Rip Tattoos – Thigh Rip Tattoos – Father Rip Tattoos

Rip is an abbreviation for rest in peace and rip tattoos are always related to the remembrance of the lost loved ones. There are different ways to express your sadness and carving rip tattoos is one of them. Many people carve the rip tattoos for the person they love the most but they don’t have then any more. You can find some amazing collection of rip tattoos with excellent creativity and extra details. These tattoo ideas for men also famous among young women.

Rip Tattoos Types

Girlfriend rip tattoo

A girl is usually very sensitive about her soul mate or boyfriend and if in case she loses him accidently then a rip tattoo is the best way to express her love.


Mum rip tattoo

Mother is a most important part of every one’s life and what more can you do for her than remembering her in this unusual way.

rip tattoos

Random rip tattoo

Random rip tattoos are those in which it is not necessary to mention a single relationship. It can be related to anyone.  


Eagle rip tattoo

In eagle rip tattoo a person actually wants to pray for those who have flown away from his life just like eagles.


Rip tattoo on the arm

Arm rip tattoos look trendy and fashionable and they are more famous among men.

rip tattoos

Grandma rip tattoo

Grandmas are the most loved relationship after parents and we never want to lose them and their death can be very painful for anyone and grandma tattoos are good to explain that pain.  


Father rip tattoo

To show your deep affection for your father even after his death, father rip tattoos are the best.


Grandson rip tattoo

It’s very sad for grandparent to lose their grandsons at an early age and for remembering them people carve grandson rip tattoos.


Rip tattoo for shoulders

Rip tattoos for shoulders are usually carved on both shoulders in equal dimension to give it a stylish look.


Wrist rip tattoo

Wrist rip tattoos are comparatively smaller but they look absolutely lovely. You can find lots of designs for wrist rip tattoos.


Rest in peace rip tattoo

Rest in peace rip tattoos means that the tattoo is not all about pictures or designs. In fact a text of rest is peace is a must part of this tattoo.


Full back rip tattoo

Full back rip tattoos obviously cover the entire back portion of your body and it can be with different combinations and techniques for carving tattoos.


Skull rip tattoo

The concept behind skull rip tattoo is to show that how life can be after death.


Memorial to a mum

Mothers are special for everyone and this tattoo will keep remembering you of her and the love you share with your mother.


Rip chest tattoo

Rip chest tattoo are perfect for men and it can be in the remembrance of any love one your would like to remember your whole life.


Michael Jackson rip tattoo

There are huge fans of Michael Jackson in the world who want to remember him with each moment of their lives. He was just like an ideal for many and that is why Michael Jackson tattoos are so much famous.


Friends rip tattoo

You can also carve a tattoo for the loving memory of your best friends who is no more with you.


Thigh rip tattoo

Thigh rip tattoos look really cool so you can also try a one on yours.


Father’s special rip tattoo

For fathers there are different ways of carving tattoos. One of them is to carve their own picture on your body.


Special rip tattoo

Special rip tattoos are embellished with different stylish and unique techniques to make it look different from all other rip tattoos.


20 Popular Bird Tattoo

Tattooing is a very old practice and it is just a body embellishment.  Egyptians were the pioneers in tattooing and they used it as a ritual.  They used it also to highlight as the mark of their clans. Now, tattooing has become very popular in developed countries.  Although this practice has very harmful effects like AIDS and hepatitis but people use it for decoration as well as for some symbolic representation.  For emblematic representation, there are many elements that can be used in tattooing. Bird tattoos are the symbols of peace and love.  Sometimes, bird tattoos like eagle or scavenger tattoos depict overriding and authoritative traits.  Birds tattoo can be of various sizes and they can be tattooed anywhere on a body. The following bird tattoos are used as symbolic representations as well as for aesthetic effects.

Chest Bird Tattoo

 It is a very unique bird tattoo and it is carved on the chest.  This bird tattoo is very attractive and this tattoo practice is usually enjoyed by woman.


