Celtic Knot Tattoos | 20 Ideas About Celtic Knot Tattoos for Men

In tattooing, Celtic has become the most important design feature in the world of tattoos.  Celtic tattooing is very old practice and it is trending day by day among populace.  The symbolic representation of Celtic knot will take you to the endless world, while at same time it has been used for the eternal cycle of life.  The advantage of Celtic Knot Tattoos type of tattooing is that you can add some more symbols along with Celtic art like you can have flowers, moon and heart etc with Celtic knot your body.

  1. Celtic Collage

celtic knot tattoos

This tattoo is very dashing with its unforgettable features and styles.  This is carved on your back with huge tattoo format.


  1. Celtic Ropes

The Rope Celtic Tattoos Symbols

It is very nice tattoo on your back shoulder.  When you get engraved on your body it will look as you are tied in ropes.


  1. Celtic Viking Tattoo


It is an incredible tattoo with ancient designs on the side of your abdomen.


  1. Celtic Circular Knot


It is a very unique knot with complex patterns of robs.  This circular is very attractive because of robs in brown color.


  1. Celtic Four Knot


There are four Celtic Knots binned in a very unique way that shows the emblem of good luck.


  1. Celtic Dragon Knot


This tattoo is basically the combination of two auspicious symbols bound together with an eternal not.


  1. My Claddagh Tattoo


A very beautiful claddagh surrounded with Celtic knot on your inner arm.


  1. Celtic Tree of Life


A very beautiful tattoo with its unforgettable effects of power and strength with Celtic Knot.


  1. Celtic Knot Wings


In this tattoo, there are many peaces of robs forming the shape of wings on your upper back.

This tattoo basically shows the freedom with power and strength.



  1. Celtic Shield Knot


A marvelous Celtic knot on your upper back with roman lettering and numbering carved inside the knot.


  1. Celtic Tribal Lower Back Tattoo


This tattoo contains an exceedingly awesome Celtic knot with tribal effects on your lower back.


  1. Celtic Knot Birds


This Celtic Knot contains two birds and they hug each other with great love.  This tattoo is basically carved as an emblem of unity and strength.


  1. Celtic Dogs


In this Celtic tattoo, two dogs are drawn in very impressive way and it adds more power and authority to your personality.


  1. Celtic Knot Gecko

A very charming lizard that has been drawn in Celtic trend on your body and it looks very nice in red color on your leg.


  1. Celtic Thistle Tattoo

Thistle is a very sweet plant with a charming flowers and sharp prickles around the flower.  In this tattoo a Celtic and a thistle flower are knotted eternally.


  1. Celtic Knot on Her Upper Back

A very gorgeous Celtic knot that has been fastened by a single Celtic knot tattoos and it looks very nice on your upper back.


  1. Celtic Knot Tattoos

This tattoo is an arrangement of moon that is encompassing the Celtic circle.


  1. Celtic Knot Lower Back Tattoo

There is a very beautiful butterfly that has been drawn in a Celtic Fashion on your lower back.


  1. Irish Celtic Knot Emblem

In a Celtic knot there is a very loving sign of Irish flower at the center of Celtic knot tattoos on your arm.


  1. Back Peace Woman Celtic

This tattoo will give you a very horrible look because of its unbelievable appearance of Celtic dragon on your back.

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