Shoulder Tattoos for Women – 25 Awesome Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Tattoos are a great means of self representation and they are also a very stylish way to represent oneself. Tattoos are getting more and more popularity day by day and many people get tattoos just for their style statement. These tattoos are not very welcomed by old people; they think that this is a total loss of time and money. But as the world progresses these people are also getting used to these Shoulder Tattoos for Women.

Shoulder phoenix tattoo

This tattoo is a phoenix in red colour which is engraved on either of your shoulders! It looks great!

Japanese chrysanthemum shoulder tattoo

These are two little weird creatures engraved in dark colour on both shoulders! This tattoo looks pretty cool.

Dog tattoo

Dogs are adorable; they are a favourite pet of almost everyone. You can get a dog tattoo on your shoulder if you like dogs!

Kraken tattoo on shoulder

This tattoo has got a lot of detail to itself and as it is engraved in beautiful intense colours and it looks wicked.

Fantasy tattoo on your shoulder

This tattoo can simply be your imagination! The things you fantasize about! You can get your imagination engraved on your shoulder.

Swallow tattoo

Two little birds are flying! This tattoo is engraved on the back of your shoulder and it is one of the most amazing tattoos that i have ever seen.

Cat cadaver tattoo

This is a very scary looking tattoo! This tattoo has got a lot of mystery to itself and looks great overall.

Shoulder butterfly tattoo

This tattoo is a very famous tattoo for shoulders amongst women and this tattoo looks really awesome.

Shoulder rose tattoo

As the name implies this is a tattoo in which a rose is engraved on either one of your shoulders and as you all know roses cannot look bad this tattoo is a stunner!

Mother Nature tattoo

Nature’s gifts like gardens and flowers and a lot of blessings which are endowed upon us by the nature! This tattoo is a show stopper!


Maple leaf tattoo

Maple leafs are very sober they look very appealing! This tattoo can be engraved on your shoulder and it does not look bad.

Floral Shoulder Tattoos for Women

A flower with its stems is engraved on the shoulder! This tattoo gives a very elegant expression.

Beautiful floral piece

This is a part of a flower, the petals of a flower which are shown profoundly! This tattoo looks pretty damn good.

Moon and back tattoo

This tattoo is one of the best tattoos you will ever have the pleasure of getting it engraved on your shoulder because this tattoo is one of its kind!

Lilies on shoulder

This tattoo looks pretty soothing as lilies are very beautiful and fragile flowers they depict delicacy and look great.

Stunning shoulder piece

A very unique pattern of black stripes and flames; this tattoo looks like a real piece of art work!

Girl Manga tattoo

This tattoo is a tiny little cute cartoon in green colour and it looks adorable!

Angel Shoulder Tattoos for Women

As the name explains it, this tattoo is an angel engraved on the shoulder and looks very deep and appealing.

Flourishing music tattoo

In this particular tattoo there are a lot of different musical instruments which are engraved on the body and this tattoo depicts a passion for music!

Stars Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Different colourful stars imprinted on the shoulder this tattoo is a star in the tattoo world!

Stars and butterflies

Stars along with butterflies this tattoo represents a very unique but awesome combination and this tattoo looks awesome.


Dragonfly Shoulder Tattoos for Women

This tattoo looks like a hybrid between a dragon and a butterfly! This tattoo is a very creative piece of work and looks amazingly great.

Zombie Godzilla

A very scary tattoo! Zombies are engraved and this tattoo freaks me out.

Pink leopard print start

A star shape with a leopard print this tattoo looks very creative and represents a person with unorthodox aesthetic taste.

Launch party Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Shoulder Tattoos for Women

A women in pink is cutting the ribbon, this tattoo is a great tattoo to have if you are a party person.

Old School Tattoos – Awe-inspiring Old School Tattoos For Girls

Tattooing has been serving as a language of expression in a formal and informative way, since it was introduced in this world.  People love tattooing to make memories of their dear one by body piercing.  Moreover, with the help of body piercing you can give message to the world by using symbolic representation.  In this regard, awe-inspiring tattoos play an important role in etching of body.  You can get engraved different quotations and citations that boost your spirit and thrust for life.  So, awe-inspiring Old School Tattoos are one of the best of way of describing things in words.


