Girly Tattoos – 15 Best Girly Tattoos You Would Love

Girly tattoos are often a way to express your own personality. It is a fact that the choice of tattoos depends upon the nature of a specific person. People choose them according to their likes, dislikes and views about life.  Similarly there is an assortment of those tattoos which are purely girlish and almost every girl would love to imprint them on their bodies.

Different Types Of Girly Tattoos

Artistic heart

Girls are usually very sensitive and emotional and their hearts are the most precious thing they possess. Majority of their decisions are made by heart. So an artistic heart is the best girly tattoo you would love to imprint on your body. 

1 - Artistic heart

Girly skull

This can a little more dangerous and it looks deadly on fearless girls. Many teenagers would really like this tattoo to be carved on them. A girly skull is completely different from the conventional skull.

Haunted face with roses

Many girls believe in things which are larger than life or things which have nothing to do with reality. Well this kind of mysterious tattoo will be the best for all those girls.

3 - Haunted face with roses

Cute cherries

Cherries look as cute as flowers imprinted as tattoos. At the same time they are purely girly tattoos you would love to imprint them on your bodies. If you are a school girl then must try a cute little cherry tattoo.

4 - Cute cherries

Foot imprints

Foot imprints are unique and they really look fabulous especially on the thigh area of body.

5 - Foot imprints

Lower back chain with roses

Chain style is quite latest in tattoos and many people from the fashion world admire this latest trend. We recommend trying this lower back chain with roses tattoo as it looks very girlish.

6 - Lower back chain with roses

Pretty flowers

Flowers are among the most loved girly tattoos and they definitely bring colour and beauty in a person’s appearance. If you want to experiment with tattoos then flowers tattoos are the best for you.

7 - Pretty flowers

A cute girl on your wrist

What more can be more appropriate than a girl tattoo for a girl? You can find really cute tattoo collection of pretty dolls which can grab the attention of many of you.  

8 - cute girl on your wrist

Pet rat

If you are pet lover then pet rat will look amazing on your body. Pet tattoos are very much common in girls and that is why they are now being considered as girly tattoos.

9 - Pet rat

A unique combo of flowers with birds

In nature flowers share a unique and strong relation of support and love with many flying birds. It would be a very good idea to portray that relationship as a tattoo on your body.

10 - combo of flowers with birds

A cute owl

Owls are the cutest animals and they look the same on your bodies if imprinted correctly. If you want to show your affection for animals then a cute owl tattoo can do it for you.

11 - cute owl

Mermaid tattoo

Mermaids are known to be beautiful and pretty. For girls who the admirers of beauty mermaid tattoo is perfect.

12 - Mermaid tattoo

Ice cream tree

For ice cream lovers there is good news that you can now have an ice cream tattoo on your body. it is clearly evident that girls are die-hard lovers of ice cream which makes an ice cream tree a girlish tattoo. 

13 - Ice cream tree

Shiny little stars

Sparkling and glittering little stars are appropriate for lively girls. They are definitely going to ad a spark in your life.

14 - Shiny little stars

A locked heart

A locked heart tattoo can be a symbol of many things. For example it may mean that you heart is hoarded by someone or it may also mean that you don’t want to lose your heart that why you have kept it in a lock.  

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