Wrist Bird Tattoo

This bird tattoo is carved on wrist and it is very small in size.  The wrist bird tattoo consumes very small ink.

Black Birds Tattoo on Foot

Small birds with black color are carved on foot.  This tattoo is favored by woman because it looks very nice on foot.


Bird Tattoo Color Back Dark

This bird tattoo is carved on the back and its color is black.  It is very eye-catching bird tattoo.


Blue Bird Tattoo

This tattoo is very striking for the people who like blue color.  This bird tattoo is usually engraved on arms and hands.


Cool Bird Tattoo Design

This bird tattoo is very colorful and it is very attractive.  It is engraved on arms.


Beautiful Birds Tattoo on Leg

As the name of this tattoo suggests, it is carved on leg and it covers the whole leg of your body.


Bird Tattoo on Upper Back

It is made on upper back of your body and it can be of small size and large size.


Bird Tattoo on Lower Back

For the people who want tattoo on the lower back, this will be the best choice of their part.


Star Bird Tattoo

It is a combination of birds and stars.  It seems as the birds are coming out of a star and thus seems really fantastic. A number of people like to have this fusion of star and flying birds on their body.


Flamingo Tattoo

Flamingo is a very beautiful bird with thin and long legs.  It looks very attractive in various colors like red, blue and white.


New Bird Tattoo Style

It is a very unique tattoo.  It is very small in size and it is imprinted behind your ears, on your hands and in your fingers.


Rainbow Bird Sharpie Tattoo

It is a very colorful bird tattoo with more then seven colors.  It looks very cute when you get it engraved either on your hands or arms.


Bird Back Shoulder Tattoo

This bird tattoo is imprinted on the shoulder of woman.  The birds are very small in size with black color.  This bird tattoo employs less ink.


Tree of Life Tattoo

For the people who want to give some message to the world, Tree of Life Tattoo is the best. This tattoo is a mishmash of a tree and a horde of birds.


Birds with Key Tattoo

 In this tattoo you can see the bird with different designs of keys. There are many color combinations for this tattoo.


Bird and Columbine Flower Tattoo

This tattoo with a columbine flower looks very eye-grabbing.  The columbine flower is red in color and it looks very nice with a colorful bird.


Peace Bird Tattoo

We know that pigeon is a very beautiful bird. It gives the message of peace. If you are interested to give a message of peace to the world, then this tattoo is best among all other tattoos.


Birds of a Branch

If you want to carve more than one bird on your body; then it birds of a branch tattoo is the best.  There is a flock of birds sitting on a branch of tree.  By this tattoo you can give the message of unity to the people.


Dissolving into Birds

 In this tattoo a leave is dissolving into a flock of small beautiful birds.  It is very striking and appealing.


Rose Tattoos Designs – 20 Sweet Rose Tattoos For Women

King of flowers is the choice of kings. Rose is the most beautiful flower in this world. No flower can even compete in beauty with rose flower. Sweet memories are often associated with rose. People used to gift this beautiful, charming and full of fragrance present to their lovers. Some people worth the medicinal values of rose flower because it is used as laxative, face freshener and eye cleaner. Sweet roses are choice of beauty lovers. Roses are used to decorate various event stages hence, adding charisma to each and every thing. Nowadays people engrave skins with beautiful rose tattoos to make them as attractive faction of any community. Make your personality full of glamour with sweet rose tattoo designs and get beautiful ideas from this very article.

Left hand Rose Tattoos Design

A very elegant and fully bloomed flower is engraved on the backside of left hand. It looks real rose on your hand.


Coffinspire tattoo on your belly

A very delicate art work with rose and classic design is being carved on your belly. This tattoo is really awesome.


Sweet rose tattoo in sweet memory

The memorial sweet rose tattoos are imprinted on body with sweet heart’s name. It always reminds you that someone stays in your eyes and heart.


