Friendship Tattoos : 20 Friendship Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos do a lot of jobs for you! They signify love, they signify respect, and they signify friendship tattoos and a lot of many different meaningful things! Tattoos are a means of enhancing your style! Everyone has their own reason behind getting tattoos! Some just want to look different, some people get it because they are a part of a fraternity or a gang, and some people have different religious attachments to different signs so they get those signs engraved on themselves.

Catty friendship tattoos

 friendship tattoosTwo best friends can get two cats engraved on their bodies. One on either one’s body! This signifies their mutual bond and love for cats.

Our scripts match tattoo

Our scripts match tattooThis is a line which 2 best friends can get engraved on any part of their bodies and this signifies unity and love and the same interests amongst friends.

Friends condemning bio hazard

Friends condemning bio hazardDon’t want to spoil the environment and also want to spread the message? Then you 2 best buddies can get this bio hazard sign engraved on your legs.

Friendship quote tattoo

Friendship quote tattooGet identical quotations engraved on the same part of your bodies being best friends. This is a great way to say i love you to your friend.

Friendship is magic tattoo

Friendship is magic tattooThere are a lot of different things happening in this tattoo! All in all, this tattoo looks very colourful and full of life and the two friends can get this tattoo on both of them.

Matching Tibetan script

Matching Tibetan script tattooThis is an ancient language and the image of this language’s writing is mysterious and beautiful at the same time and it may means something about friendship.

Bird friends tattoo

bird-friends-tattooThis tattoo is an amazing tattoo to signify your friendship and this tattoo contains a beautiful bird which 2 best friends can get on their hands.

Celebrating Halloween together tattoo

celebrating-halloween-together-tattooThis is an occasional tattoo! You two are best friends then get this Halloween tattoo engraved on both of you.

Key to bind together tattoo

key-to-bind-together-tattooA great concept! This tattoo is a ‘key’! This tattoo shows that you both are destined together as friends for the rest of your life.

Music buddies tattoo

music-buddies-tattooLove music? Got a friend who loves it as much? Then get these guitars engraved on both of you on your ankles.

Complete when together tattoo

complete-when-together-tattooThis tattoo is another great creation of someone! This tattoo is a great tattoo to have to signify friendship tattoos! It is a 3 word quotation and when the three friends meet and the tattoos synchronise then the quotation makes sense.

Friendship symbol tattoo

friendship-symbol-tattooThis is an amazing tattoo and you can get this tattoo engraved on the foot. This tattoo really gives an insight into your strong friendship bond.

Angelic symbol and names

angelic-symbol-and-names-tattooThe idea is to show that you care about same things, you have identical interests and you also care for each other. Get this tattoo engraved on both of you and this would do the job!

Mulish twins

It is another great tattoo to signify deep friendship. Get this friendship tattoos on both of you and you will not regret it.

Friendship of flower and butterfly tattoo

friendship-of-flower-and-butterfly-tattooThis tattoo also signifies deep friendship! As the butterfly loves the flower it always goes to meet it. And this shows deep friendship.

Friends and family tattoo

friends-and-family-tattooThis tattoo is one of the best tattoos that i have ever seen. It is a heart around which there is text saying ‘friends and family’ which is simply awesome.

Friendship swallow tattoo

friendship-swallow-tattooHow beautiful those birds look! This tattoo also signifies deep friendship tattoos and is quite brilliant piece of art work.

True friends tattoo

true-friends-tattooThis is a beautiful symbol which best friends can get engraved on their wrists! What an amazing tattoo to have!

Cute paws for friends

cute-paws-for-friendsAmazing piece of innovation and creativity. This tattoo as you look at it, you just get to know it is about friendship.

Chinese friendship symbol tattoo

chinese-friendship-symbol-tattooThis tattoo is a symbol of friendship in Chinese writing! A simple tattoo but a really appropriate one!

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