Cloud Tattoos – 20 Awesome Cloud Tattoos for Men and Women

Clouds have strong connection to the emotions, feelings and minds of people. Various myths are famous about clouds and their thunder. According to some civilizations clouds symbolizes the transformation, dissolution, temporary existence, protection, shroud etc. Hence various emotional attachments of people do exist with cloud tattoos. That is why many people are crazy about tattooing their body with cloud designs with addition of certain designs and patterns. Cloud tattoos give very eye-catching look. Even the small sized cloud tattoo can have power to attract others. Add more innovations to your future tattooing plan for your body beautification with this article. Have a glance please!

Digital Cloud Tattoos

digital-cloud-tattoosIt looks very pretty on your shoulder blade. The edges of cloud are designed in pixel pattern. So that it gives digital outline.

Rainbow and Cloud tattoo

Rainbow and Cloud tattooThis is really a state of art tattoo. A beautiful seven coloured rainbow in backdrop of white clouds give very glamorous look to your body part.

Hand and cloud tattoo

Hand and cloud tattooThis tattoo is especially designed for rock stars. A hand emerging from the fluffy clouds indicates the call of a rock star.

Clouds and rain drops

Clouds and rain dropsThis very tattoo has a small picture of cloud with huge drops of rain coming out of it. It shows the feelings of a sad person in a wider sense.

Full moon with moving cloud tattoo

Full moon with moving cloud tattooIt gives charming glance to the viewer. In the background of the tattoo there is a full moon in slight yellow colour and over that moon a moving white cloud is inked. You can well imagine the real view of this scene.

Cloud in cartoon tattoo

Cloud in cartoon tattooCartoon cloud in blue colour gives very cool look to you. It shows the happiness of a person wearing this one tattoo

A thunder cloud tattoo

A thunder cloud tattooIt is mostly inked on the shoulder blade. A cloud with blue outline and white filling having thunder in yellow colour possesses deep meaning for the wearer.

Cloud and eagle tattoo

Cloud and eagle tattooThis is a very artistic tattoo in which an eagle holds a diamond in its beak and flying across the heavy clouds.

Cloud tattoo for half sleeves

Cloud tattoo for half sleevesThis tattoo is carved over the biceps showing rain drops falling down on earth.

Cloud sleeves tattoo

Cloud sleeves tattooThis tattoo is etched over the whole arm giving the view of cloudy sleeve.

Remembrance cloud tattoo

remembrance-cloud-tattooIn this tattoo clouds are made in background and on continuous steps name of a person is written to whom you miss a lot.

Volcano eruption tattoo   

volcano-eruption-tattooThis tattoo gives very terrifying view with the smoke cloud formation due to volcano eruption. This tattoo is carved by the persons who want to do something out of the boundaries.

Clouds and dragon tattoo

clouds-and-dragon-tattooA dragon is emerging out of the stormy clouds is the main picture of this tattoo. It is inked on the body in various colours.

Tattoo in rays and clouds

tattoo-in-rays-and-cloudsAn enthusiast who wants to rein the world molds his desire in shape of this tattoo. Sunrays and clouds are guiding birds towards a single direction is the main heart of this tattoo.

My Cloud tattoo sleeves

my-cloud-tattoo-sleevesColourful, thundering and raining clouds are made all around the arms exhibiting a person’s reactions on various things.

Clouds and stars tattoo

clouds-and-stars-tattooTiny clouds with huge dancing stars are made in this tattoo. It shows the joy of wearer.

Cloud tattoo on your side tattoo

cloud-tattoo-on-your-side-tattooOn one side of belly clouds with raining numerous stars is inked. It gives an overall glamorous look to your body

Cloud tattoo on foot

cloud-tattoo-on-footA small cloud in colourful outline is made on the foot along with rain drops or lighting blot.

Broken cloud tattoo

broken-cloud-tattooOne right side of waist this tattoo is made in which cracks are highlighted in dark colour.

Clouds and falling lightning tattoo

Cloud TattoosThis tattoo is etched on the arm with beautiful colours. It shows the heavy stormy clouds emitting the light rays from them.





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