Rose, rosary and cross tattoo design

Peace and religion are the two wheels of same cart. People who believe in spiritualism carve any body part with this fabulous tattoo design.


Rose and skull tattoo design

People add innovation to their rose tattoo with skulls and bones. This tattoo is etched with perfection on an arm.


Meaningful rose tattoo design

This design is complicated in meanings but simple looking. Deep thinkers painted their body with this tattoo design.


Rose and blood with pencil art tattoo design

It looks attractive even in rough and tough appearance in pencil sketch art.


Getting closer to finished tattoo design

Girls love to have this very tattoo on their back. This design is full of life and colours with addition of sweet roses.


Black rose on your neck

This tattoo is tiny one. It is etched on one side of the neck. Sweetness and glamour of black rose adds charisma to your personality.


Rose ring tattoo design

A very delicate, awesome looking rose tattoo is engraved on ring finger. It shows your deep love to your partner.


The new rose tattoo

An awesome looking tattoo which is imprinted on the arm of guys, having roses in backdrop and prominent lady in veil with amazing attractive eyes.


Lovers rose tattoo

Lovers rose tattoo design is an amazing tattoo design. A full opened rose with love tag is carved usually.


Tribal rose tattoo design

This tattoo design is common design with red rose and back ground stencil work.


Rose and girl tattoo design

It is etched on back of guys, with a picture of a girl holding a stalked rose flower in her mouth. It looks unique and stylish.


Rose tattoo for shoulder

On shoulder a prominent mark is being carved with black outline of rose.


Rose in row tattoo design

This tattoo design is made on lower abdominal area. From front to back roses are made in a row to make a belt of roses around your waist.


Rose glove tattoo design

It is perfect and elegant tattoo design for both girls and guys. A rose in shades of black and grey is made hand and wrist in a way to cover up all the back are of hand with a rose flower.


Woman and red rose clip tattoo design

It really looks charming. A woman with red rose hair clip adds beauty and charm to your personality.


Rose and dove tattoo design

A flying dove over a red rose is magnetic tattoo for whom who love peace and beauty. It is mostly carved on upper back of body.


Hello Kitty Tattoos – 20 Hello Kitty Tattoos For Women

Hello kitty tattoos cartoon character is so cute and lovely. Girls love to purchase items having hello kitty icon on them. But now craze is increasing day by day and hello kitty is carved over the body parts by its fans and lovers. A lot of enthusiasts ink their various body parts with hello kitty tattoo. They add uniqueness to the traditional hello kitty look with their mind blowing ideas. If you are crazy about the hello kitty innovative tattoos you can get more lovely, charming and stunning ideas with scrolling downwards. 

Different Types Of Hello Kitty Tattoos

Hello Kitty Giant bow tattoo

This tattoo consists of a small face of kitty with a very huge red coloured bow on the upper back of body. This red coloured bow gives an attractive look to the viewers.


Hello Kitty pirate tattoo

This crazy hello kitty tattoo is carved on thighs or triceps. It is mostly made in black and white color.


Boxer hello kitty tattoo

Usually on one side of waist, girls like to carve this boxer tattoo. It gives very attractive feeling to others because of the cute and funny coloured picture


Hello kitty storm trooper tattoo

Tattooing your body with this crazy unique tattoo adds uniqueness to your body. Mostly teenagers love to etch their body parts with this kind of matchless tattoos.


Hello kitty in Japanese style tattoo

This is really an awesome tattoo. A kitty in a cute red Japanese wardrobe gives a very cute touch to your body and personality. This tattoo is carved on triceps of a girl.


Cherries Hello Kitty

In this tattoo design instead of cherry shape hello kitty face is carved in red colour hanging with the stalk of a cherry bunch. It gives a sweeter look to you.


Hello kitty in danger sign

Instead of skull in danger sign, cute face of hello kitty is made in center of bones in this tattoo. This is a fabulous crazy funny tattoo which suits to the lively and dashing teenager girls.


