Flower Tattoos – 20 Beautiful Lotus Flower Tattoos for Women

Tattoos are the best enhancers of your personal style statement! And that is the biggest reason why people get tattoos so much. Tattoos can be anything that you like! They can be the name of your favourite singer; they can be the image of your favourite instrument or simply anything that you like. These are 20 beautiful lotus flower tattoos which you can get on your bodies if you want.

The lower back lotus tattoo

the-lower-back-lotus-tattooThis is a beautiful lotus flower tattoo and this tattoo is red in colour and there is an alphabet on every petal of this beautiful flower for the names of those who are close to heart.

Neck lotus tattoo

flower tattoosA very simple tattoo, this tattoo is black and white and is engraved on the back of your neck and this tattoo simply looks awesome.

Lotus and hummingbird tattoo

lotus-and-hummingbird-tattooThis tattoo is a combination of a beautiful lotus flower and a blue humming bird flying over it. What an amazing looking tattoo!

Lower back piece tattoo

This is a sweet lotus flower tattoos on your lower back and this tattoo is plain and simple and simply awesome.

Pink lotus flower tattoos

Your upper middle back is engraved with this beautiful lotus flower tattoo! This is a girly tattoo as it is pink in colour and will suit any girl.

Lotus below chest tattoo

This tattoo is engraved on your upper belly just below your chest and this tattoo looks quite a piece of artwork.

Lotus flower tattoos on foot

Both of your feet are engraved with the same lotus flower tattoo design but both these tattoos have different colours! This tattoo is a very unique flower tattoos.

Lotus with Buddha tattoo

In this tattoo there is a lotus flower and above the petals of the lotus flower is the face of Buddha and this tattoo looks quite religious.

Sexy blue lotus tattoo

This is yet another great tattoo and looks pretty smoking hot. This tattoo is purple in colour and gives a sensual vibe.

Fresh lotus tattoo

This is a lotus tattoo with pink and purple shades and this tattoo is engraved on your shoulder back. Quite an impressive tattoo to have!

Bright lotus tattoo on the whole back

So far this is the best lotus tattoo that i have seen today! This tattoo is engraved on your whole back and with its bright yellow and orange colours; this tattoo is an absolute stunner.

Religious lotus tattoo on hand 

Sacred lotus tattoo! Half closed half open in its blooming stage! This is a perfect tattoo to have on your hand.

Waist lotus flower tattoos

What an amazing tattoo to get on your waist. This tattoo is engraved on your waist and covers the whole width.

Lotus tattoo on ribs

Yet another great looking lotus tattoo to get on your ribs. Its red in colour and it is simply stunning.

Lotus floating in sea tattoo

This tattoo is engraved across your whole back! It is a combination of blue sea waves and beautiful pink lotus flower tattoos.

Tibetan lotus tattoo

A lovely tribal lotus pattern tattoo inspired from the Tibetan culture and is symbolic of the true nature of heart.

The shoulder lotus tattoo

This is another great lotus tattoo to get on the back of your shoulder; with its black and white shades this tattoo looks quite elegant.

Back lotus flower tattoo

This tattoo runs across your back till the midpoint of your back! This is a very different lotus flower tattoos design and is pretty awesome.

Lotus angel tattoo

In this tattoo there is a lotus flower, above which sits an angel with blue feathers. The petals of the lotus are pink in colour.

Dragon on lotus tattoo

You can get this tattoo engraved on any part of your body and this tattoo would not look bad! It is a rare combination of a dragon and a lotus flower tattoos.




Coy Fish Tattoos | 22 Amazing Coy Fish Tattoos for Women

Carp is the original name of Coy Fish. It is derived from Japanese word Koi. This fish has strength of adaptability and accommodation.  People who possess these qualities love to etch these tattoos on their bodies. Coy Fish tattoos are very amazing and eye popping because of vibrant colour utilization in tattooing this very tattoo upon your skin. This fish has power of moving against water current. This means tattooing your body with this Coy Fish tattoo design is worth a lot because it is symbol of life, courage and adaptability. Many designs of flower and moving water are imprinted along with Coy Fish. These tattoo ideas for women add more attraction and make them unique in their own. This article has compiled some of the information regarding Coy Fish tattoo designs.

