome and you can get it anywhere you want.

Heart and cross bones

Heart and cross bonesA very unique tattoo, this tattoo is a combination of cross bones with a heart above it! It looks unorthodox and creative.

Chatting heart symbol tattoo

chatting-heart-symbol-tattooIf you know the text which you type during texting which turns into a heart i.e. <3! This is exactly what this little lovely heart tattoo is.

Kingdom hearts tattoo

Kingdom hearts tattooIn this tattoo design there is a tribal heart with a crown on its top and this tattoo looks amazingly awesome and you will get it once you see it.

Middle finger heart tattoo

Middle finger heart tattooAs the name implies this is a little black heart which is engraved in your little finger and it looks very different.

Cool black heart tattoos

Cool black heart tattoosThis tattoo is engraved just above your waist line on one side and this is again an elegant looking heart tattoo.

Italian heart tattoo

italian-heart-tattooIn this tattoo there are three tattoos in line and all three hearts have different colours! This tattoo is an amazing tattoo.

Music heart tattoo

music-heart-tattooYet another design for hybrid music and heart tattoo! This tattoo is engraved on the rib and this tattoo is a stunning tattoo.

Initial and heart tattoo

initial-and-heart-tattooThis tattoo is a combination of the initial of a name and a heart! This tattoo can represent love for any one person!

Quad heart tattoos

quad-heart-tattoosThese are 4 red hearts! 2 on the wrists and 2 on the feet! They look pretty damn good. What an amazing tattoo to have.

Cross heart tattoo

cross-heart-tattooA combination of a Celtic cross and a heart, this tattoo looks amazing when it is engraved on your neck just below your ear.

Heart behind ear tatoo

heart-behind-ear-tatooThis tattoo is another great small heart tattoo which is engraved behind your ear and this tattoo simply looks elegant.

Heart web tattoo

heart-web-tattooAn amazing tattoo design, this tattoo is like there is a web in which a heart is caught! Looks pretty awesome and you will want to get it after you see it.

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