Nerd hello kitty tattoo

More fun element has been added in this tattoo design with giving a nerd look to the hello kitty. It is another way of attracting others by giving that look to the body tattoo which is totally opposite to your personality.


Digital Hello kitty tattoo

This is age of digitization. Keeping this in mind mostly upto date girls love to carve their body parts with this digital looking hello kitty having mesh of net or pixel blocks over it.


Skeleton hello kitty tattoo

People perceive things in different ways. Some girls like to ink their body with horrible kitty face in shape of skull. They actually want to add uniqueness to their tattoo design.


Devil hello kitty tattoo

In this very tattoo devilish look is given to the kitty. It really looks cute n naughty in this devil get up. Mischievous and naughty girls like to imprint this tattoo on their neck.


Simple hello kitty tattoos on lower lip

The crazy fellow for kitty loves to carve the inner side of lower lip with hello kitty tattoo design. It shows their craze about this cute cat.


Zombie hello kitty tattoo

This hello kitty tattoo design is the distinct in its own. This tattoo exposes the reality of a man’s life. Half side of kitty is cute and alive while half side is carved as zombie or kitty ghost.


Terrorist hello kitty tattoo

Some enthusiast inked their full arm with this terrorist hello kitty tattoo in order to give them unique and brutal look.


Cute Chinese Hello kitty tattoo

Kitty in Chinese dress and pink flowers are made on body part. Usually Hello kitty is written in Chinese on top of the kitty tattoo.


Filthy Hello kitty tattoo

Most of the youngsters like to give them a filthy look. In this context some guys carved their body with a tattoo in which kitty possesses filthy look.


Hello kitty in a bin Tattoo

This is a very cute tattoo. It gives an innocent look to the wearer. The face of kitty in this tattoo expresses innocent and helpless look.


Mushrooms and hello kitty tattoo

Another attractive and eye popping tattoo is mushroom and hello kitty. This colourful tattoo is tattooing over the back side of the weaver neck.


Cute Hello kitty wrist tattoo

In the backdrop of this tattoo clouds and colorful rainbow is carved while hello kitty tattoos are standing in front of this beautiful view. This is a very charming tattoo overall over wrist.


Crown on hello kitty head

Hello kitty tattoos are looks like a cute princess in this tattoo. You get glamorous look with having this very tattoo on your body.

hello kitty tattoos

Swallow Tattoo – 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattooing is a way of communication in a figurative mode and every image, every picture either of a bird or everything around us is used to give message.  In this respect, swallow bird is also used in the art of body piercing.  They are the symbol of prophecy, material goods and strength.  In the past, this type of swallow tattoo design is used by the people whose families had been left behind on a mission and swallow bird was the symbol of hope, they will be in home one day.  Mostly, swallow tattoos are pierced on the chest of people because it is believed they lead them to the heaven after their death.  The wallow tattoo designs mentioned here will show their importance in the life of people who love this art of tattooing.

Angel Swallow Tattoo

It’s a very beautiful tattoo with a marvelous concept showing a beautiful swallow bird with a beautiful ring on the head of the bird.  Moreover, its look very nice when you get tattooed it on your abdomen.

1 - Angel Swallow Tattoo

Shining Color Angel Swallow Tattoo

This swallow bird tattoo has a fantastic look with striking colors.  You can observe different shining elements in this tattoo like small beautiful flowers.  It can be made with a combination of different shining colors and it looks very nice on your upper back. 

2 - Shining Color Angel Swallow Tattoo

Devil Swallow

Devil swallow as it is clear from the title of this tattoo; it is a tattoo with some contemptuous meanings.  There are two horns on the head of devil sparrow and it looks very attractive in black color.

3 - Devil Swallow

Tool Lyric Tattoo and Swallow

In this tattoo you can have a stunning swallow along with beautiful flowers.  In addition, you can add tow or more lyrics to give a message to the populace.

4 - Tool Lyric Tattoo and Swallow

Old School Swallow Tattoo

Old school swallow tattoo looks very pretty on the women chest.  It is black in colors and you can engrave two swallow tattoos on your chest. 