Coy Fish partners tattoo design

One Coy Fish is etched on one foot and other on second foot with different angles. It is amazing.

Cover up Coy Fish tattoo design

A huge Coy Fish is carved on back with a fabulous full of colours backdrop. Whole back is covered with this tattoo design.

Dead Coy Fish tattoo design

This tattoo is made on lower back showing the death of a Coy Fish couple with fallen leaves. This is undoubtedly meaningful tattoo design.


Glossy Coy Fish tattoo design

Coy Fish in glossy red colour really adds charm to your body.


Bulging eyed Coy Fish tattoo design

The most attractive part of this tattoo is Coy Fish’s eyes which are shown as bulging outwards artistically.


Moving Coy Fish tattoo design

The tattooist carves this tattoo with amazing perfection to show a moving Coy Fish against water currents. This design is very appealing to eyes.


Coy Fish in flowers tattoo design

Unique styling to this tattoo gives magnetism to your grace.  A Coy Fish surrounded by so many flowers looks charming.


Real Coy Fish tattoo

Coy Fish with arrogance and open mouth is engraved on left shoulder blade. Get this tattoo design and spread magic of your charm.


Lively Coy Fish on my triceps

This tattoo is cool and wonderful. A Coy Fish in yellow colour with orange fins is made in moving action while harsh blue water is made in backdrop.


Leg Coy Fish tattoo design

A Coy Fish in black colour is imprinted on leg. This design is for all.


Colourful Coy Fish on Leg tattoo

In this tattoo design Coy Fish is made in bright orange colour with yellow shading. The blue water drops around Coy Fish adds more beauty to this tattoo design.

Coy Fish fighting with water tattoo design

On right shoulder blade a very enthusiast Coy Fish which is fighting with water propel is carved in subtle shades of black and grey.

Coy Fish for my hands tattoo design

This tattoo design looks charming when tattooed on both hands in same colours and design but with opposite orientation of both fish.

The transformed dragon Coy Fish tattoos design

A Coy Fish with a huge dragon like face is carved on the back. This is marvelous tattoo design.

Coy Fish in traditional style tattoo

Coy Fish is made along with colourful flowers and slashing water around it. This tattoo design adds charm to you.

Coy Fish tattoos for girls

In this tattoo design a Coy Fish with long turned eye lashes and pink roses around it is an enchanted tattoo design for girls. Many people would appreciate your choice.

Coy Fish with smile

In order to add uniqueness to the traditional Coy Fish tattoos design a naughty smile is spread on thus Coy Fish.  It looks cute and pleasing to the eyes because of vibrant colours.

Coy Fish and Japanese tattoo

The typical Japanese touch is given to this tattoo design. A colourful Coy Fish with a memorial quote in Japanese language expresses the importance of Coy Fish in Japanese culture.

Tiger skin Coy Fish tattoo

This very tattoo looks amazing on your thigh. A Coy Fish with tiger lines on its body is symbol of courage and strength.

Coy Fish in crown tattoo

A king Coy Fish tattoo adds king like qualities in your personality.

Weak Coy Fish tattoo design

In this tattoo a very weak Coy Fish is carved. This tattoo shows the wearer love and care for Coy fish.

Coy Fish on shoulder

Coy Fish Tattoos

A huge Coy Fish looks wonderful on your shoulder with big and beautiful eyelids.

Sexy Anchor Tattoos

Tattoos are awesome. Tattoos serve different purposes to different people, some people get it just because they look trendy, and some people get it because these tattoos have some kind of religious attachment to them. The numbers of people who get tattoos are increasing on daily basis. Here are 20 stunning anchor tattoo designs for all you guys out there who want tattoos.

Sailor anchor tattoo

A beautiful tattoo design, this tattoo looks quite an impressive piece of art work. You will surely like it and that is guaranteed.

Compass anchor tattoo

An old school beautiful anchor tattoo engraved on the wrist to show tribute! This is a great concept and looks pretty good.

Leg anchor tattoo

This tattoo is engraved on the back of your leg just above your ankle and this tattoo is very simple and still gives a stunning impression.