1.       Straight and Simple Old School Tattoos

It is a simple and looks very good in small size with a wonderful saying that is embossed on your wrist.


2.       Shakespeare Quote Tattoo

This tattoo is very impressive because of an amazing saying of Shakespeare on your inner arm.


3.       Both Hands Old School Tattoos

Old School Tattoos

It’s a very beautiful tattoo on your inner arm describing the feelings of sincerity to your dear love.


4.       Music Old School Tattoos

It’s a tattoo with a musical emblem on your upper back.  In addition to this, you can add the musical quotation of August Rush in a beautiful and clear font.


5.       Script Lettering Old School Tattoos

It is an amazing tattoo with a stunning font style.  It is mostly engraved on your inner arm.


6.       Latin Bible Phrase Old School Tattoos

A very informative citation taken from the Latin Bible and it is written in bold letters with a beautiful saying.


7.       Cool Quote Old School Tattoos

It is a cool tattoo with an attractive font style on your arm.


8.       Wrist Tattoo

It’s a line from a famous story of love in neat and straight lettering on your wrist.





9.       Lovely Nape Tattoo

It is embossed on your neck with a saying of “”Come as You Are””.  It’s a quotation showing no condition for your dear love.


10.   Upper Back Tattoo

It is carved on your upper back with a very famous African saying in artistic and cursive font.


11.   Love and Hate

This tattoo shows two sides of a same coin; love and hate.  It attracts due to its unbelievable font style.


12.   Arm Tattoo

In this tattoo a Celtic tree of life and a quotation is drawn in an impressive way on your forearm.  The tree looks very gorgeous with a quotation around it.


13.   Japanese Tattoo

In this tattoo, there is a Zen circle the symbol of strength and elegance in Japanese culture.  Inside this Zen circle there is a beautiful citation of love and peace.


14.   Matching Tattoo

If you and your friend want to have same tattoo on your body then this tattoo is the good option for you.  It is etched on your feet in a wavy fashion on your feet.


15.   My Favorite Tattoo

An incredibly sweet tattoo with a charming lettering on your upper shoulder and in you can make it more attractive if you add Christmas tree in this design.


16.   Avenged Seven fold Death Bat

A horrible skull with the bat wings on your back.  It gets the attention due to its horrible look with a meaningful message.


17.   Wonderful Line Old School Tattoos

No daught, it is really a wonderful line that motivates one should not feel hopeless in life.


18.   Tombstone Saying Tattoo

This tattoo when carved on your body looks quite inspirational that shows you a positive picture of death.


19.   Back of Neck Tattoo

This is a beautiful tribal design with an amazing saying behind your neck.  This tattoo provides you a monster look and makes your more powerful.


20.   Always Encouraging Tattoo

Old School Tattoos

An ever green truth of life because this encourages you to work hard in life.  In addition to this, the message keeps one balance in times of success as well as failure.



Skull Tattoos – 20 Skull Tattoos Can Make You Invincible

There is a number tattoo design families from these families you can have tattoos on your body.  The skull tattoos are one of them which have been use as an emblem of power and strength.  In the past, skull tattoos are favored by boys only but now the trend has been change and it is getting very popular among women.

  1. Skull with Bow Tattoo

Skull Tattoos

A skull tattoos with two bows look quit nice below your neck and it attracts everyone with a combination of grey and black color.


  1. Skull Lovers Tattoo

In this tattoo, there are tow skulls with yellow and purple color curved on your leg.


  1. Foodie Skull

It is a very funny tattoo that eats a lot and it is carved on your arm.  In addition to this, you will see this tattoo contains two kitchen spoons behind the skull.


  1. Candy Skull Tattoo

It is a very cute candy skull made up of colorful candies especially the teeth of this skull look very charming.


  1. Scary Skull Tattoo

This skull represents very horrible effects when you get carved on your body.


  1. Cute Skull Tattoo

The eyes of this skull tattoo make it very cute on your leg.  It will be better for you if you carved in on your body in small size.


  1. Captured Skull Tattoo

Captured Skull Tattoo

This tattoo design comes with a great idea of prison of life.  A skull that has been trapped due to some reason and wants to get freedom.


  1. Love Skull Tattoo

It’s a very fantastic skull tattoo showing the feelings of love.  The eyes of this tattoo are awesome and drawn in the shape of heart.

