20 Famous Ankle Tattoos

Imprinting ankle tattoos definitely looks fashionable and it looks equally elegant on both men and women. There are no strict rules and regulations about the imprinting specific types of tattoos on ankle. People usually choose tattoos for ankle according to their choice but there are some tattoos which are being widely carved on as ankle tattoos.

Stars ankle tattoo

Stars ankle tattooSimple black stars are imprint on ankles is set patterns which are different for men and women but in both cases they look outstanding.

Cherry blossom ankle tattoos

Cherry blossom ankle tattoosWhat more can beautify your ankle than cute little cherry blossoms? This tattoo is more famous among girls.

Ankle band tattoos

Ankle band tattoosAnkle band just looks fantastic and the patterns which are used to design ankle band tattoos differs for men and women.

Owl carved on ankle

Owl carved on ankleA cute owl tattoo can look beautiful on any part of your body and same is the case with ankle.

Inner ankle tattoos

Inner ankle tattoosPeople usually prefer to imprint tattoos on the outer side of ankle but for a change you can find lots of designs for inner ankle designs.

A lizard on your ankle

A lizard on your ankleLizards don’t really inspire too many people but believe it or not there are some who just love to carve a lizard on their ankle.

Stylish bow tattoo on your ankle

Stylish bow tattoo on your ankleBow tattoo on ankle enhance your style and that is why bow tattoos are considered as a style statement for lots of tattoo lovers.

Matching flower tattoos

Matching flower tattoosMatching flower tattoos on both your ankles at the same place in the same dimensions looks amazing. These tattoos are also specific for females.

A huge Lilly ankle tattoo

A huge Lilly ankle tattooHuge Lilly ankle tattoo covers the ankle area as well as the foot. If you want to be experimental with ankle tattoos then try this one.

Cross with an ankle band

Cross with an ankle bandAnkle band looks stunning especially when it is embellished with a cross. Sometimes these bands only extend around the ankle and sometimes they are imprinted even on the foot.


Ornamental ankle tattoos

Ornamental ankle tattoosDifferent patterns are used to enhance the beauty of ankle and foot and that is why these tattoos are named as ankle tattoos.

Wrapped flower band tattoo

Wrapped flower band tattooWhen different flower designs are merged together for making a band around the ankle in that case it is known as a wrapped flower band tattoo.

Shimmering star tattoo patterns

If you like glittering tattoos then these shimmering stars on your ankle will look perfectly according to your choice.

Wings on your ankle

Wings on your ankleWing tattoos on your ankle look unique and elegant. They look equally good on both men and women so anyone can imprint these wings on their ankles.

A haunting skull ankle tattoo

A haunting skull ankle tattooIf scary tattoos fascinate you then you should try a haunting skull ankle tattoo. It can be very intimidating so be cautious before carving it.

Love tattoo

Love tattooLove tattoos can be so many including different patterns and designs or they can also be simple love text tattoos on your ankle.

Ankle heart bracelet tattoo

Ankle heart bracelet tattooMany heart tattoos are joined to form a bracelet around your ankle which looks magnificent. It can also come in the category of love ankle tattoos.

Butterfly ankle tattoo

Butterfly ankle tattooButterfly tattoos are in fashion for every part of your body. Similarly you can find lots of butterfly ankle tattoos.

Cute cup cake ankle tattoo

Cute cup cake ankle tattooCup cake ankle tattoo is a different one from all the conventional ankle tattoos but believe it or not but it looks attractive.

Ankle text tattoos

Ankle text tattoosYou can also carve your favourite quotes on your ankle which are known as ankle text tattoos.

20 Brilliant Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattoos are one of the means of one’s personal style statement. Older generations seem that they don’t like the idea of getting tattoos as they link them with some negative connotations but with each passing day they are becoming more and more adaptive to tattoos! Tattoos can have different meanings and everyone has who gets a tattoo has his own reason behind it. The  tattoos can also have some religious background and some individuals also relate them to spirituality.

Star tattoo on the back of the neck

Star tattoo on the back of the neckA delicate and starry tattoo symbolizes femininity and is a hot favourite tattoo amongst women!

Simple butterfly tattoo

Simple butterfly tattooButterflies depict many mysteries of the nature; they are also associated with fire and the vast and rich imagination of human mind.

Full phoenix tattoo

Full phoenix tattooSun is represented by the phoenix, dying in the blaze at the end of each day and mounting each morning up and so it instils positivism.

Carter clips Tattoo

Carter clips TattooThis tattoo is a very unique and funky tattoo and depicts endurance for main and a strong female personality.

Butterflies tribal tattoo

Butterflies tribal tattooThis great looking tattoo depicts powers of magic, transformation and joy! Very popular amongst women and they really do look appealing.

