Tribal Cross Tattoos | 20 Tribal Cross Tattoos for Men

Tribal tattoos are as old as Greek and Chinese civilizations. The tribal cross tattoos in those times were made on faces with some plant extracts and tree ash etc. They believed that these cross tattoos would protect them from dangers and bad evils. These tattoo ideas for men still exists but in modified form. People like to carve their bodies with awesome classical tribal cross tattoos. They look amazing on skin as ancient images. Most of the people like to add modern patterns to make them innovative tribal cross tattoos. Tribal cross tattoos are not only choice of tribal people but also admired by others. Make your first tribal cross tattoo a wonderful piece of art with these amazing ideas.

Angel wings and tribal cross tattoo

This tattoo contains centered tribal cross with huge angel wings in background. It looks amazing on your back.

Holy tribal cross tattoo

This very tribal cross tattoo is inked with glossy black ink on left arm. You will get an elegant look with having this tattoo on your body.

Remarkable tribal cross tattoo

This remarkable tattoo looks cool in red and black on your hand.

Butterfly wings with Tribal cross

A huge tribal cross in center of butterfly wings looks marvelous on lower back.

Tribal Cross tattoo with quote

True believers of holy cross carve this tattoo on their arm to honour God and to show their love for teachings of their religion

Celtic Tribal cross tattoos design

In this tattoo design a holy cross comes out from a broad ring. It presents respect of a weare to his lord.

Modern tribal cross tattoo design

Here tribal cross is carved in huge size with enchanted designing around its arms. The filling of cross is done with tribal pattern design. It looks awesome on your leg.

Tribal cross in clouds tattoo design

Clouds are formed in backdrop of a huge tribal cross. Whole back is carved with this tattoo design. This tattoo is especially designed for male enthusiast.

Tribal cross tattoos with art

This tattoo is made with glossy brown or black ink. The designing inside this cross is really incredible.

Tribal cross on my body tattoo design

A set of three tribal cross in awesome design is etched on body. These cross are replica of each others in design but sizes are different. One big tribal cross is carved on chest and other two of same size on arms. This set gives you magical attraction.

Tribal cross with tree branches

A full of aesthetic tattoo design in which a tree branch curls around a very delicate tribal cross. This tattoo is very meaningful tattoo design.

Tribal cross tattoos with a flower  

This tattoo gives message that peace is the main essence of religion. People love to have this tattoo on their back.

Thorns around cross tattoo design

It is another meaningful tattoo design in which thorns surround a holy tribal cross.

Random lined tribal cross tattoo design

In this tattoo design the outline of cross is made randomly. It looks cool.

My heart tribal cross tattoo design

This tattoo design shows the deep respect and honour of a wearer for the holy religion. A red glossy heart is fixed in middle of tribal cross.

Cross my life tattoo design

Very amazing colours are used in producing this tattoo design. It looks cool on your arm.

Rose cross tattoo design

Roses look awesome with a tribal cross. You will get appreciation from others.

Sun rise and tribal cross tattoo design

In this tattoo glowing sun is made in back drop and rays are directly falling upon cross.

Tribal cross tattoo design with rosary

A beautiful beaded rosary is made in front of a cross. It is an awesome tattoo design.

Blood drops and tribal cross tattoo design

Tribal Cross Tattoos

In this tattoo design blood drops are falling on ground. It is conveying message that religion is not in safe hands.

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