5 - Old School Swallow Tattoo

Swallow Poppy Tattoo

This type of tattoo looks very attractive if you have healthy arms because it is pierced on your arms.  Swallow poppy tattoo is a colorful tattoo with a red beautiful flower on your inner arm. 

6 - Swallow Poppy Tattoo

Heart Lock and Swallow Key

A very beautiful lock with the shape of a heart in red color and besides this there is a beautiful swallow bird having a key of the heart lock in the mouth.  This tattoo design gives a charming look when you get engraved it on your upper back.  Mostly, this type of tattoo is loved by women.

7 - Heart Lock and Swallow Key

Cute Swallow on Arm

It is a very sweet swallow tattoo design and it is very awesome with excellent colors imprinted on your arm. 

8 - Cute Swallow on Arm

Flying Swallow

It a very good tattoo with a flying image on your body and it has excellent attraction with a dark color on your upper back. 

9 - Flying Swallow

Swallow Memorial

In this tattoo you can add some memories of your life; for example you can add the name of your dear one along the tattoo a colorful sparrow either on your arm or shoulder. 

10 - Swallow Memorial

Kid Swallow

It’s a tattoo of small swallow with different colors.  It is usually carved on your leg. 

11- Kid Swallow

Amore Rider Swallow

It’s a tattoo with two swallow bird and Amore Rider is written on each of these two birds.  They look very nice with vibrant colors on your feet. 

12 - Amore Rider Swallow

New School Swallow Tattoo

It’s a new design in the world of swallow tattoo designs and it is a very eye-catching tattoo with bold and extravagant colors on your legs. 

13 - New School Swallow Tattoo

Swallows with Cross

In this tattoo, there are two swallows holding a cross.  This tattoo is a symbol of divinity and love for Christianity.

14 - Swallows with Cross

Rose and Swallows

It’s an angelic combination of roses and swallows on your chest and it looks very nice on your body if you have muscular body. 

15 - Rose and Swallows

Girly Tattoos – 15 Best Girly Tattoos You Would Love

Girly tattoos are often a way to express your own personality. It is a fact that the choice of tattoos depends upon the nature of a specific person. People choose them according to their likes, dislikes and views about life.  Similarly there is an assortment of those tattoos which are purely girlish and almost every girl would love to imprint them on their bodies.

Different Types Of Girly Tattoos

Artistic heart

Girls are usually very sensitive and emotional and their hearts are the most precious thing they possess. Majority of their decisions are made by heart. So an artistic heart is the best girly tattoo you would love to imprint on your body. 

1 - Artistic heart

Girly skull

This can a little more dangerous and it looks deadly on fearless girls. Many teenagers would really like this tattoo to be carved on them. A girly skull is completely different from the conventional skull.

Haunted face with roses

Many girls believe in things which are larger than life or things which have nothing to do with reality. Well this kind of mysterious tattoo will be the best for all those girls.

3 - Haunted face with roses

Cute cherries

Cherries look as cute as flowers imprinted as tattoos. At the same time they are purely girly tattoos you would love to imprint them on your bodies. If you are a school girl then must try a cute little cherry tattoo.

4 - Cute cherries

Foot imprints

Foot imprints are unique and they really look fabulous especially on the thigh area of body.

5 - Foot imprints

Lower back chain with roses

Chain style is quite latest in tattoos and many people from the fashion world admire this latest trend. We recommend trying this lower back chain with roses tattoo as it looks very girlish.

6 - Lower back chain with roses

Pretty flowers

Flowers are among the most loved girly tattoos and they definitely bring colour and beauty in a person’s appearance. If you want to experiment with tattoos then flowers tattoos are the best for you.

7 - Pretty flowers

A cute girl on your wrist

What more can be more appropriate than a girl tattoo for a girl? You can find really cute tattoo collection of pretty dolls which can grab the attention of many of you.  