Swirly floral foot tattoo

Swirly floral foot tattooThis little tattoo can be engraved on either of your ankles and this tattoo looks really beautiful! Flowers are the incarnation of nature!

Cherry blossom tattoo

Cherry blossom tattooCherry blossom is considered a symbol of love! Within herbal lore’s Chinese language the cherry blossom is believed to be a symbol of love and affection.

Lotus flower tattoo

Lotus flower tattooThis tattoo is usually engraved on the lower back but you can get it wherever you want! This tattoo also gives the message of love and peace.

Back piece new school tattoo

Back piece new school tattooThe intricate interweaving shows no beginning and no end and it reflects the cycles of the seasons of our precious but short life.

An arm butterfly tattoo

An arm butterfly tattooButterflies are of many different colours and there is a great variety of butterfly tattoos you can get! On the arm it looks pretty cool in women.

Star Tattoo on side

Star Tattoo on sideThe star tattoo is hot favourite amongst women and the star is considered as a symbol of truth, hope and spirit.

Paisley tattoo

Paisley tattooPaisley are symbols which look similar as mangoes and these tattoos are common with south asian countries women and they depict passion.

Dog paws tattoo

Dog paws tattooMostly women who get paw print tattoos want to give a tribute to a beloved pet cat or dog and this kind of tattoo is common amongst pet loving women.

Hello kitty tattoos

Hello kitty tattoosThis little tattoo is one of the cutest tattoos women have! These tattoos depict your persona! They really do look great!

Gun tattoos

Gun tattoosWomen flourish gun tattoo designs to show their solid and straight forward personality.

Tribal foot tattoos

Tribal foot tattoosTribal tattoos are one category of the tattoos that can never get outdated. These tattoos look really wicked on your foot!

Portland tattoo

Portland tattooAdventurous and fun loving happy go lucky kind of women f=prefer this tattoo and it depicts calm nature of these women! They look real cool.

Music heart tattoo

Music heart tattooAs the name implies this tattoo will be of interest to a women who is really into music and enjoys music to the max!

Koi fish tattoo

Koi fish tattooThis tattoo symbolizes courage and bravery and one can imagine what type of women would want this tattoo engraved on their body! Definitely brave and courageous women.

Wing tattoo

Wing tattooThe wing design is usually linked to something spiritual and it may also have some religious background.

20 Armband Tattoos

The people who love to have tattoos on different parts of their bodies are going to increase day by day.  Tattoos can be embossed on your legs, arms, shoulders, and your upper and lower back.  Each part of the body has its own significance and characters.  Armband tattoos are very popular among tattoos lovers and armband tattoos have their own significance.

1.       Celtic Shamrock/Clover

 Celtic Shamrock / CloverShamrock is a very beautiful plant and there are three beautiful flowers on the same branch.  It looks very nice and its natural green color provides peace to the eyes.  In Ireland, it is considered to be a symbol of love and in Christianity it is used to illustrate the dogma of trinity.

2.       Four Clover

Four Clover TattoosIn this tattoo, there are four branches each having four leaf.  It is traditionally green in color and it suits your personality when your engraved it on your arms.

3.       Four Leaf Clover Tattoo

Four Leaf Clover TattooIt’s a very beautiful tattoo with its bold green color.  There are only four leafs on a single clover.  It gets attraction by its charming design and dark colors.

4.       Irish Heart and Clover Back Tattoo


Irish Heart and Clover Back TattooIt’s a very unique tattoo and mostly used by Irish people.  In this tattoo, heart is beautiful and it resembles Irish flog with respect to its colors and besides this there clovers flowers behind this heart.  It is a very exceptional way for Irish people to show love for their beloved country Ireland.


5.       Irish Clover Tattoos

Irish Clover TattoosIrish clover is a charming tattoo with its excellent green color.  Leafs are just like heart and they look very gorgeous on your arms.


6.       Clover Butterfly Tattoos

Clover Butterfly TattoosIt’s a very beautiful tattoo with a combination of a clover and a butterfly with some natural colors.


7.       Clover Cross Tattoo Design

 Clover Cross Tattoo DesignIn this tattoo cross design is very unique because its designing is done by clover leafs and it looks very nice with its dark green color.


8.       Flower Band Tattoos

Flower Band TattoosFlowers are embossed on your arms in one row and they look very nice on your arms.  The design of this tattoo comes in various sizes and colors.

9.       Barbed Wire Tribal Band Tattoos


Barbed Wire Tribal Band TattoosIn practical life barbed wires are used for the protection of some prestigious asset and sometimes they are used for fence to keep animal and thieves away from a house and may be from industry.  Barbed wire is very famous in the field of tattooing and their zigzag shape is very eye-garbing when you get carved on your arms.


10.   Star band Tattoos

Star band TattoosThe design of this tattoo is very simple because there are many stars arrange in a single series.  There is a wide range in the design and size of stars.