  1. Lilly and Skull Tattoo

Lilly is incredibly sweet plant especially the flowers and bows of this plant are very beautiful.  At the centre of this Lilly flower there is a skull with simple look.


  1. Roses and Skull Tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of roses and a skull.  The color of roses is very eye-catching but the skull adds terrible effect to this tattoo.


  1. Sugar Skull Tattoo

In this tattoo design there is a sweet skull with a sugar flower and a long green leaf.


  1. Friends Forever Skull

If you and your dear friend want to have same tattoo design on your body then “Friends Forever Skull Tattoo” is the great option for you.


  1. Red Burning Skull Tattoo

A red skull with two bones look very nice on your outer arm and it adds great personality if you get engraved it on your body.


  1. Winking Skull Tattoo

It is really a funny skull tattoo design.  The skull seems to be very naughty and it looks very nice on your body.  This skull tattoo provides you a cool look and makes you feel happy.


  1. Diamond Heart Skull Tattoo

A very charming tattoo with a sweet little heart and a diamond on the head of skull.


  1. Ear Skull Tattoo

This one of the best looking tattoo and it is only carved on your ear.  Ear is one of the most prominent part of your body and this skull design adds more beauty to your personality.


  1. Class tattoo Tattoo

It is a colorful skull tattoo usually carved on your chest with the rows of colorful flowers on both sides of the skull.

  1. Patterned all over Tattoos

This skull design is known as Mexican Skull Tattoo and there are different patterns of layers on the face of the skull.  In addition to this, you will see two beautiful flowers on both sides.


  1. Smoking Skull Tattoos

It is a very dangerous skull and from the head of this skull there is a stream of smoke.


  1. Gray Skull Tattoos

This is one of the most horrible tattoos with grayish effect.  When you look at this skull it will take you to the world of death yet it is still loved by the tattoo lovers.

Crown Tattoos – Does Crown Tattoos Sometimes Make You Feel Proud?

Why do people give themselves the pain of getting these tattoos? Did you ever wonder? That because tattoos give their bearers that extra something which makes them stand out in public. And that is the least of the things that tattoos do for you! Tattoos enhance your personality; tattoos are also a sign of courage if you have them! How? Because you have enough courage to endure the pain to get what you want to get! These are 20 amazing crown tattoos you can get engraved on your body.

Large crown back tattoo

This is a really different tattoo! In this tattoo there is a huge crown which is engraved on your whole back and it looks simply royal.

Crest tattoo

A very unique design for a crown and this tattoo is engraved on your upper arm and it looks quite awesome!

Celtic ravens tattoo

This is another great looking tattoo for crown tattoo lovers. You can get this tattoo on any part of your body and trust me you will not regret.

Metallic effect crown tattoo

Another great tattoo which is designed in such a way that it gives the effect and shine of a metal! When you look at it from a distance you get the illusion of a metallic crown engraved on the body.

Crowned basketball tattoo


What a creative piece of artwork. This tattoo is a crown engraved on you upper arm and the area on which this tattoo is engraved is given the texture of a basketball’s skin! Simply awesome.

Crowned name tattoo

A very simple idea for a crown tattoo yet very famous. This is a tattoo in which there is your name and above your name there is a crown engraved.

Foot crown tattoo

This tattoo is engraved on the foot as the name of the tattoo suggests and this tattoo is unique in a sense that who would want a crown on their feet?

Wings sword and crown tattoo

This particular tattoo is a combination of angel wings, a sword and a crown. This looks really deep and if you have got some intense personality then goes for this tattoo.

Heart crown tattoo

What an amazingly beautiful tattoo to get! A big red heart with a crown on its top! This tattoo looks lovely.

Victorian crown tattoo

A typical crown tattoo design! This tattoo is very famous and if you already like this tattoo there is no harm getting it.

Yes my lord crown tattoos

This tattoo signifies devotion to one’s lord and is really a fine piece of work.

Gemstones studded crown tattoo

As the name implies this tattoo has got precious gemstones studded to it and when this tattoo is engraved on your arm it looks stunning.

Winged claddagh crown tattoo

This tattoo is the tattoo which is very famous among the crown tattoo designs and there is a reason behind its fame! It is really beautiful.

Heart swirled in crown tattoo

What an unorthodox crown tattoo! The result of great imagination and hard work, this tattoo design is the best crown tattoo that i have seen.

