Dove Tattoo | Use Dove Tattoo To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

The dove symbolizes peace, harmony, purity, innocence, love, hope and shine. This tattoo is considered as a fortune sign by many people. Lovers show their sincerity and peacefulness with etching dove tattoos on their body. They show themselves committed with their counterpart till the end of life. Usually dove tattoos are carved on body in various bright colours. You can add more charm to your dove tattoo with the fabulous mix match of merging designs of roses, chains, cross, wings along with the written captions. Dove is a loyal and committed avian species. This tattoo is the indication for the lovely and peaceful nature of the person who wears this innocent bird tattoo.

Colorful Dove Tattoo

dove tattoo

This beautiful coloured tattoo symbolizes the devotion of the persons who carved it for showing their affection and commitments towards their love ones.

Back Dove Tattoo

This huge tattoo spreads over the whole back of an enthusiast to show hope for something good in upcoming life.


Peace in My Heart

The name indicates the etching of tattoo on left side of chest over heart. This shows the quality of peacefulness.

Spiritual Dove Tattoo

The vibrant merging of cross, angel wing and a dove represents the peaceful preach of religion and the peacefulness of its followers.

Glittering Dove Tattoo

Your eternal feelings and hope of rise and shine can be expressed with this shinning dove tattoo either on chest or on upper back.

Flying Dove Tattoo

Dove is messenger of peace and affection. This fabulous flying dove tattoo you can convey your lovely message to your sweet heart.

Peaceful Dove Tattoo

This dove tattoo shows you the peaceful and calm personality of a person who inked it on the body with beautiful colours.

Dove Tattoos

The dove tattoos in a pair is often carved by two friends showing and hoping for peaceful everlasting friendship.

Lovely Dove Tattoo

Usually a woman carved this tattoo on her upper back for showing her love for her husband. This tattoo contains a dove with a heart shaped tag in its beak having loving quotes on it.

Decent Dove Tattoo

Purity is the main element which can be expressed with this decent dove tattoos. It is made with using neutral colours like grey, white and black.

My Twin Doves

A mother with two children expresses her deep love and feelings of her heart for her young ones by etching this twin doves tattoo on her body part.


Peace Arrives

Discontentment is transforming to contentment is the meaning of this very tattoo and also hoping for getting peace very soon.


Shoulder Dove Tattoo

A girl hoping for peace in her future life usually carved this tattoo in blue and pink colour.


Pretty Foot Tattoo

Dove is the mark of luck and fortune. Most of the girls entering in their practical lives often etched pretty dove tattoos on their foot, considering it as a lucky step.


Upper back dove tattoo

The tattoo on upper back indicates the magnanimous quality of an aficionado. This tattoo shows that forgiveness is the first step to bring hope, success and peace in your life. .

Dove with Orchids

This couple of dove and orchid indicates the love of a person for beauty of nature


Dove and positive start tattoo

Tiny sweet dove with green olive branch in its mouth shows the deep desire of a girl to enter in a peaceful future life.


Take a free flight tattoo

A dove in white colour with beautiful dancing hearts around it shows the freedom desire of a wearer from any bound.


Splendid Side Piece dove tattoo

It is carved over the left side of the chest or waist to show true spirit of love for god by a weaver.

Loving Memory Tattoo

Beautiful white dove with one heart on its backdrop is inked over the back side a girl’s hand in memory of her lover.

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