Adorable Tattoos | 20 Adorable Tattoos for Lovers

Tattoo art is becoming the most famous art in the western countries. It can be of different kind of styles and designs. It can be simple, attractive, expressive, fantastic, brilliant, colorful, worded, wordless and many other wonderful designs and styles. The common thing about the tattoo styles that it eagerness cannot be ignored. It is fact that they also draw the attention of those who do not like this art. They really have an attention grabbing ability. Matching tattoos for lovers have the double effect because when you see the pair of adorable tattoos, everybody comes to know that who is object of one’s love.  This art is an everlasting and ever demanding one too. Everything changes like styles, designs, themes, colors and demand but you will find tattoos around you in any form. The latest trend is the matching tattoo for lovers that have spread like wild fire. It expresses the couple of the lover’s love for each other, this way they show it to the other people. It is a permanent and identical thing to show someone’s love throughout the life.

Two little hearts

It is the symbol of love between the lovers with same spirit. Two little hearts have bright attractive colors.

Eternity of love

There are signs of the sun, the moon and the infinity matching tattoos to show their love and relation between each other.


They are small in size usually express softer feeling f love and closeness. They are the best symbols of one’s tendencies of togetherness with the fellow human beings.

Scissors that match

Scissors seem a little unfamiliar as a tattoo design but when inscribed artistically it gives a brave look in the body. It also has symbolic representation.

Modern art doubled

Art always delights and hence various symbols of art in tattoo design express unique ideas. Modern art doubled is liked all over the world by tattoo lovers.

The twin beauties

This is a tattoo having simple lines which looks like butterflies. It emphasizes on the gentleness of love.

Butterflies Adorable Tattoos 

Butterflies in a matching combination are of delicate love. It looks bright.

Mix and match

An evil eye, bat’s wings and leopards marks. These are the famous themes for tattoos.

Matching effect

A tattoo on your arm and the other matching is on your lover’s thigh make an excellent combination. It is totally a different way of expressing your love.

Dragon power Adorable Tattoos

Matching tattoos of dragons wonderfully express a terrific look. Dragon is symbol of power glory and success.

The tradition of love

These matching tattoos have bonding effect. The two flowers are worn by lovers for their fantastic expression of love.

Letters written twice

Letters of someone’s names are commonly used in tattoos.

Touch of the orient

The letters of an oriented language are very famous in tattoo art. They have a calligraphic look on body.

Depth of love Adorable Tattoos

This is a pair of matching Adorable Tattoos in letters saying ‘now you are my world’

The faces of love

These two zombies like faces might have theme of horror but they have two letters below ‘my darling’

Stars and hearts

Everybody has its own way of expressing their love especially the youth. These matching Adorable Tattoos have simple lines and explicit look.

The flying crows

The crows in pitch black look very attractive as tattoos and in matching it looks also very clear and nice.

The classic pair Adorable Tattoos

The classic pair of Adorable Tattoos is very unique. This is an unmatched pair of matching Adorable Tattoos. Express the same message of love.

Rings of love

These are very bright and matching designs of love.

Entwined hearts

Adorable Tattoos

Two hearts are merged together in simple lines are the expression of love and passion.


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