Crown and birds tattoo

A combination of nature’s beauty i.e. birds and the sign of royalty the crown, this tattoo is amazing! You will love this tattoo more and more every day.

Diamond crown flower

This is yet another great tattoo to have on your body! This tattoo contains a beautiful crown with a precious big diamond embedded in its head.

Crown of thorns tattoo

Again this is a very famous tattoo and if you like this tattoo then goes and gets it engraved on your back.

Scottish luckenbooth crown tattoos

This is a very unique crown tattoo for your feet! If you like this tattoo you can always get it! Its your choice!

King of hearts crown tattoos

Crown Tattoos

A very different tattoo, this tattoo is engraved on your neck on the front side and gives a real deep impression.

Blessed crown tattoos

This is a tattoo in which there is a crown and there is a plate on that crown where there is the name of the bearer of this crown.

Moon Tattoos | How To Win Friends Influence with Moon Tattoos

Moon tattooing is an inspiring art especially for the women.  Moon tattoos are mostly embossed by women all over the world.  The moon is believed to be an emblem of heaven and peace.  Moon tattoos come with a vast variety of thoughts and quotations.  You can give different messages by using this natural beauty of the universe. Moon Tattoos design greatly inspire others and impart a really wonderful look to your body.

  1. Skull moon tattoo


Although the moon is very dear to everyone but this skull moon tattoos have some bad elements in its look.  It looks incredibly eye-catching when you get it engraved on your back.


  1. Moon Star Banner Tattoo

It’s an attractive tattoo along with a very stylish banner where you can get marked any quotation on it.


  1. Moon Mist Tattoo

Moon mist tattoo design is different from all other moon tattoos designs.  In this design there is a cloud of mist around this beautiful moon tattoo.


  1. Three Moons and Stars tattoo

In this design, there are three moons and three stars.  They look very sweet together because there is symmetry in their shapes and positions.


  1. Moon Butterfly Tattoo

There is a very interesting concept in this tattoo and what you will see in this tattoo is; there is a very charming moon on the wing of the butterfly.  This tattoo design is an ideal drawing itself.


  1. Tattoo with Moon and Stars

It is a very fantastic tattoo with a moon and a cluster of stars.  This tattoo looks very nice on your upper back especially when it is engraved with black color.


  1. Memorable Tattoo on Shoulder

This tattoo is very informative with respect to its shape.  In this tattoo you can add either name of your dear one or may be you can write a reference on it.


  1. Dark Moon Tattoo

It’s awfully cool design with a moon.  In this tattoo design, there is a face with big teeth showing anger and power.


  1. Sun Moon Glowing Tattoo

In this tattoo, you will see moon and sun with glowing rays.  Both of them look dreadfully nice and sweet.


  1. The Smoking Moon

The smoking moon tattoos are extraordinarily good looking because a moon is smoking and instead smoke; this moon is producing shining stars from the mouth.


  1. Shoulder Moon Tattoo

This tattoo design is carved on your shoulder and this type of tattoo design attracts everyone when it is engraved on your shoulder.


  1. Soul Eater Moon Tattoo

It is an exceedingly elegant tattoo design with its soul eater look.  Most of the people like this tattoo design because of its sexy look and are better to emboss it on your prominent body parts.


  1. Horned Owl Moon

Horned owl moon tattoos describes a horrible and scary moon night in a jungle.  In addition to this, you will see there is an owl in this tattoo.


  1. Happy Sun and Moon Tattoo

This tattoo design gives a message of unity, love and peace because the sun and the moon are resting in a solo spirit.


  1. Sun and Moon with Birds

It is carved on your upper back.  The sun and the Moon present a pleasant look with a flock of birds.


  1. Wolf Howling at the Moon

The wolf is howling at the moon and in jungle it is symbol of thrill and exciting activity.


  1. Wicked Moon Tattoo

This tattoo design is presenting a terrible look with a peevish expression and anguish tic effects.

  1. Supernatural Moon Tattoo

It’s a very beautiful tattoo with some astrological pattern on it.  It is carved on your upper back near your neck.


  1. Man on the Moon tattoo

A man is sitting on the moon with musical ornament and this is a great musical inspiration for music lovers.