8 - cute girl on your wrist

Pet rat

If you are pet lover then pet rat will look amazing on your body. Pet tattoos are very much common in girls and that is why they are now being considered as girly tattoos.

9 - Pet rat

A unique combo of flowers with birds

In nature flowers share a unique and strong relation of support and love with many flying birds. It would be a very good idea to portray that relationship as a tattoo on your body.

10 - combo of flowers with birds

A cute owl

Owls are the cutest animals and they look the same on your bodies if imprinted correctly. If you want to show your affection for animals then a cute owl tattoo can do it for you.

11 - cute owl

Mermaid tattoo

Mermaids are known to be beautiful and pretty. For girls who the admirers of beauty mermaid tattoo is perfect.

12 - Mermaid tattoo

Ice cream tree

For ice cream lovers there is good news that you can now have an ice cream tattoo on your body. it is clearly evident that girls are die-hard lovers of ice cream which makes an ice cream tree a girlish tattoo. 

13 - Ice cream tree

Shiny little stars

Sparkling and glittering little stars are appropriate for lively girls. They are definitely going to ad a spark in your life.

14 - Shiny little stars

A locked heart

A locked heart tattoo can be a symbol of many things. For example it may mean that you heart is hoarded by someone or it may also mean that you don’t want to lose your heart that why you have kept it in a lock.  

girly tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos Designs – 15 Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

In tattooing you can engrave anything on your body.  It can be an animal, a bird, a snake and even non-living thing on your body and butterfly tattoos is one of them.  They are one of the most beautiful things in the world. They are the symbol of nature and if someone wants to study nature then butterfly is the best option for him.  Butterfly is the marvelous creature of God and nature has gifted it very fine-looking colors.  The wings of a butterfly are very thin but they can take hold of the attention of every person. The metamorphosis of this beautiful bug is one of the substantial mysteries of this environment.  Its colorful wings are tended to give a pleasant look to everyone and butterfly tattoos are very popular in the world of tattooing.  So, it is a great opportunity for the butterfly tattoos lovers to have a look on the butterfly tattoo designs.  

  • Tribal Back Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoo is a very beautiful tattoo and it is embossed on your upper back.  There is a one big butterfly and besides this you will see some small butterflies in black color and they look very cool altogether. 

1 - 15 Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

  • Tribal Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo

It’s a very big tattoo on your lower back and in addition to this you can add some traditional designs of tattooing. 

2 - Tribal Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo

  • Tribal Foot Butterfly Tattoo

It is specifically engraved on your foot and the design of butterfly in this tattoo is very sweet.  The color of butterfly is very natural and it will make your feet look very nice. 

3 - Tribal Foot Butterfly Tattoo

  • Butterfly on the Neck

Butterfly in imprinted on your neck and wings of this butterfly are very beautiful.  The color of this butterfly will catch attention of every person around you. 

4 - Butterfly on the Neck

  • Butterfly Heart Tattoo Design

It is a very charming butterfly with a small beautiful heart you can get carved this tattoo either on your inner arms or on your wrists.

5 - Butterfly Heart Tattoo Design

  • Color Fly Tattoo Design

It is a very colorful tattoo and the butterfly in this very beautiful especially its structure and wings shape. 

6 - Color Fly Tattoo Design

  • Wings of the Future

This butterfly tattoo design will exhibit a cool look and it is also a symbol of peace.  Its color is very unique and innate. 

7 - Wings of future

  • Regal Butterfly Tattoo Design

These butterfly tattoo designs look awfully cute on your arms and on your chest.  Its beautiful image and the design of the wings are very eye-grabbing. 

8 - Regal Butterfly Tattoo

  • Tipple Butterfly Tattoo Designs

In this tattoo design there are three beautiful butterflies with small charming wings.  They appear extremely pleasant together on your body.

9 - Tripple Butterfly Tattoo

  • Leaf butterfly

Leaf butterfly is extraordinarily fastidious butterfly in brown color.  The wings of the leaf butterfly tattoo designs are very attractive and stunning.

