Coy Fish Tattoos | 22 Amazing Coy Fish Tattoos for Women

Carp is the original name of Coy Fish. It is derived from Japanese word Koi. This fish has strength of adaptability and accommodation.  People who possess these qualities love to etch these tattoos on their bodies. Coy Fish tattoos are very amazing and eye popping because of vibrant colour utilization in tattooing this very tattoo upon your skin. This fish has power of moving against water current. This means tattooing your body with this Coy Fish tattoo design is worth a lot because it is symbol of life, courage and adaptability. Many designs of flower and moving water are imprinted along with Coy Fish. These tattoo ideas for women add more attraction and make them unique in their own. This article has compiled some of the information regarding Coy Fish tattoo designs.

Coy Fish partners tattoo design

One Coy Fish is etched on one foot and other on second foot with different angles. It is amazing.

Cover up Coy Fish tattoo design

A huge Coy Fish is carved on back with a fabulous full of colours backdrop. Whole back is covered with this tattoo design.

Dead Coy Fish tattoo design

This tattoo is made on lower back showing the death of a Coy Fish couple with fallen leaves. This is undoubtedly meaningful tattoo design.


Glossy Coy Fish tattoo design

Coy Fish in glossy red colour really adds charm to your body.


Bulging eyed Coy Fish tattoo design

The most attractive part of this tattoo is Coy Fish’s eyes which are shown as bulging outwards artistically.


Moving Coy Fish tattoo design

The tattooist carves this tattoo with amazing perfection to show a moving Coy Fish against water currents. This design is very appealing to eyes.


Coy Fish in flowers tattoo design

Unique styling to this tattoo gives magnetism to your grace.  A Coy Fish surrounded by so many flowers looks charming.


Real Coy Fish tattoo

Coy Fish with arrogance and open mouth is engraved on left shoulder blade. Get this tattoo design and spread magic of your charm.


Lively Coy Fish on my triceps

This tattoo is cool and wonderful. A Coy Fish in yellow colour with orange fins is made in moving action while harsh blue water is made in backdrop.


Leg Coy Fish tattoo design

A Coy Fish in black colour is imprinted on leg. This design is for all.


Colourful Coy Fish on Leg tattoo

In this tattoo design Coy Fish is made in bright orange colour with yellow shading. The blue water drops around Coy Fish adds more beauty to this tattoo design.

Coy Fish fighting with water tattoo design

On right shoulder blade a very enthusiast Coy Fish which is fighting with water propel is carved in subtle shades of black and grey.

Coy Fish for my hands tattoo design

This tattoo design looks charming when tattooed on both hands in same colours and design but with opposite orientation of both fish.

The transformed dragon Coy Fish tattoos design

A Coy Fish with a huge dragon like face is carved on the back. This is marvelous tattoo design.

Coy Fish in traditional style tattoo

Coy Fish is made along with colourful flowers and slashing water around it. This tattoo design adds charm to you.

Coy Fish tattoos for girls

In this tattoo design a Coy Fish with long turned eye lashes and pink roses around it is an enchanted tattoo design for girls. Many people would appreciate your choice.

Coy Fish with smile

In order to add uniqueness to the traditional Coy Fish tattoos design a naughty smile is spread on thus Coy Fish.  It looks cute and pleasing to the eyes because of vibrant colours.

Coy Fish and Japanese tattoo

The typical Japanese touch is given to this tattoo design. A colourful Coy Fish with a memorial quote in Japanese language expresses the importance of Coy Fish in Japanese culture.

Tiger skin Coy Fish tattoo

This very tattoo looks amazing on your thigh. A Coy Fish with tiger lines on its body is symbol of courage and strength.

Coy Fish in crown tattoo

A king Coy Fish tattoo adds king like qualities in your personality.

Weak Coy Fish tattoo design

In this tattoo a very weak Coy Fish is carved. This tattoo shows the wearer love and care for Coy fish.

Coy Fish on shoulder

Coy Fish Tattoos

A huge Coy Fish looks wonderful on your shoulder with big and beautiful eyelids.

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