  1. Three Star Moon tattoos

Moon Tattoos

In this tattoo three stars looking very cute and these three stars are colorful.  The stars are showing love to the moon.

Owl Tattoo Designs | Ways To Have Appealing Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl tattoos are awesome in their creative art designs. The feathery touch within this tattoo really looks cool and glamorous. Owl is a very clever and wise nocturnal bird which can envisage the upcoming danger. People like to etch their body with the classic tattoos of owl. Similarly, the nature loving people carved their body parts in order to value this endangered bird. Several myths are being associated with owls. As some consider it a symbol of luck or honour and some relate bad omens with it. It is a rare and precious bird, so the tattoo of owl makes you feel yourself as precious when you wear Owl Tattoo Designs on your body.

Mystical Owl Tattoo design

The magical impression of this tattoo adds glamorous look to your body. It enhances the charm of your body and personality.

Flying Owl Tattoo design

Flying huge owl looks awesome and in the middle of chest. It is etched with fabulous colours.

Owl and roses tattoo

Triple owls and roses are made in this tattoo design on back of body. It gives sweet look.

Shoulder owl tattoo

This tattoo design is made in black colour. A feathery touching adds glamour to your shoulder.

Modern Owl tattoo

Modern look is given to the drawing of tattoo. It gives you a modern look.

Owl tattoo on forearm

A very different looking owl is being carved on forearm of boys and girls. This tattoo seems cool.

Owl sitting on compass tattoo

On a small compass a huge owl is sitting with very abstemious gestures. It shows the confidence of wearers that they are good decision makers.

Scary owl tattoo

This tattoo is chosen by the persons who want to add uniqueness to their character. A very scary faced mysterious tattoo is etched on arm.

Chest owl design

The glamorous look to the body is demand of modern age. A colourful owl with open wings is inked upon the chest of a person. Undoubtedly, it gives an attractive look to you.

Colourful owl on stem tattoo

A very beautiful coloured owl is inked with awesome background on arm of an enthusiast. It is an eye captive design.

Beautiful foot owl tattoo

An owl with many pretty and colourful flowers is imprinted on the foot. It gives enchanted and captivated look to your foot.

Powerful owl tattoo

It is made artistically on upper back. The face expressions of owl are much defined and clear to give gesture of self confidence and strength.

Gorgeous owl tattoo

This tattoo design adds charisma to your personality. A flying owl is drawn infront of a globe on back.

Heart Owl Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is inked upon the left side of chest over heart. It adds glamour to your looks.

Tiny owl tattoo fro wrist

A very simple and tiny owl tattoo is made under thumb over wrist. It looks very cute and smart.

Nerd Owl Tattoo Designs

Nerd owl tattoo is a very cute tattoo, mostly carved on neck by modern girls to give them unique look against their personality.

Side Owl Tattoo Designs

It is inked on the left side of your waste. It is no doubt gives you a stylish look.

Owl face tattoo on hand

A feathery touched tattoo of owl’s face is carved on hand with marvelous perfection. It gives a very real look of owl face and adds uniqueness to your style.

Distinctive Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl Tattoo Designs

In the middle of your back a very unique but simple and attractive owl is drawn with artistic approach. It is stunning design in its own.

Pirate Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl Tattoo Designs

A very cute funky owl in pirate wardrobe is carved on leg. It really adds funky and funny touch.

Feather Tattoos | The Best 20 Gorgeous Feather Tattoos Ever!

Tattoo art is getting famous in the world and this art has a great collection of designs and styles. Any portrait of anything has its separate symbolic importance. Feather tattoos designs are very popular among many people specially the United States. Feathers have great symbolic importance to the Americans and it has been for many years. Native Americans used to wear feather in their head dresses, clothing, weapons and jewelry etc. feathers are considered the symbol of the power of the thunder gods wind and air.

Feathers are also given to both men and women choose feather tattoos to represent their American heritage. Native Americans also wear a host of feathers during ceremonial occasions. These beautiful tattoo pieces also help to increase the overall looks of the individual. Since the feather tattoos are available in many different kinds and colors. It is also very easy for the people to choose best feather portrait for themselves. Sometimes the feathers may be from a particular bird. These feather tattoos can be portrayed on different parts of the body and they really offer an attractive and charming look.