11.   Tribal with Yin & Yang Tattoos

Tribal with Yin & Yang TattoosThis tattoo design is very significant among Chinese people believe the symbol of Yin & Yong represents the earliest Chinese perceptive of how things work.  Additionally, Yin & Yong means shadow and light and they are designed in white and black color.

12.   Thorn Band Tattoos

Thorn Band TattoosThis tattoo is just like thorn and it is engraved on your arms.

13.   Butterfly Band Tattoos

Butterfly Band TattoosIn this tattoo there is a group of butterfly with dissimilar colors and they are arranged in a single series on your arms.

14.   Orchid Band

Orchid Band TattoosOrchid is a very beautiful family of flowers with unforgettable fragrance.  Orchid flowers exist in nature with a wide variety of colors and in this design they are arrange in a single horizontal row with eye-catching colors.

15.   Flower band

Flower band TattooFlowers with a wide range of colors are imprinted on your arm and they look very nice and mostly these types of tattoo design are favored by girls.

16.   Red and Black Arm band

Red and Black Arm band TattooRed and black arm tattoo is designed in two colors only and this color combination is very attractive.

17.   Ocean Wave Band

Ocean Wave Band TattooIt’s a fantastic tattoo with an ocean blue color.  It is just like waves of ocean and it seems very nice on your arms.

18.   Black Band

Black Band TattoosBlack band is a very good looking tattoo design with black color.  The design of this tattoo is very excellent.

19.   Fire Flame Band

Fire Flame Band TattooThis tattoo is yellow in color with different designs and it looks very nice on your arms if you have muscular body.


20.   Spider Arm Man

Spider Arm Man TattoosIt is a very famous tattoo and it is engraved on your arm.  As it is clear from the name that in this tattoo there is a spider with some typical design of tattooing.

20 Beautiful Flower Tattoos

Get glamorous and attractive outlook with beautiful flower tattoo designs on your body. Feel free to engrave your body with flower tattoo because flowers are liked by people of every age group and many people will appreciate your tattoo choice. In combination with flowers several other supplementary designs are added during tattooing. It depends on the choice of person and creativity of an artist that how he molds your thoughts and dreams into a very precise representation. Flower tattoos give you fresh and energetic sensation. Rose, lily, lotus and daisy flowers are commonly added in tattooing the bodies. Flowers are delicate, charming and aromatic. Therefore girls like to engrave their body with tattoo of this amazing creation of nature. We hope you will get revolutionary ideas for imprinting you bodies with fabulous flower tattoos here.

Beautiful Flower Tattoo for Belly


This flower tattoo is classic and very eye popping. A beautiful rose with a string of colourful beads is made on belly.

Stylish Flying Specks Tattoo

stylish-flying-specks-tattooThis tattoo is unique from other flower tattoo designs made on shoulder. It gives a delicate look like a flower.

Stylish Color Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

stylish-color-butterfly-and-flower-tattooA very stylish tattoo that covers whole back with artistically designed flowers and their guests butterflies. It is charming.

Skeleton Key Rose Tattoo

skeleton-key-rose-tattooIt is a very unique design of flower tattoo having a key looking like skeleton with a rose head.

Lovely Blue Flower Band Tattoo

lovely-blue-flower-band-tattooIn this tattoo enchanted flower is inked on lower back with subtle shades of blue. You really look gorgeous by wearing this tattoo.

Smart Elegant Lily Tattoo

lily-tattooLily flower is so impressive and attractive aroma producing flower. It is a symbol of progress. You can get an elegant look with this tattoo of lily flower.

Flower Heart Tattoo

flower-heart-tattooGet attractive and creative piece of art on your body which consists of merging roses into a shape of heart. It adds charisma to your looks.

Flower power

flower-powerThis magical tattoo is engraved on back with magical strokes. It grasps the attention of viewers easily.

Awesome Flower Tattoo on Foot

awesome-flower-tattoo-on-footGet another graceful accessory for your foot which is stylish in its appearance and design.

Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

beautiful-daisy-flower-tattoo-on-shoulderDaisy flower is linked with innocence and beauty. Add these qualities to your personality with this tattoo.

Red Roses Tattoo

red-roses-tattooRed rose is a symbol of love, affection and care. Show your feelings to your lover and ink your body with sensational red roses.

Purple Flower and Butterfly Tattoo

purple-flower-and-butterfly-tattooPurple colour adds a very cool and enchanted touch to everything. Ink your shoulders with

Black Flower Tattoo Designs

black-flower-tattoo-designsAn awesome design made with black flowers on ribs and belly looks stunning.