10 - Leaf butterfly Tattoo

  • Asian Butterfly Tattoo

This type of butterfly can only be seen in Asia.  Asian butterflies are finicky with natural colors and they look very nice on your body in the form of a tattoo. 

11 - Asian Butterfly Tattoo

  • Radiant Mist Butterfly

This butterfly is incredibly beautiful with a variety of radiant colors.

12 - Radiant Misty Butterfly

  • Cosmic Eternity

This is one of the most beautiful butterflies with a mishmash of blue, pink and green colors.

13 - Cosmic Eternity Tattoo

  • Evening Breeze Butterfly

This butterfly tattoo is very eye-catching in royal blue color.  It will look incredibly nice on your nick, upper back shoulder and on your arms.

14 - Evening Breeze Butterfly

  • Amazing Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

It’s really an astonishing tribal butterfly tattoo and it is marked behind your ears.  It is very gorgeous and charismatic.

15 - Amazing Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Tattoo Designs For Women – 20 Best Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo designing is equally famous in both genders. Like men, women of modern age are also enthusiastic about these unique tattoos printing on their body parts. Women know the magical power of making designs & texts on the skin to look more beautiful. Females usually love feminine touch in the tattoo designs like flowers, butterflies, stars, heart, fairies, cartoons, cute birds etc to enhance their beauty. Tattoo designs for women are available into number of patterns and varieties.

Types Of Tattoo Designs For Women

Flash sheet

Flash sheet design is very famous and beautiful & this design has a smooth background with birds printed on the front.


Rubber ducky tattoo

This tattoo design is very cute and little ducks are printed in number of designs to give variety and uniqueness.

Rubber ducky tattoo

Geisha and koi tattoo design

Geisha and koi tattoo design is usually printed on the back and lower abdomen as it is a big design with a koi fish that is usually in black or grey color. This tattoo design is very popular in stylish ladies.

Geisha and koi tattoo design

Tiger Tattoo

Tiger Tattoo can be made with Maple leaves, stripes, base color of tiger skin, permanent ink & pencil to sketch. It is very stylish design and can be made in extensive ways to give different look.

Tiger Tattoo

Rose tattoo design

Rose tattoo design is said to be real women design as women love to print flowers on their body parts. This design can be made in different colors & patterns according to the variety of rose flower.

Rose tattoo design

Hula girl tattoo on Ribs

As the name depicts, this tattoo is made on the ribs of females. Hula girl printed on the rib is very beautiful girl like a fairy or a queen that gives more charm to the tattoo design.

Hula girl tattoo on Ribs

Octopus Tattoo

It is another stunning and unique tattoo design that is usually made by using black outer line with white color filled in the octopus. Shiny white octopus looks so cool and stylish that women love to have it on their body.

Optopus Tattoo

Rose tattoo design with cross

In this unique design cross shows the symbol of love for religion that’s why it is printed with the rose flower.

Rose tattoo design with cross

Take this oath

Grey or black color owls are printed in this design which looks so elegant and beautiful.

Take this oath

Lock, Shock & Barrel tattoo

Lock, Shock & Barrel tattoos are mostly drawn in story format and that’s why they gives more charm and life to tattoo design.

Lock, Shock & Barrel tattoo

Cross tattoo

Cross tattoo is thought to be sacred and holy from the religious point of view that’s why women love them a lot as a sign of good fortune.

Cross tattoo

Forgive forget lettering tattoo

It is basically a type of lettering tattoo which is mostly found in permanent texting. It is inserted on legs and arms mostly with dark backgrounds.

Forgive forget lettering tattoo

Kitty flash

Kitty flash tattoo design is very common in women due to its unique and feminine look.

Kitty flash

Sister tattoo design

In this tattoo design a butterfly is made in the lower abdomen and lower back with shining & glittery colors. Similarly other shapes can also be followed instead of butterfly pattern.