Upper back feather tattoo

Often Feather tattoos are used on the upper back and have their beautiful look.

Color feather for arm

Colorful Feather tattoos for arm also suit to your arm very much.

Back feather tattoo

A back feather tattoo for back has its own beauty.

Side feather tattoo

The tattoo of feather design on a side of the body creates an excellent image.

Neck feather tattoo

A beautiful feather tattoo design for neck gives a wonderful look.

Ear back feather

A feather tattoo with bright colors for the ear back offers a good look.

Elegant feather tattoo

An elegant feather tattoo gives a stylish look.

Simple feather tattoo

A simple feather tattoo design is also an eye catching tattoo.

Et tu brute feather tattoo

Et tu brute feather tattoo with vibrant colors gives a stylish look.

Green feather tattoo

Everybody has his or her own favourite color and a green color feather tattoo is a good looking tattoo design.

Belly feather tattoo

Tattoos are used for different parts of body to make that prominent. A feather tattoo design for the belly is a very stylish look.

Cool back feather tattoo

A very cool back feather tattoo creates a prominent image in the eyes of the lookers.

Back shoulder tattoo

A tattoo for the back shoulder has attractive colors and it gives a gay look.

Quill feather tattoo

A quill feather tattoo has a stylish look and good design.

Foot feather tattoo

Some people also want to embellish their feet. Feather tattoo for the beautiful foot has its own beauty.

Arm feather tattoo

Feather TattoosArm is an obvious part and an arm tattoo is visible on the arm and looks great.

Flower-patterned back tattoo

This is a tattoo that is inked on your back and gives a fantastically cool good look.

Colored feather tattoo

Feather TattoosColors are the symbol of happy life and a colorful feather tattoo is a stylish and good look.

Full back feather tattoos

Feather TattoosThis full back feather tattoo is used on full back and suits in a good manner.

Smart feather tattoos

TattooFeather Tattoos fashion has become smart and a smart feather tattoo is quite wonderful and nice.

Tattoos Designs | 20 Amazing Female Tattoo Designs

People are getting more and more interested in tattoos with each passing day! Tattoos are a great way to represent you without even speaking a word! Different people have different interests and so they get their tattoos according to their own liking! Some people get tattoos just because it’s a trend and some people have logical reasons behind it! People belonging to a certain gang get identical tattoos and many tattoos designs also have religious backgrounds.

Fairy in a rose tattoo

This is a very different tattoo, i have never seen any such concept in tattoos and I must say it really is something wonderful.

Lady with two big feathers

This tattoo is black and white there are no colours in this tattoo! Very eye catching and appealing and this tattoo signifies a wish for freedom.

Girl with black bottoms and red top bearing read feathers

Again this tattoo signifies a wish for freedom and flying! This tattoo depicts a very charming personality and looks kind of appealing.

A dragon on the back tattoos designs

This tattoo gives a furious impression and at the same time sends the message that bewares! This tattoo looks pretty dynamic and super cool.

Hybrid half bird half human tattoo

This is a combination of two different species! It looks like a bird as the girl has feathers like a bird and from the top it is a women and the hair of this women are as long as her.

Zodiac sign tattoo

This is simply a tattoo in which you get your zodiac sign engraved on your body!

Tulips on shoulder blade tattoos designs

Tulips are beautiful flowers and when they are engraved in different colours on your shoulder blade they look pretty damn good.

Feathers on the either sides of your back

This tattoo looks awesome as the girl who is bearing this tattoo on her back seems like she has feathers! It depicts a deep desire to fly.

Peacock on your back tattoos designs

Peacocks are a sign of beauty! When peacocks are engraved in wonderful colours on your back they look pretty awesome.

Roses on your left arm

When beautiful red roses are engraved on your left arm they show how tender your inner self is and all in all, this tattoo is a stunner!


Girl with a big crown on her head

This is a tattoo of a girl with a big crown on her head! It looks like a queen! And what a cool tattoos designs this is to have it engraved on any part of your body.

Celtic cross tattoos designs

This tattoo is a very famous tattoo and many religious as well as non religious ladies have it engraved on their bodies! This tattoo has some religious meaning and it looks cool at the same time.

Stripes on either of the arm

Stripes in any design are engraved on either of the arms of the ladies and these tattoos designs being so simple and black look so cool.

