20 Wonderful Chris Brown Tattoos

Tattoos are not only designs that are imprinted on your body! a lot of tattoos have great and deep meanings! Tattoos are also a means of introducing yourself to others without even speaking a word. Everyone has their own reason behind getting tattoos. Some people get it because they are a part of a certain group or a gang or maybe they are a part of a certain fraternity of some sort. No matter what the reason is tattoos always look awesome.

Chris brown’s sleeve tattoo
What a beautiful design for a tattoo that is! That is an absolute stunner in the tattoo world and this tattoo looks great on him and will certainly look good on you.


Chris brown’s star tattoo
This tattoo is engraved on the back of your neck and this tattoo is awesome!


Chris brown take
He leaves no empty space on his arms. Sporting his stars, smiley and there is a portrait on the forearms.


Under the light
Under the lights his other sleeve tattoo looks stunning from a distance.  You can get this tattoo if you want this tattoo.


Chris famed tattoo
His front body is jus glowing with these multiple tattoos! What a great sight. These tattoos look pretty awesome.


Chris back tattoo
He has got a big smiley showing all its teeth engraved on the back of his wide back and this tattoo again looks great.


Chris brown chest tattoo
Red roses, angels and letters saying, “symphonic love” running across a diamond! This tattoo is another great tattoo to have.

chris brown chest tatoo

Chris’s heart tattoo
This tattoo is engraved where his neck meets his shoulder and this is a red heart which looks damn good.


Skull with halo tattoo
This tattoo is engraved on Chris’s hands and this tattoo means that the death is inevitable and it will nothing but bones.


Fabulous sleeve piece
His arms are loaded with great tattoos! See it to believe it these tattoos look stunning!


Chris brown performing
All his tattoos make an impressive impact when he is setting the stage on fire and these tattoos look great on him.


Chris’s arm and chest piece
Drenched look of his sexy and rocking arm and chest tattoos, he looks awesome in these tattoos.

Skeleton head tattoo
He has got this tattoo on his hand and this tattoo looks pretty intense and it seems like there is a deep message hiding behind this tattoo.


Girlfriend tattoo
Expressing love and commitment to his girlfriend, he has got her portrait engraved on his elbow and this is a lovely concept.

Girlfriend tattoo

Chris’ wrist tattoo
It is a cute inner wrist tattoo! It has stars and the name of his mother engraved on the inner wrist! What a lovely tattoo to have!


Jeez tattoo
Chris brown is a great artist and his belief in his faith is so strong that he has got his lord tattooed on his bicep! That is an amazing Jesus tattoo


Chris shoulder tattoo
What a spectacular portrait engraved on his shoulder! this tattoo shows his taste of the ink art and that tattoo is just amazing.


Shoulder portrait
Another amazing portrait tattooed on his other shoulder and this tattoo simply looks stunning and you can also get this tattoo on your shoulder if you like.


Chris brown jerry tattoo
If you take a closer look at Chris’s shoulder you will find a jerry tattoo with a J! This is another great concept for a shoulder tattoo.


Forearm tattoos
His exotic forearm is full of exotic characters! These tattoos always inspire him and if you like it you can also get these tattoos engraved on your body!










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