Japanese Tattoos – 20 Japanese Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

The world of tattoo is growing day by day and million of designs have the ability to make your body look surprising. The pattern of Japanese tattoo art is gaining popularity among the tattoo lovers. These tattoo designs give a really different look to your body. There is a great collection of Japanese designs to choose from, it make easy for you to make the right decision of the Japanese tattoos to be carved.  These designs are carved on various parts of the body and give a lively and vibrant feel and look. These designs have good quality and never go dull. Various designs like koi fish and dragon have the significant meanings and beautiful shapes . The designs are colorful and looking nice. Before tattooing yourself you must have a look at the Japanese tattoos designs. For your convenience and there are twenty designs mentioned here. Get ready of inking yourself with beautiful designs.

Koi fish tattoo

koi-fish-tattoosKa koi fish portrait on the back gives a beautiful look. It suits very much to women.

Japanese goddess

japanese-goddessHaving the tattoo of goddess is considered a good omen, prevents you from dangers. It also beautifies the particular part on which it is portrayed.

Geisha with Japanese fan

geisha-with-japanese-fanThe use of fan is traditional in Japan and this tattoo is carved with Geisha is an eye catching design.

Dragon and phoenix

dragon-and-phoenixPhoenix is a big imaginary bird that is the symbol of power, success and wisdom same like the dragon. Both are to show much power by carving on the back of the body.

Japanese wave tattoo

japanese-wave-tattooThis is a Japanese wave tattoo and this wave makes it prominent and amazing.

Japanese snake

japanese-snakeThese are the tattoos with colorful Japanese snake. They also look very elegant and bright.

Japanese turtle tattoo

japanese-turtle-tattooJapanese turtle tattoo with a black out line, makes place in the eyes of the people.

Koi Japanese wave tattoo

koi-japanese-wave-tattooKoi fish is very symbolic, Japanese koi fish in wave to fight against the hardships of life. It also presents a good look.

Geisha with a sword

geisha-with-a-swordHaving Geisha’s tattoo with a sword really has an attractive look.

Japanese text tattoo

japanese-text-tattooIt is liked by many people to have tattoos on their bodies in text. Japanese text tattoos are very nice.

Japanese dragon

japanese-dragonDragon is the symbol of wisdom and power and Japanese dragon with flowers is eye catching.

Geisha on thigh

geisha-on-thighBeautiful Geisha tattoo suits a lot on the thigh on a girl. It is very beautiful.

Japanese fan

japanese-fanIn this beautiful Japanese colorful fan tattoo has flowers in it.

Oni mask tattoo

oni-mask-tattooBeautiful Oni mask Japanese tattoo is a good design and has good look.

Kannon Japanese tattoos

kannon-tattooSome people like to have tattoo on their backs. A colorful and bright back kannon tattoo has great importance.

One word Japanese tattoos

one-word-japanese-tattooIt may be on the back of the neck, arm or on the foot but gives a simple look of Japanese Tattoos.

Japanese flying bat

japanese-flying-batSo many people like to have the Japanese tattoos in the portrait of bat. Japanese flying bat in pitch black gives a wonderful look.

Simple lines tattoo

simple-lines-tattooTattoos in simple black lines have simple and attractive look.

Japanese fan

japanese-fan-tattooA simple Japanese fan in black lines is very cute and beautiful.

Small dragon Japanese tattoos

japanese tattoosA colorful small portrait of a Japanese dragon is very attractive and symbolic.





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