Coloured stars on both shoulder blades

As the name of the tattoo implies these tattoos designs are engraved on shoulder blades and those colourful stars look quite awesome.

Girl with a guitar tattoos designs

U can get this tattoo engraved wherever you like and it depicts passion for guitar and music.

Pythagorean Theorem tattoos designs

This is a very useful mathematics formula and many girls get it engraved on their body and it is not a bad idea! It shows their interest in the subject.

Flames on the neck tattoo

This tattoo is not a very rare sight but the concept of this tattoo is great and it also looks stunning

Green scary dragon on the neck tattoo

This tattoo is a very scary dragon and creeps me out! This tattoo is green and is a dragon and is very scary!

Revolvers on either side of the back tattoo

An awesome tattoo to have! This tattoo as the name implies contains two revolvers facing each other and they depict a passion for guns.

Fish engraved on the lower back

tattoos designsThis tattoo is a beautiful tattoo and it shows a person who is fascinated by fish and looks cool!

Lily Tattoos | Girls Want To Have Cute Lily Tattoos

Tattoos are a great piece of artwork. Not only are tattoos a depiction of people’s feelings they are also a sample of great art work from great artists. These tattoos as people get them gives their personality that uniqueness and people get happiness in getting these lily tattoos according to their liking. Tattoos can do a lot of jobs for people they can represent them, introduce them and in some cases can also give an insight in the bearer’s personality.

Lilly tattoos on the leg

As the name says it all, this is a tattoo for the leg and this tattoo contains a beautiful lily flower with pink coloured petals, this fancy little tattoo looks adorable.

Tribal lily tattoo

This tattoo is engraved on the back near the shoulder. This tattoo is a combination of tribal patterns and lily flower.

Tiger lily tattoo

This tattoo is also engraved on the back and it is a combination of tiger print and lily flower! Overall this tattoo looks pretty cool.

Purple lily tattoo for the arm

The upper arm bears this tattoo and this tattoo is a lily with its stems and petals and its petals are in purple colour as the name itself implies.

Lily with stars

This is a tattoo for your lower back and this tattoo is a combination of lily flower and different coloured stars. This tattoo looks beautiful.

Lily petal flower

Lily petal flower is a tattoo which is engraved on back of your shoulder and this tattoo is just the flower part of the whole lily plant and this tattoo is pink in colour.

Lower back lily

This is very unique lily flower which is engraved on your lower back! It is yellow in colour and catches everyone’s attention easily.

Cute colour lily tattoo

Very uniquely coloured lily flower tattoo, you can get this tattoo engraved on any part of your body and it will look awesome.

Crazy lily tattoo

A lily tattoo on the foot! How awesome is that? This little tattoo looks pretty wicked with all its bright colours.

Delicate lily tattoo

This tattoo contains three lily flowers and this tattoo can be engraved on any part of your body and it will look dazzling.

Cody lily tattoos

Cody lily tattoo is black coloured tattoo and it can be engraved on either of your hands and this tattoo looks quite appealing.

Lily memorial tattoo

This tattoo is a lily flower with the name of the person you remember the most and so this tattoo can serve as a memorial tattoo. This tattoo along with its artistic text and the flower looks great.

Water lily tattoos

This tattoo can be engraved on either of your upper arms and this tattoo looks really beautiful. It is a great tattoo which looks quite elegant.

Lilly tattoo for foot

lily tattoosThis tattoo is engraved on either of your feet as the name itself implies. This tattoo looks pretty wicked especially when you wear open sandals.

Pink coloured lily tattoos for your lower back

Coloured lily tattoo is the lily tattoo which is turquoise in colour and looks pretty damn wicked! This tattoo is a big tattoo which is engraved on your lower back.

Tribal lily tattoos

This tattoo is a combination of tribal patterns and lily flower and this combination looks pretty awesome. As this tattoo is engraved on your shoulder blade this gives your personality that style you always wanted.

Lilly tattoos lit on fire

Lily tattoos lit on fire gives the message of sorrow and this tattoo as it looks gloomy it still looks pretty cute.

Three lily flowers facing each other

In this tattoo there are 3 lily tattoos facing each other and this tattoo looks pretty cool.

Lily surrounded by little roses

As the name itself explains in this tattoo there is a lily tattoo which is surrounded by little red roses and this tattoo looks very beautiful.