Beautiful Yellow Corner Flower

beautiful-yellow-corner-flowerIt consists of a sequence of yellow flowers with twigs. One big yellow flower is made on the joint between foot and your leg while other flowers along with twigs spread on leg upto 10 inches. It is really very cool tattoo design.

Tribal Flower Tattoo on Hip

tribal-flower-tattoo-on-hipGirls and guys like to carve their hip with typical tribal flower tattoo. It is simple but an attractive tattoo design.

Random Flower Tattoo

random-flower-tattooRandom shaped tattoos are engraved on the upper back or shoulders heavily. It adds charm to your body.

Two Butterfly Flower Tattoo

two-butterfly-flower-tattooClassic design of this tattoo is made with perfection on any part of your body. This is one of the fabulous designs of flower tattoo.

Purple Petals with Yellow Smiley Center

purple-petals-with-yellow-smiley-centerCute look to your personality can be added with having this very tattoo on exposed part of your body.

Lotus on Arm Tattoo

lotus-on-arm-tattooA simple, beautiful and charming lotus is carved on forearm of a girl. It is simple and meaningful.

Pink Lily Everywhere

pink-lily-everywhereOn choice of wearer an artist spreads pink lilies on shoulders and arms. It gives an awesome look.

Butterfly Tattoos Designs – 15 Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

In tattooing you can engrave anything on your body.  It can be an animal, a bird, a snake and even non-living thing on your body and butterfly tattoos is one of them.  They are one of the most beautiful things in the world. They are the symbol of nature and if someone wants to study nature then butterfly is the best option for him.  Butterfly is the marvelous creature of God and nature has gifted it very fine-looking colors.  The wings of a butterfly are very thin but they can take hold of the attention of every person. The metamorphosis of this beautiful bug is one of the substantial mysteries of this environment.  Its colorful wings are tended to give a pleasant look to everyone and butterfly tattoos are very popular in the world of tattooing.  So, it is a great opportunity for the butterfly tattoos lovers to have a look on the butterfly tattoo designs.  

  • Tribal Back Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoo is a very beautiful tattoo and it is embossed on your upper back.  There is a one big butterfly and besides this you will see some small butterflies in black color and they look very cool altogether. 

1 - 15 Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

  • Tribal Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo

It’s a very big tattoo on your lower back and in addition to this you can add some traditional designs of tattooing. 

2 - Tribal Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo

  • Tribal Foot Butterfly Tattoo

It is specifically engraved on your foot and the design of butterfly in this tattoo is very sweet.  The color of butterfly is very natural and it will make your feet look very nice. 

3 - Tribal Foot Butterfly Tattoo

  • Butterfly on the Neck

Butterfly in imprinted on your neck and wings of this butterfly are very beautiful.  The color of this butterfly will catch attention of every person around you. 

4 - Butterfly on the Neck

  • Butterfly Heart Tattoo Design

It is a very charming butterfly with a small beautiful heart you can get carved this tattoo either on your inner arms or on your wrists.

5 - Butterfly Heart Tattoo Design

  • Color Fly Tattoo Design

It is a very colorful tattoo and the butterfly in this very beautiful especially its structure and wings shape. 

6 - Color Fly Tattoo Design

  • Wings of the Future

This butterfly tattoo design will exhibit a cool look and it is also a symbol of peace.  Its color is very unique and innate. 

7 - Wings of future

  • Regal Butterfly Tattoo Design

These butterfly tattoo designs look awfully cute on your arms and on your chest.  Its beautiful image and the design of the wings are very eye-grabbing. 

8 - Regal Butterfly Tattoo

  • Tipple Butterfly Tattoo Designs

In this tattoo design there are three beautiful butterflies with small charming wings.  They appear extremely pleasant together on your body.

9 - Tripple Butterfly Tattoo

  • Leaf butterfly

Leaf butterfly is extraordinarily fastidious butterfly in brown color.  The wings of the leaf butterfly tattoo designs are very attractive and stunning.

10 - Leaf butterfly Tattoo

  • Asian Butterfly Tattoo

This type of butterfly can only be seen in Asia.  Asian butterflies are finicky with natural colors and they look very nice on your body in the form of a tattoo. 

11 - Asian Butterfly Tattoo

  • Radiant Mist Butterfly

This butterfly is incredibly beautiful with a variety of radiant colors.

12 - Radiant Misty Butterfly

  • Cosmic Eternity

This is one of the most beautiful butterflies with a mishmash of blue, pink and green colors.

13 - Cosmic Eternity Tattoo

  • Evening Breeze Butterfly

This butterfly tattoo is very eye-catching in royal blue color.  It will look incredibly nice on your nick, upper back shoulder and on your arms.

14 - Evening Breeze Butterfly

  • Amazing Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

It’s really an astonishing tribal butterfly tattoo and it is marked behind your ears.  It is very gorgeous and charismatic.

15 - Amazing Tribal Butterfly Tattoo