Finger anchor tattoo

Your little finger is engraved with this small tattoo and once engraved this tattoo looks like you are wearing a ring in your finger.

Rib anchor tattoo

This is an anchor tattoo inked on the ribs with shades of red and paying tribute to friendship. You can get it if you like it!

Skull and anchor tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of a scary skull and an anchor in very unique shades and this tattoo is engraved on your inner arm.

Rosary anchor tattoo

Anchor engraved on your wrist attached to a colorful rosary and this tattoo also contains a beautiful red heart in the middle.

Meaningful anchor tattoo

Black and yellow anchor tattoo flowing with green waves and also contains a sexy heart engraved in the middle. Simply awesome!

Amazing anchor tattoo

A very bold and colorful anchor tattoo inked on the inner arm with a rope attached to it! This tattoo is once again an absolute stunner.

Heart highlight anchor tattoo

This is yet another anchor tattoo which contains a heart in its design and this tattoo looks quite amazing when you look at it.

Dad anchor tattoo

In this particular tattoo there is an anchor where there are 3 plates on it and on those three plates is written “dad thanks for everything” what a meaningful and deep tattoo.

Inner arm anchor tattoo

Sturdy anchor on inner arm, this anchor tattoo has got initials of your loved one who has passed away. Another great tattoo!

Left foot anchor tattoo

Little anchor tattoo engraved on the foot and this tattoo has also got a broken rope attached to it from its one end.

Anchor tattoo behind ear

This is a beautiful anchor tattoo and this tattoo is small! It is engraved in black on the back of your ear and looks elegant.

Old school anchor tattoo

This anchor tattoo has black and gray shades to it and looks quite beautiful and has got a wave across it which is breathtaking.

Anchor tattoo pop art

What a sexy anchor design with lots of colors and a rope hanging from it. This tattoo will look great on any part of your body.

Love anchor tattoo

An excessively girly anchor tattoo inked on the upper middle back, this anchor tattoo has got a lot of tiny hearts in its design.

Right arm anchor tattoo

Simple and plain anchor tattoo engraved on the right arm and has got a super masculine and bold look to itself.

Cross anchor tattoo

This is an anchor tattoo drawn with a rope hanging and a cross as well! This tattoo looks quite a different version of anchor tattoo.

Cool anchor tattoo

The red skull with an anchor with a chain hanging from this skull as a locket, this anchor tattoo looks pretty cool.

Superman Tattoo – 20 Awesome Superman Tattoo for Men

Everybody loves superman. Superman is usually the hero of the kids but many adults like the character as well. So if you love superman you can get a superman tattoo on your body. if your kids love superman you can get a superman tattoo for them so when they see that tattoo on you they think that you are their superman. Here are 20 wonderful superman tattoo designs from which you can choose your superman tattoo and get it engraved on your body.

Superman neck tattoo

superman-neck-tattooAs the name implies this is a tattoo which is engraved on your neck and this tattoo is the super man logo and it looks impressive.

Superman wrist tattoo

superman-wrist-tattooSame superman logo engraved on your wrist! This tattoo when engraved on your wrist looks wonderful.

Rock solid superman tattoo

rock-solid-superman-tattooThis is a great concept for a superman tattoo! This tattoo is engraved on your upper arm, in its design there is a superman logo inside a rock shield.

Superman flying high tattoo

superman-flying-high-tattooAs the name implies in this tattoo superman is flying and this tattoo is engraved on your upper arms and looks stunning.

Superman memorial tattoo

superman-memorial-tattooIn this superman tattoo, there is a superman shield logo with a name of a memorable person on it and this tattoo is really meaningful.

Superman tattoo on biceps

superman-tattoo-on-bicepsA blue superman logo tattoo when engraved on your biceps gives a pretty strong impression.

Superman tattoo on chest

superman-tattoo-on-chestPlain and simple superman tattoo on the chest, this tattoo looks elegant and aggressive at the same time and is a wonderful tattoo to have.

Superman in blood tattoo

superman-in-blood-tattooThis is another great superman tattoo. It is a superman logo in red and blood is shown to be dripping from it! This is a stunning tattoo.

