25 Lovely Heart Tattoos

Heart is a symbol of love, care and sensitivity and heart tattoos are equally famous among all. The word heart and heart tattoos means different for different people. It’s up to you that how you perceive heart tattoos and in which way you want to carve them on your body.

Tribal heart tattoos

Tribal heart tattoosThis is a different form of heart tattoo which is comparatively simpler than other but its looks elegant.

A heart with a key tattoo

A heart with a key tattooA heart with a key signifies that every one cannot enter in your heart and only those who know about the key can enter.

Heart bracelet

Heart bracelet A heart bracelet tattoo helps a lot in the beautification of your lovely wrists.

A heart with two wings

a-heart-with-two-wingsThis kind of tattoo is a signature of freedom and love and its best for those who believe in peace and prosperity.

A fairy tale heart

a-fairy-tale-heartA fairy tale heart tattoo is an artistic one for people who admire creativity and uniqueness.

Heart enclosed in a butterfly shape

heart-enclosed-in-a-butterfly-shapeThis type of tattoo looks like a butterfly from some distance but when you see it closely you can easily identify a heart in a butterfly.

Delicate ribbon heart

delicate-ribbon-heartIt just looks like gift wrapped with beautiful ribbons to give it a heart shape.

Heart on shoulders

heart-on-shoulders-tattooHeart on shoulder tattoo is mostly the choice of men and they are comparatively larger tattoos than others.

Human heart tattoo on the back

human-heart-tattoo-on-the-backHuman heart tattoos are also being carved on both men and women so it’s up to you that you like the artificial heart of the human heart.

Human heart tattoo on chest

human-heart-tattoo-on-chestIt just looks so realistic because the heart tattoo is exactly carved on the original place and dimension of human heart.

Heart with stars

heart-with-starsHeart with stars tattoo is full of glitters and shiny paints.

Heart blossom

heart-blossomA heart tattoo which looks like a flower is known as heart blossom and it looks amazing.

Scary heart tattoo with a skull

scary-heart-tattoo-with-a-skullScary hear tattoo with a skull is an option for those who want to experiment with carving tattoos.

Fancy heart tattoos

fancy-heart-tattoosFancy heart tattoo is for those who love shine and shimmer in their lives.

Sacred heart tattoo

sacred-heart-tattooSacred heart tattoo is designed with delicate and soft colours mostly white colour is used.

A full back heart with wings tattoo

a-full-back-heart-with-wings-tattooThis is a huge tattoo and it is equally loved by men and women.

A lock and key heart

a-lock-and-key-heartWell in this heart tattoo you can see a lock along with its key to know the way to enter in heart.

A sparkling heart tattoo

a-sparkling-heart-tattooSparkling heart tattoo is embellished with different stars and shimmering material to make to it look sparkling.

A heart with outlines text tattoo

a-heart-with-outlines-text-tattooIn this type of tattoo a text is written along with the outlines of a heart.

Heart in chain around neck tattoo

heart-in-chain-around-neck-tattooIt just looks flawless especially for women in which a chain is carved with a heart in the centre.

A heart on sleeves tattoo

a-heart-on-sleeves-tattooThis can be a scary one because a human heart is carved and it looks like that you are watching it from beneath the skin.

A bleeding heart tattoo

a-bleeding-heart-tattooIn a bleeding heart tattoo you can see blood drops coming out of the heart.

Musical heart tattoo

music-heart-tattooA heart tattoo imprinted with musical symbols.

Hand heart tattoo

hand-heart-tattooMany of you would like to carve a small heart on your hand and its placement depends on you.

Human heart with wings

human-heart-with-wingsHuman heart with wings is a latest edition is heart tattoos so you can also try this one.

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