Gang Tattoos – 20 Awesome Ideas for Blood Gang Tattoos

Tattoos are a source of identification for various cultures as well as different tribes. Similarly the tattoo culture is different gangs was started during the early history of carving gang tattoos and it is still going on in different parts of the world. Tattoos signify different messages and forensic experts are well aware from those signals.

Dot Tattoos

Dot tattoos are the most common gang tattoos and signify a special message that gang member can go into hospital, jail or grave.

Chicago Gang Tattoos

Gang tattoos also different according to different locations of the world which make them unique and related to a specific place.

Tear Drop Tattoos

Tear drops tattoo are very much common among all gang tattoos and they indicate that the person has gone through lots of difficulties and pains and his fate is tears.

Area Code Tattoo

There are some tattoos which can identify the relation of a gang with any specific location.

Asian Gang Tattoos

Asian gang tattoos are relatively different from the American one’s and they can be easily identified.

Black Gang Tattoos

Black gang tattoos are obviously related to black people of the world specially related to African and American black gangs.

MS Gang Tattoo

MS is a very famous gang of Los Angeles and now many members carve their tattoos as an indication of their relation with MS gang.

Russian Gang Tattoos

Russian gang tattoos are special in their own sense and they are very complex to understand. At the same time they can provide detailed information about the person.

Yakuza Tattoo

Yakuza tattoos have Japanese origin and they are huge and massive tattoos covering the whole body.

Triads Tattoo

Triads tattoos are related to a special Chinese gang and all their members have these tattoos on their bodies.

 Britain Mafia Gang Tattoos

Britain mafia gang tattoos are mostly carved on the chest or on the shoulders. Designs differ from one gang to another.

Specific Symbol Tattoos

Many gangs in the world have made their identification with the help of special symbol tatoos which are only related to them.

Crown Gang Tattoo

Crown gang tattoo is a sign of showing the strength of certain members in a gang who are usually the bravest.

Finger Print Tattoo

Forensics and finger prints have long interconnected relationship and that is why finger print tattoo is famous among gangs.

Specific Codes as Tattoos

gang tattoosSometimes gang members imprint specific codes which are when un-coded result in a message or a secret.

Cross Between Both Eyes

Cross between both eyes identify those gangs which are related to any missionary service or have their own religious point of views which they want to spread everywhere.

Joker and Clown Imprints

Joker and clown tattoos are mostly carved by the Hispanic gangs and they want to give a message that they are fearless and brave.

Stars Carved on Shoulders

Stars are considered as a symbol of respect in these gangs and many members want to show their superiority by imprinting stars as tattoos.

Saints and Crosses Tattoos

Saints and crosses tattoos are again related to gangs which have their own religious ideologies.

Cat Imprinted on Foot

A cat is a symbol of theft among gangs and gang members who lead their lives in jails choose to imprint cat tattoos on their feet.

Calculated Number to Star Tattoos

When a specific number of stars are carved on the body in that case it means that a person has spent as many numbers of years in the jail as the number of stars indicate.

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