Crown Tattoos – Does Crown Tattoos Sometimes Make You Feel Proud?

Why do people give themselves the pain of getting these tattoos? Did you ever wonder? That because tattoos give their bearers that extra something which makes them stand out in public. And that is the least of the things that tattoos do for you! Tattoos enhance your personality; tattoos are also a sign of courage if you have them! How? Because you have enough courage to endure the pain to get what you want to get! These are 20 amazing crown tattoos you can get engraved on your body.

Large crown back tattoo

This is a really different tattoo! In this tattoo there is a huge crown which is engraved on your whole back and it looks simply royal.

Crest tattoo

A very unique design for a crown and this tattoo is engraved on your upper arm and it looks quite awesome!

Celtic ravens tattoo

This is another great looking tattoo for crown tattoo lovers. You can get this tattoo on any part of your body and trust me you will not regret.

Metallic effect crown tattoo

Another great tattoo which is designed in such a way that it gives the effect and shine of a metal! When you look at it from a distance you get the illusion of a metallic crown engraved on the body.

Crowned basketball tattoo


What a creative piece of artwork. This tattoo is a crown engraved on you upper arm and the area on which this tattoo is engraved is given the texture of a basketball’s skin! Simply awesome.

Crowned name tattoo

A very simple idea for a crown tattoo yet very famous. This is a tattoo in which there is your name and above your name there is a crown engraved.

Foot crown tattoo

This tattoo is engraved on the foot as the name of the tattoo suggests and this tattoo is unique in a sense that who would want a crown on their feet?

Wings sword and crown tattoo

This particular tattoo is a combination of angel wings, a sword and a crown. This looks really deep and if you have got some intense personality then goes for this tattoo.

Heart crown tattoo

What an amazingly beautiful tattoo to get! A big red heart with a crown on its top! This tattoo looks lovely.

Victorian crown tattoo

A typical crown tattoo design! This tattoo is very famous and if you already like this tattoo there is no harm getting it.

Yes my lord crown tattoos

This tattoo signifies devotion to one’s lord and is really a fine piece of work.

Gemstones studded crown tattoo

As the name implies this tattoo has got precious gemstones studded to it and when this tattoo is engraved on your arm it looks stunning.

Winged claddagh crown tattoo

This tattoo is the tattoo which is very famous among the crown tattoo designs and there is a reason behind its fame! It is really beautiful.

Heart swirled in crown tattoo

What an unorthodox crown tattoo! The result of great imagination and hard work, this tattoo design is the best crown tattoo that i have seen.

Crown and birds tattoo

A combination of nature’s beauty i.e. birds and the sign of royalty the crown, this tattoo is amazing! You will love this tattoo more and more every day.

Diamond crown flower

This is yet another great tattoo to have on your body! This tattoo contains a beautiful crown with a precious big diamond embedded in its head.

Crown of thorns tattoo

Again this is a very famous tattoo and if you like this tattoo then goes and gets it engraved on your back.

Scottish luckenbooth crown tattoos

This is a very unique crown tattoo for your feet! If you like this tattoo you can always get it! Its your choice!

King of hearts crown tattoos

Crown Tattoos

A very different tattoo, this tattoo is engraved on your neck on the front side and gives a real deep impression.

Blessed crown tattoos

This is a tattoo in which there is a crown and there is a plate on that crown where there is the name of the bearer of this crown.

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