Superman in black flames tattoo

superman-in-black-flames-tattooAs the name implies this is a tattoo of superman’s logo which is lit in black flames! This tattoo looks pretty unorthodox.

Superman shoulder tattoo

superman-shoulder-tattooThe typical superman logo with its typical colours when engraved on the shoulder looks pretty damn good and you will not regret once you get this tattoo.


Superman in scars tattoo

ripped-superman-tattooSuperman is shown to be in some serious scars and this tattoo looks quite graphic! If you like it you can get it.

Superman batman tattoo

superman-batman-tattooThis is a mixture of both batman and superman symbols. A very different and unique tattoo this tattoo looks awesome.

Burning superman tattoo

burning-superman-tattooWhat a great design for a superman tattoo! In this tattoo there is the superman logo with its outlines lit on fire and this tattoo is the best that i have seen so far.

Superman tattoo on back

superman-tattoo-on-backThis tattoo is engraved on your back as the name itself implies. In this tattoo the superman logo has got its feathers and it looks different and awesome.

Superman standing bold tattoo

superman-standing-bold-tattooIn this superman tattoo! The superman is standing tall by defeating all the threats and this tattoo looks quite bold and awesome.

Superman emerging from smoke tattoo

superman-emerging-from-smoke-tattooThis is a very unique idea! There is a smoke cloud in which you can see the superman and this tattoo is yet another great superman tattoos for you to have.

Ripped superman tattoo

ripped-superman-tattooThis is a large superman symbol sleeve encircled in two layers of flames! This tattoo is a great tattoo to have on your arm.

Superman leg tattoo

superman-leg-tattooBrightly coloured superman logo engraved on your foreleg and this tattoo is a great tattoo for you to have.

Superman sketch tattoo

superman-sketch-tattooThis tattoo looks like somebody sketched the superman on your leg with a led pencil! What a great superman tattoos to have on your leg.

Superman pictorial tattoo

superman tattooWhat a massive, slick and colourful superman tattoos design and this tattoo will suit on any part of your body.

20 Beautiful Flower Tattoos

Get glamorous and attractive outlook with beautiful flower tattoo designs on your body. Feel free to engrave your body with flower tattoo because flowers are liked by people of every age group and many people will appreciate your tattoo choice. In combination with flowers several other supplementary designs are added during tattooing. It depends on the choice of person and creativity of an artist that how he molds your thoughts and dreams into a very precise representation. Flower tattoos give you fresh and energetic sensation. Rose, lily, lotus and daisy flowers are commonly added in tattooing the bodies. Flowers are delicate, charming and aromatic. Therefore girls like to engrave their body with tattoo of this amazing creation of nature. We hope you will get revolutionary ideas for imprinting you bodies with fabulous flower tattoos here.

Beautiful Flower Tattoo for Belly


This flower tattoo is classic and very eye popping. A beautiful rose with a string of colourful beads is made on belly.

Stylish Flying Specks Tattoo

stylish-flying-specks-tattooThis tattoo is unique from other flower tattoo designs made on shoulder. It gives a delicate look like a flower.

Stylish Color Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

stylish-color-butterfly-and-flower-tattooA very stylish tattoo that covers whole back with artistically designed flowers and their guests butterflies. It is charming.

Skeleton Key Rose Tattoo

skeleton-key-rose-tattooIt is a very unique design of flower tattoo having a key looking like skeleton with a rose head.

Lovely Blue Flower Band Tattoo

lovely-blue-flower-band-tattooIn this tattoo enchanted flower is inked on lower back with subtle shades of blue. You really look gorgeous by wearing this tattoo.

Smart Elegant Lily Tattoo

lily-tattooLily flower is so impressive and attractive aroma producing flower. It is a symbol of progress. You can get an elegant look with this tattoo of lily flower.

Flower Heart Tattoo

flower-heart-tattooGet attractive and creative piece of art on your body which consists of merging roses into a shape of heart. It adds charisma to your looks.

Flower power

flower-powerThis magical tattoo is engraved on back with magical strokes. It grasps the attention of viewers easily.

Awesome Flower Tattoo on Foot

awesome-flower-tattoo-on-footGet another graceful accessory for your foot which is stylish in its appearance and design.

Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

beautiful-daisy-flower-tattoo-on-shoulderDaisy flower is linked with innocence and beauty. Add these qualities to your personality with this tattoo.

Red Roses Tattoo

red-roses-tattooRed rose is a symbol of love, affection and care. Show your feelings to your lover and ink your body with sensational red roses.

Purple Flower and Butterfly Tattoo

purple-flower-and-butterfly-tattooPurple colour adds a very cool and enchanted touch to everything. Ink your shoulders with

Black Flower Tattoo Designs

black-flower-tattoo-designsAn awesome design made with black flowers on ribs and belly looks stunning.

Beautiful Yellow Corner Flower

beautiful-yellow-corner-flowerIt consists of a sequence of yellow flowers with twigs. One big yellow flower is made on the joint between foot and your leg while other flowers along with twigs spread on leg upto 10 inches. It is really very cool tattoo design.

Tribal Flower Tattoo on Hip

tribal-flower-tattoo-on-hipGirls and guys like to carve their hip with typical tribal flower tattoo. It is simple but an attractive tattoo design.

Random Flower Tattoo

random-flower-tattooRandom shaped tattoos are engraved on the upper back or shoulders heavily. It adds charm to your body.

Two Butterfly Flower Tattoo

two-butterfly-flower-tattooClassic design of this tattoo is made with perfection on any part of your body. This is one of the fabulous designs of flower tattoo.

Purple Petals with Yellow Smiley Center

purple-petals-with-yellow-smiley-centerCute look to your personality can be added with having this very tattoo on exposed part of your body.

Lotus on Arm Tattoo

lotus-on-arm-tattooA simple, beautiful and charming lotus is carved on forearm of a girl. It is simple and meaningful.

Pink Lily Everywhere

pink-lily-everywhereOn choice of wearer an artist spreads pink lilies on shoulders and arms. It gives an awesome look.

Rose Tattoos Designs – 20 Sweet Rose Tattoos For Women

King of flowers is the choice of kings. Rose is the most beautiful flower in this world. No flower can even compete in beauty with rose flower. Sweet memories are often associated with rose. People used to gift this beautiful, charming and full of fragrance present to their lovers. Some people worth the medicinal values of rose flower because it is used as laxative, face freshener and eye cleaner. Sweet roses are choice of beauty lovers. Roses are used to decorate various event stages hence, adding charisma to each and every thing. Nowadays people engrave skins with beautiful rose tattoos to make them as attractive faction of any community. Make your personality full of glamour with sweet rose tattoo designs and get beautiful ideas from this very article.

Left hand Rose Tattoos Design

A very elegant and fully bloomed flower is engraved on the backside of left hand. It looks real rose on your hand.


Coffinspire tattoo on your belly

A very delicate art work with rose and classic design is being carved on your belly. This tattoo is really awesome.


Sweet rose tattoo in sweet memory

The memorial sweet rose tattoos are imprinted on body with sweet heart’s name. It always reminds you that someone stays in your eyes and heart.


Rose, rosary and cross tattoo design

Peace and religion are the two wheels of same cart. People who believe in spiritualism carve any body part with this fabulous tattoo design.


Rose and skull tattoo design

People add innovation to their rose tattoo with skulls and bones. This tattoo is etched with perfection on an arm.


Meaningful rose tattoo design

This design is complicated in meanings but simple looking. Deep thinkers painted their body with this tattoo design.


Rose and blood with pencil art tattoo design

It looks attractive even in rough and tough appearance in pencil sketch art.


Getting closer to finished tattoo design

Girls love to have this very tattoo on their back. This design is full of life and colours with addition of sweet roses.


Black rose on your neck

This tattoo is tiny one. It is etched on one side of the neck. Sweetness and glamour of black rose adds charisma to your personality.


Rose ring tattoo design

A very delicate, awesome looking rose tattoo is engraved on ring finger. It shows your deep love to your partner.


The new rose tattoo

An awesome looking tattoo which is imprinted on the arm of guys, having roses in backdrop and prominent lady in veil with amazing attractive eyes.


Lovers rose tattoo

Lovers rose tattoo design is an amazing tattoo design. A full opened rose with love tag is carved usually.


