Hello Kitty Tattoos – 20 Hello Kitty Tattoos For Women

Hello kitty tattoos cartoon character is so cute and lovely. Girls love to purchase items having hello kitty icon on them. But now craze is increasing day by day and hello kitty is carved over the body parts by its fans and lovers. A lot of enthusiasts ink their various body parts with hello kitty tattoo. They add uniqueness to the traditional hello kitty look with their mind blowing ideas. If you are crazy about the hello kitty innovative tattoos you can get more lovely, charming and stunning ideas with scrolling downwards. 

Different Types Of Hello Kitty Tattoos

Hello Kitty Giant bow tattoo

This tattoo consists of a small face of kitty with a very huge red coloured bow on the upper back of body. This red coloured bow gives an attractive look to the viewers.


Hello Kitty pirate tattoo

This crazy hello kitty tattoo is carved on thighs or triceps. It is mostly made in black and white color.


Boxer hello kitty tattoo

Usually on one side of waist, girls like to carve this boxer tattoo. It gives very attractive feeling to others because of the cute and funny coloured picture


Hello kitty storm trooper tattoo

Tattooing your body with this crazy unique tattoo adds uniqueness to your body. Mostly teenagers love to etch their body parts with this kind of matchless tattoos.


Hello kitty in Japanese style tattoo

This is really an awesome tattoo. A kitty in a cute red Japanese wardrobe gives a very cute touch to your body and personality. This tattoo is carved on triceps of a girl.


Cherries Hello Kitty

In this tattoo design instead of cherry shape hello kitty face is carved in red colour hanging with the stalk of a cherry bunch. It gives a sweeter look to you.


Hello kitty in danger sign

Instead of skull in danger sign, cute face of hello kitty is made in center of bones in this tattoo. This is a fabulous crazy funny tattoo which suits to the lively and dashing teenager girls.


Nerd hello kitty tattoo

More fun element has been added in this tattoo design with giving a nerd look to the hello kitty. It is another way of attracting others by giving that look to the body tattoo which is totally opposite to your personality.


Digital Hello kitty tattoo

This is age of digitization. Keeping this in mind mostly upto date girls love to carve their body parts with this digital looking hello kitty having mesh of net or pixel blocks over it.


Skeleton hello kitty tattoo

People perceive things in different ways. Some girls like to ink their body with horrible kitty face in shape of skull. They actually want to add uniqueness to their tattoo design.


Devil hello kitty tattoo

In this very tattoo devilish look is given to the kitty. It really looks cute n naughty in this devil get up. Mischievous and naughty girls like to imprint this tattoo on their neck.


Simple hello kitty tattoos on lower lip

The crazy fellow for kitty loves to carve the inner side of lower lip with hello kitty tattoo design. It shows their craze about this cute cat.


Zombie hello kitty tattoo

This hello kitty tattoo design is the distinct in its own. This tattoo exposes the reality of a man’s life. Half side of kitty is cute and alive while half side is carved as zombie or kitty ghost.


Terrorist hello kitty tattoo

Some enthusiast inked their full arm with this terrorist hello kitty tattoo in order to give them unique and brutal look.


Cute Chinese Hello kitty tattoo

Kitty in Chinese dress and pink flowers are made on body part. Usually Hello kitty is written in Chinese on top of the kitty tattoo.


Filthy Hello kitty tattoo

Most of the youngsters like to give them a filthy look. In this context some guys carved their body with a tattoo in which kitty possesses filthy look.


Hello kitty in a bin Tattoo

This is a very cute tattoo. It gives an innocent look to the wearer. The face of kitty in this tattoo expresses innocent and helpless look.


Mushrooms and hello kitty tattoo

Another attractive and eye popping tattoo is mushroom and hello kitty. This colourful tattoo is tattooing over the back side of the weaver neck.


Cute Hello kitty wrist tattoo

In the backdrop of this tattoo clouds and colorful rainbow is carved while hello kitty tattoos are standing in front of this beautiful view. This is a very charming tattoo overall over wrist.


Crown on hello kitty head

Hello kitty tattoos are looks like a cute princess in this tattoo. You get glamorous look with having this very tattoo on your body.

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