20 Famous Ankle Tattoos

Imprinting ankle tattoos definitely looks fashionable and it looks equally elegant on both men and women. There are no strict rules and regulations about the imprinting specific types of tattoos on ankle. People usually choose tattoos for ankle according to their choice but there are some tattoos which are being widely carved on as ankle tattoos.

Stars ankle tattoo

Stars ankle tattooSimple black stars are imprint on ankles is set patterns which are different for men and women but in both cases they look outstanding.

Cherry blossom ankle tattoos

Cherry blossom ankle tattoosWhat more can beautify your ankle than cute little cherry blossoms? This tattoo is more famous among girls.

Ankle band tattoos

Ankle band tattoosAnkle band just looks fantastic and the patterns which are used to design ankle band tattoos differs for men and women.

Owl carved on ankle

Owl carved on ankleA cute owl tattoo can look beautiful on any part of your body and same is the case with ankle.

Inner ankle tattoos

Inner ankle tattoosPeople usually prefer to imprint tattoos on the outer side of ankle but for a change you can find lots of designs for inner ankle designs.

A lizard on your ankle

A lizard on your ankleLizards don’t really inspire too many people but believe it or not there are some who just love to carve a lizard on their ankle.

Stylish bow tattoo on your ankle

Stylish bow tattoo on your ankleBow tattoo on ankle enhance your style and that is why bow tattoos are considered as a style statement for lots of tattoo lovers.

Matching flower tattoos

Matching flower tattoosMatching flower tattoos on both your ankles at the same place in the same dimensions looks amazing. These tattoos are also specific for females.

A huge Lilly ankle tattoo

A huge Lilly ankle tattooHuge Lilly ankle tattoo covers the ankle area as well as the foot. If you want to be experimental with ankle tattoos then try this one.

Cross with an ankle band

Cross with an ankle bandAnkle band looks stunning especially when it is embellished with a cross. Sometimes these bands only extend around the ankle and sometimes they are imprinted even on the foot.


Ornamental ankle tattoos

Ornamental ankle tattoosDifferent patterns are used to enhance the beauty of ankle and foot and that is why these tattoos are named as ankle tattoos.

Wrapped flower band tattoo

Wrapped flower band tattooWhen different flower designs are merged together for making a band around the ankle in that case it is known as a wrapped flower band tattoo.

Shimmering star tattoo patterns

If you like glittering tattoos then these shimmering stars on your ankle will look perfectly according to your choice.

Wings on your ankle

Wings on your ankleWing tattoos on your ankle look unique and elegant. They look equally good on both men and women so anyone can imprint these wings on their ankles.

A haunting skull ankle tattoo

A haunting skull ankle tattooIf scary tattoos fascinate you then you should try a haunting skull ankle tattoo. It can be very intimidating so be cautious before carving it.

Love tattoo

Love tattooLove tattoos can be so many including different patterns and designs or they can also be simple love text tattoos on your ankle.

Ankle heart bracelet tattoo

Ankle heart bracelet tattooMany heart tattoos are joined to form a bracelet around your ankle which looks magnificent. It can also come in the category of love ankle tattoos.

Butterfly ankle tattoo

Butterfly ankle tattooButterfly tattoos are in fashion for every part of your body. Similarly you can find lots of butterfly ankle tattoos.

Cute cup cake ankle tattoo

Cute cup cake ankle tattooCup cake ankle tattoo is a different one from all the conventional ankle tattoos but believe it or not but it looks attractive.

Ankle text tattoos

Ankle text tattoosYou can also carve your favourite quotes on your ankle which are known as ankle text tattoos.

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