Sister tattoo design

Star Heart Tattoo

In this design, sketch of heart is made with different sizes of stars. Then those stars are filled with shiny colors and permanent ink. This design is very popular among women.

Star Heart Tattoo

Lotus tattoo

Lotus tattoo is made with black or grey sketch and text designs are merged into the lotus to give it unique look.

Lotus tattoo

Winged Goldfish

Goldfish is a symbol of beauty and love and when we use it with wings then it depicts the abstract concept. Wings are used as a symbol of freedom and high esteem.

tattoo designs for women

Another important tattoo designs for women include Morgan’s tattoo, Panda Burning Bright, Star tattoo design and Swallow tattoo design etc.

20 Stunning Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo art is very popular in young generation due to its uniqueness & attractiveness. Basically it is a kind of body modification which is made by putting ink into the upper layer of the skin. The designing of these tattoos purely depends on the writing and designing style of the Tattooists. For this purpose, a number of attractive fonts & fancy unique styles are used in text & picture tattoos. These tattoo fonts gives beauty and attraction by inculcating versatility into the tattoo designs/art.


TTF_TATTOEF is said to be the number 1 choice of tattooists due to its designing pattern. It is also called TTF_TATTOEF tribes font. This tattoo font can easily be downloaded into your computer by clicking on the download button of its zip file. Then save the file into your desired hard disc. Extract all files from zip folder and save the fonts into font folder of your computer.

Shit Happens

Another stunning name in the list of best tattoo designs is of “Shit Happens”. It is a kind of writing style which is a blend of both modern and old prints. Shit Happens is a cool style to choose from different tattoo designing styles. Its download file contains 64 characters with two ranges like Basic Latin & specials.

Beech Font

Beech Font is a mixture of small printed designs and basic numbers. These are used in blending pattern and file contains font typeface file, font makers readme file, license agreement and normal, italic, bold versions of the font. All these fonts can be extracted from zip file and can be saved for future use. Both mini-map and mega-map is available for the guidance of users.

Tattoo Heavy

In the Tattoo Heavy design, numbers and alphabets are arranged into different unique and vibrant patterns to give versatility. Tattoo heavy designing style is available into many themes and patterns for individuals and artists as well.

Feathergraphy Decoration

Feathergraphy Decoration looks attractive, unique & nice on all body parts especially on lower abdomen and shoulders. It is the upgraded version of typical fonts usually available in the market. It is the blend of modern and historical calligraphy styles.

Argel Font

Argel Font uses only English alphabets but it’s designing and pattern making is very unique. Mostly professionals adopt this style to secure decent look & to give some more variety into typical tattoo designing.

Bad Tattoo Hand One Font

As its name depicts, Bad Tattoo Hand One Font is used as it is on the T-shirts, photo albums, body parts. This font is found in excellent script and modification patterns.

WWFairyFantasy Font

WWFairyFantasy is a gorgeous design available in beautiful & unique styles. Innocent little fairies are printed on butterflies, flowers doing different tactics & giving tattoos a brilliant look. Magical & animated pixels used in this design quite nicely.

Delinquente Demo Font

Delinquente Demo font is purely for personal use and this font is only available in text version.

Rose Tattoo Font

It is yet another stunning name in the list of best tattoo designs. Additional patterns and glyphs are available in the updated version of ROSE TATTOO font. Mostly it is recommended for commercial use.

The Quickest Shift Font

The Quickest Shift font is usually used for magazines & albums designing. It is an amazing font with unique texts.

Steampunk Font

Steampunk is used both personally & commercially because of its extensive text patterns.

Tribal font

Blended with alphabets and numbers, Tribal font is extensively used on body parts, posters, magazines & walls etc for decoration purpose.

Other stunning fonts include Headline Text, Bleeding Cowboys, Ballpark, WICKED Witch Font, exotica, League of Ages Font and Tattoo Script. All these fonts are very popular with the professionals and common people alike.