Dragon Tattoo – 20 Scary Dragon Tattoo for Men and Women

Dragon tattoos have their own history. They always look haunting and scary but at the same time you cannot deny their craze among many youngsters around the world. Because of their high demand hundreds of scary dragon tattoo designs are available with intricate and detailed preciseness in the designs.

Bat shaped dragon tattoo

Bat shaped dragon tattooBat shaped dragon tattoos trend was initiated due to horror movies and that is the reason of their fame. Many of you will definitely love this tattoo.

Double dragon tattoo

Double dragon tattooIn double dragon tattoos two dragons are carved with their face towards each other which can bring a completely scary look.

A dragon with flames

A dragon with flamesDragon tattoos with flames looks extremely scary and it is a choice of those who want to conquer fear and are inspired by these tattoos.

Chinese dragon tattoos

Chinese dragon tattooChinese dragon tattoos is very colourful as compared to all other tattoo designs.  Mostly red and blue colour is used for carving tattoos.

A dragon mist tattoo

A dragon mist tattooA dragon mist tattoo just looks like as you are watching a dragon from a place where there is lots of smog in the air.

Furry dragon tattoos

Furry dragon tattooIt’s a unique dragon tattoos designs with lots of furs along the outline of dragon. It looks best on the back.

Black and red dragon tattoo

Black and red dragon tattooBlack and red dragon tattoo can be very terrifying in which most of the dragon is carved in black colour and red is used for some details.

Lizard dragon tattoos

Lizard dragon tattooMany of you must hate lizard but still lizard dragon tattoos is very famous and undoubtedly it is going to scare you a lot.

Tattoo of dragon eye

Tattoo of dragon eyeDragon eye tattoo is one of its own kinds where you cannot segregate beauty from a dragon. You will have mixed feelings about this tattoo.

Dragon face tattoo

Dragon face tattooDragon face tattoo is going to scare you with all its frightening features and minute details which are definitely adding up in its overall look.

A dragon women tattoo

A dragon women tattooMany of you will always want to see a beautiful sight of a women tattoo but if anyone wants to see the opposite then have a look on a dragon women tattoo.

Mighty dragon tattoo

Mighty dragon tattooMighty dragon tattoo is a big one and it can cover your entire body or it can also be somewhat smaller depending upon your choice.

Blazing dragon tattoo

Blazing dragon tattooBlazing dragon tattoos are another type of a dragon with flames. The different is in the designing and colour schemes but the main idea remains the same.

Dark dragon tattoos

Dark dragon tattooThis is a full black tattoo without the edition of any other colour. Dark dragon tattoos are perfect for men.

Dragon skull tattoo

Dragon skull tattooDragon skull tattoo is entirely different from the human skull tattoo and believe it or not you are going to be terrified from this dragon skull tattoo.

Tribal dragon tattoo

Tribal dragon tattooTribal dragon tattoo is fairly similar to dinosaurs so if any one of you is interested in carving extinct animals then choose this tribal dragon tattoo.

Colourful dragon tattoos

Colourful dragon tattooColourful dragon tattoos is mostly loved by women and it is comparatively less scary.

Smoky dragon tattoo

Smoky dragon tattooDragon tattoos with an effect of smoke look amazing and distinctive. The trend of imprinting smoky dragon tattoos is increasing day by day.

Full dragon tattoo

Full dragon tattooFull dragon tattoo means carving the entire physical structure of a dragon on your body.

Roaring dragon tattoo

Roaring dragon tattooRoaring dragon tattoos are far scarier than a silent dragon tattoos so you can also choose it as it looks best on your back.

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