20 Popular Bird Tattoo

Tattooing is a very old practice and it is just a body embellishment. Egyptians were the pioneers in tattooing and they used it as a ritual. They used it also to highlight as the mark of their clans. Now, tattooing has become very popular in developed countries. Although this practice has very harmful effects like AIDS and hepatitis but people use it for decoration as well as for some symbolic representation. For emblematic representation, there are many elements that can be used in tattooing. Bird tattoos are the symbols of peace and love. Sometimes, bird tattoos like eagle or scavenger tattoos depict overriding and authoritative traits. Birds tattoo can be of various sizes and they can be tattooed anywhere on a body. The following bird tattoos are used as symbolic representations as well as for aesthetic effects.

1. Chest Bird Tattoo

chest-bird-tattooIt is a very unique bird tattoo and it is carved on the chest. This bird tattoo is very attractive and this tattoo practice is usually enjoyed by woman.

2. Wrist Bird Tattoo

wrist-bird-tattooThis bird tattoo is carved on wrist and it is very small in size. The wrist bird tattoo consumes very small ink.

3. Black Birds Tattoo on Foot

black-birds-tattoo-on-footSmall birds with black color are carved on foot. This tattoo is favored by woman because it looks very nice on foot.

4. Bird Tattoo Color Black Dark

bird-tattoo-color-black-darkThis bird tattoo is carved on the back and its color is black. It is very eye-catching bird tattoo.

5. Blue Bird Tattoo

blue-bird-tattooThis tattoo is very striking for the people who like blue color. This bird tattoo is usually engraved on arms and hands.

6. Cool Bird Tattoo Design

cool-bird-tattoo-designThis bird tattoo is very colorful and it is very attractive. It is engraved on arms.

7. Beautiful Birds Tattoo on Leg

beautiful-birds-tattoo-on-legAs the name of this tattoo suggests, it is carved on leg and it covers the whole leg of your body.

8. Bird Tattoo on Upper Back

bird-tattoo-on-upper-backIt is made on upper back of your body and it can be of small size and large size.

9. Bird Tattoo on Lower Back

bird-tattoo-on-lower-backFor the people who want tattoo on the lower back, this will be the best choice of their part.

10. Star Bird Tattoo

star-bird-tattooIt is a combination of birds and stars. It seems as the birds are coming out of a star and thus seems really fantastic. A number of people like to have this fusion of star and flying birds on their body.

11. Flamingo Tattoo

flamingo-tattooFlamingo is a very beautiful bird with thin and long legs. It looks very attractive in various colors like red, blue and white.

12. New Bird Tattoo Style 2012-13

bird-tattoo-style-2012-13It is a very unique tattoo. It is very small in size and it is imprinted behind your ears, on your hands and in your fingers.

13. Rainbow Bird Sharpie Tattoo

rainbow-bird-sharpie-tattooIt is a very colorful bird tattoo with more then seven colors. It looks very cute when you get it engraved either on your hands or arms.

14. Bird Back Shoulder Tattoo

bird-back-shoulder-tattooThis bird tattoo is imprinted on the shoulder of woman. The birds are very small in size with black color. This bird tattoo employs less ink.

15. Tree of Life Tattoo

tree-of-life-tattooFor the people who want to give some message to the world, Tree of Life Tattoo is the best. This tattoo is a mishmash of a tree and a horde of birds.

16. Birds with Key Tattoo

birds-with-key-tattooIn this tattoo you can see the bird with different designs of keys. There are many color combinations for this tattoo.

17. Bird and Columbine Flower Tattoo

bird-and-columbine-flower-tattooThis tattoo with a columbine flower looks very eye-grabbing. The columbine flower is red in color and it looks very nice with a colorful bird.

18. Peace Bird Tattoo

peace-bird-tattooWe know that pigeon is a very beautiful bird. It gives the message of peace. If you are interested to give a message of peace to the world, then this tattoo is best among all other tattoos.

19. Birds of a Branch

birds-of-a-branchIf you want to carve more than one bird on your body; then it birds of a branch tattoo is the best. There is a flock of birds sitting on a branch of tree. By this tattoo you can give the message of unity to the people.

20. Dissolving into Birds

dissolving-into-birdsIn this tattoo a leave is dissolving into a flock of small beautiful birds. It is very striking and appealing.

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