Butterfly Tattoos Designs – 15 Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

In tattooing you can engrave anything on your body.  It can be an animal, a bird, a snake and even non-living thing on your body and butterfly tattoos is one of them.  They are one of the most beautiful things in the world. They are the symbol of nature and if someone wants to study nature then butterfly is the best option for him.  Butterfly is the marvelous creature of God and nature has gifted it very fine-looking colors.  The wings of a butterfly are very thin but they can take hold of the attention of every person. The metamorphosis of this beautiful bug is one of the substantial mysteries of this environment.  Its colorful wings are tended to give a pleasant look to everyone and butterfly tattoos are very popular in the world of tattooing.  So, it is a great opportunity for the butterfly tattoos lovers to have a look on the butterfly tattoo designs.  

  • Tribal Back Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoo is a very beautiful tattoo and it is embossed on your upper back.  There is a one big butterfly and besides this you will see some small butterflies in black color and they look very cool altogether. 

1 - 15 Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

  • Tribal Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo

It’s a very big tattoo on your lower back and in addition to this you can add some traditional designs of tattooing. 

2 - Tribal Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo

  • Tribal Foot Butterfly Tattoo

It is specifically engraved on your foot and the design of butterfly in this tattoo is very sweet.  The color of butterfly is very natural and it will make your feet look very nice. 

3 - Tribal Foot Butterfly Tattoo

  • Butterfly on the Neck

Butterfly in imprinted on your neck and wings of this butterfly are very beautiful.  The color of this butterfly will catch attention of every person around you. 

4 - Butterfly on the Neck

  • Butterfly Heart Tattoo Design

It is a very charming butterfly with a small beautiful heart you can get carved this tattoo either on your inner arms or on your wrists.

5 - Butterfly Heart Tattoo Design

  • Color Fly Tattoo Design

It is a very colorful tattoo and the butterfly in this very beautiful especially its structure and wings shape. 

6 - Color Fly Tattoo Design

  • Wings of the Future

This butterfly tattoo design will exhibit a cool look and it is also a symbol of peace.  Its color is very unique and innate. 

7 - Wings of future

  • Regal Butterfly Tattoo Design

These butterfly tattoo designs look awfully cute on your arms and on your chest.  Its beautiful image and the design of the wings are very eye-grabbing. 

8 - Regal Butterfly Tattoo

  • Tipple Butterfly Tattoo Designs

In this tattoo design there are three beautiful butterflies with small charming wings.  They appear extremely pleasant together on your body.

9 - Tripple Butterfly Tattoo

  • Leaf butterfly

Leaf butterfly is extraordinarily fastidious butterfly in brown color.  The wings of the leaf butterfly tattoo designs are very attractive and stunning.

10 - Leaf butterfly Tattoo

  • Asian Butterfly Tattoo

This type of butterfly can only be seen in Asia.  Asian butterflies are finicky with natural colors and they look very nice on your body in the form of a tattoo. 

11 - Asian Butterfly Tattoo

  • Radiant Mist Butterfly

This butterfly is incredibly beautiful with a variety of radiant colors.

12 - Radiant Misty Butterfly

  • Cosmic Eternity

This is one of the most beautiful butterflies with a mishmash of blue, pink and green colors.

13 - Cosmic Eternity Tattoo

  • Evening Breeze Butterfly

This butterfly tattoo is very eye-catching in royal blue color.  It will look incredibly nice on your nick, upper back shoulder and on your arms.

14 - Evening Breeze Butterfly

  • Amazing Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

It’s really an astonishing tribal butterfly tattoo and it is marked behind your ears.  It is very gorgeous and charismatic.

15 - Amazing Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

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