Tribal rose tattoo design

This tattoo design is common design with red rose and back ground stencil work.


Rose and girl tattoo design

It is etched on back of guys, with a picture of a girl holding a stalked rose flower in her mouth. It looks unique and stylish.


Rose tattoo for shoulder

On shoulder a prominent mark is being carved with black outline of rose.


Rose in row tattoo design

This tattoo design is made on lower abdominal area. From front to back roses are made in a row to make a belt of roses around your waist.


Rose glove tattoo design

It is perfect and elegant tattoo design for both girls and guys. A rose in shades of black and grey is made hand and wrist in a way to cover up all the back are of hand with a rose flower.


Woman and red rose clip tattoo design

It really looks charming. A woman with red rose hair clip adds beauty and charm to your personality.


Rose and dove tattoo design

A flying dove over a red rose is magnetic tattoo for whom who love peace and beauty. It is mostly carved on upper back of body.


20 Stunning Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo art is very popular in young generation due to its uniqueness & attractiveness. Basically it is a kind of body modification which is made by putting ink into the upper layer of the skin. The designing of these tattoos purely depends on the writing and designing style of the Tattooists. For this purpose, a number of attractive fonts & fancy unique styles are used in text & picture tattoos. These tattoo fonts gives beauty and attraction by inculcating versatility into the tattoo designs/art.


TTF_TATTOEF is said to be the number 1 choice of tattooists due to its designing pattern. It is also called TTF_TATTOEF tribes font. This tattoo font can easily be downloaded into your computer by clicking on the download button of its zip file. Then save the file into your desired hard disc. Extract all files from zip folder and save the fonts into font folder of your computer.

Shit Happens

Another stunning name in the list of best tattoo designs is of “Shit Happens”. It is a kind of writing style which is a blend of both modern and old prints. Shit Happens is a cool style to choose from different tattoo designing styles. Its download file contains 64 characters with two ranges like Basic Latin & specials.

Beech Font

Beech Font is a mixture of small printed designs and basic numbers. These are used in blending pattern and Beech.zip file contains font typeface file, font makers readme file, license agreement and normal, italic, bold versions of the font. All these fonts can be extracted from zip file and can be saved for future use. Both mini-map and mega-map is available for the guidance of users.

Tattoo Heavy

In the Tattoo Heavy design, numbers and alphabets are arranged into different unique and vibrant patterns to give versatility. Tattoo heavy designing style is available into many themes and patterns for individuals and artists as well.

Feathergraphy Decoration

Feathergraphy Decoration looks attractive, unique & nice on all body parts especially on lower abdomen and shoulders. It is the upgraded version of typical fonts usually available in the market. It is the blend of modern and historical calligraphy styles.

Argel Font

Argel Font uses only English alphabets but it’s designing and pattern making is very unique. Mostly professionals adopt this style to secure decent look & to give some more variety into typical tattoo designing.

Bad Tattoo Hand One Font

As its name depicts, Bad Tattoo Hand One Font is used as it is on the T-shirts, photo albums, body parts. This font is found in excellent script and modification patterns.

WWFairyFantasy Font

WWFairyFantasy is a gorgeous design available in beautiful & unique styles. Innocent little fairies are printed on butterflies, flowers doing different tactics & giving tattoos a brilliant look. Magical & animated pixels used in this design quite nicely.

Delinquente Demo Font

Delinquente Demo font is purely for personal use and this font is only available in text version.

Rose Tattoo Font

It is yet another stunning name in the list of best tattoo designs. Additional patterns and glyphs are available in the updated version of ROSE TATTOO font. Mostly it is recommended for commercial use.

The Quickest Shift Font

The Quickest Shift font is usually used for magazines & albums designing. It is an amazing font with unique texts.

Steampunk Font

Steampunk is used both personally & commercially because of its extensive text patterns.

Tribal font

Blended with alphabets and numbers, Tribal font is extensively used on body parts, posters, magazines & walls etc for decoration purpose.

Other stunning fonts include Headline Text, Bleeding Cowboys, Ballpark, WICKED Witch Font, exotica, League of Ages Font and Tattoo Script. All these fonts are very popular with the professionals and common people alike.