Dazzling lily tattoos

The most amazing lily tattoos i have ever seen! This tattoo is engraved on your whole back and there are a lot of very unique colours in this tattoo which make this tattoo dazzle like anything.

Matching Tattoos | OMG! The Best 20 Cool Matching Tattoos Ever!

There are many myths about inscribing tattoos on human body. So some people think that tattoos protect them from evil powers and they contain magical effects. To some, tattoos help them from getting relief of pain. Most of such ideas have links with ancient myths. In modern times, people embossed tattoos just to improve their physical appearance and beauty as well. Current researches show that in North America about 60% young male and female would like to design matching tattoos on their bodies. If you are wondering for cool, special and matching tattoo design than you can get through internet.

Don’t get confused in selecting a tattoo design for you. You can choose the tattoo of your beloved celebrity. You can formulate any cool and creative design by yourself sitting at home.  While selecting a tattoo design, you must consider that a particular tattoo is acceptable in your local society. Because some time it can create problem for you. As everyone knows that some tattoos not only improve your physical appearance but they give a hidden massage to people about your behavior and your jester postures. Thus it is necessary to select a tattoo design not only matching your personality but also compatible to your social milieu.

  1. Main Heart Matching Tattoos

Usually printed on the wrists, lovers like to inscribe this tattoo design. This is small in size and mark the affinity of the two fallen in love.


  1. Star Couple Matching Tattoos

With regard tattoo design the most significant thing is that they should be creative, cute, and meaningful. Identical stars on arms, wrists, upper part of chests are the best choice.


  1. Matching Tattoo Designs with Phrases

Sometimes phrases showing closeness are printed as tattoo designs. They may be in divided into two parts and the two parts are inscribed on lovers’ bodies. Sometimes, the phrase is repeated on both.


  1. Rings Couple Matching Tattoos

This design is made on fingers and look like as you are wearing rings. The appearance of this design looks beautiful.


  1. Lock and Key Matching Tattoo

In this tattoo design the affiliation and closeness is stressed with painting lock on beloved’s arm whereas key on the lover’s. This matching design is highly popular.


  1. ‘Letting Love Find a Way’ Tattoo

He phrase is printed usually on ankles of the lovers in identical design and colors.


  1. Puzzle Matching Tattoos

The puzzle is painted in parts and when placed together makes a solution. This matching design best illustrates the indispensability of the two human beings for each other.


  1. ‘La Familia’ Tattoos

They are the choice of siblings to assert their relation. Painted in beautiful colours on visible parts of the bodies, they impart a brave look to people.


  1. Identical Forms

Two identical forms, symbols and in matching fonts and designs also impart likeness between the two friends and lovers.


  1. Tribal Fame

Commonly known tribal forms and photos of the ancient tribesmen are also inked on bodies as the matching tattoos.


  1. Matching BFF Tattoo Designs

BFF matching tattoo designs are countless. They exhibit sharing together life and likenesses.


  1. Continuation Matching Tattoos Designs

They look incomplete unless placed together. The design goes begins at a body and ends up on other. These tattoo designs re made both in small and large sizes.


  1. Pi-Phi Matching Tattoo

It is made in Greek alphabets and can be inked on single individual as well. One part of the design is made on an arm and the rest of the design on other arm.


  1. Wrist Bands Matching Tattoos

These tattoos are inked as you are wearing wrist bands in original. They are usually made with twisted vines.


  1. Hello Kitty Matching Tattoos

The popular kitty tattoos are also created in matching designs. The dolls are look beautiful and attract the people made on ankles or thighs.


  1. 3 Stars Matching Tattoos

The tree starts made on three different arms, wrists or the upper part of the chest. The colours used in drawing the stars are bright.


  1. Brass Knuckles Tattoos

This design seems more likely a jewelry design and is made splitting the design on two individuals.


  1. Butterfly Matching Tattoos

Butterfly is one of the most popular tattoo designs. In matching tattoo design the wing of the butterfly are made separately on the back of the individuals. When they joined together they give a brave look.


  1. Split Heart Tattoo Design

In this design a heart is designed in parts on two arms with the addition of text that says something about love and the lovers.


  1. Split Vine Design

The intricate pattern of vines spreading on two arms or on feet looks tremendously cool.