Flower Tattoos – 20 Beautiful Lotus Flower Tattoos for Women

Tattoos are the best enhancers of your personal style statement! And that is the biggest reason why people get tattoos so much. Tattoos can be anything that you like! They can be the name of your favourite singer; they can be the image of your favourite instrument or simply anything that you like. These are 20 beautiful lotus flower tattoos which you can get on your bodies if you want.

The lower back lotus tattoo

the-lower-back-lotus-tattooThis is a beautiful lotus flower tattoo and this tattoo is red in colour and there is an alphabet on every petal of this beautiful flower for the names of those who are close to heart.

Neck lotus tattoo

flower tattoosA very simple tattoo, this tattoo is black and white and is engraved on the back of your neck and this tattoo simply looks awesome.

Lotus and hummingbird tattoo

lotus-and-hummingbird-tattooThis tattoo is a combination of a beautiful lotus flower and a blue humming bird flying over it. What an amazing looking tattoo!

Lower back piece tattoo

This is a sweet lotus flower tattoos on your lower back and this tattoo is plain and simple and simply awesome.

Pink lotus flower tattoos

Your upper middle back is engraved with this beautiful lotus flower tattoo! This is a girly tattoo as it is pink in colour and will suit any girl.

Lotus below chest tattoo

This tattoo is engraved on your upper belly just below your chest and this tattoo looks quite a piece of artwork.

Lotus flower tattoos on foot

Both of your feet are engraved with the same lotus flower tattoo design but both these tattoos have different colours! This tattoo is a very unique flower tattoos.

Lotus with Buddha tattoo

In this tattoo there is a lotus flower and above the petals of the lotus flower is the face of Buddha and this tattoo looks quite religious.

Sexy blue lotus tattoo

This is yet another great tattoo and looks pretty smoking hot. This tattoo is purple in colour and gives a sensual vibe.

Fresh lotus tattoo

This is a lotus tattoo with pink and purple shades and this tattoo is engraved on your shoulder back. Quite an impressive tattoo to have!

Bright lotus tattoo on the whole back

So far this is the best lotus tattoo that i have seen today! This tattoo is engraved on your whole back and with its bright yellow and orange colours; this tattoo is an absolute stunner.

Religious lotus tattoo on hand 

Sacred lotus tattoo! Half closed half open in its blooming stage! This is a perfect tattoo to have on your hand.

Waist lotus flower tattoos

What an amazing tattoo to get on your waist. This tattoo is engraved on your waist and covers the whole width.

Lotus tattoo on ribs

Yet another great looking lotus tattoo to get on your ribs. Its red in colour and it is simply stunning.

Lotus floating in sea tattoo

This tattoo is engraved across your whole back! It is a combination of blue sea waves and beautiful pink lotus flower tattoos.

Tibetan lotus tattoo

A lovely tribal lotus pattern tattoo inspired from the Tibetan culture and is symbolic of the true nature of heart.

The shoulder lotus tattoo

This is another great lotus tattoo to get on the back of your shoulder; with its black and white shades this tattoo looks quite elegant.

Back lotus flower tattoo

This tattoo runs across your back till the midpoint of your back! This is a very different lotus flower tattoos design and is pretty awesome.

Lotus angel tattoo

In this tattoo there is a lotus flower, above which sits an angel with blue feathers. The petals of the lotus are pink in colour.

Dragon on lotus tattoo

You can get this tattoo engraved on any part of your body and this tattoo would not look bad! It is a rare combination of a dragon and a lotus flower tattoos.




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