Lock and Key Tattoos | 20 Excellent Lock and Key Tattoos

In tattoo designs, symbols are quite common. In various cultures, they interpreted differently and varied levels of significance. There are numerous popular symbols that people easily understand. For an instance heart and arrow represent love, eagles express power, doves are the symbols of beauty and tenderness and so on. Lock and key Tattoos are remarkable symbols exhibiting an outstanding appeal and a strong message of affinity, safety, possession, closeness and bonds of familial relations. The lock and key tattoo design also express rarity and preciousness. Painted in brilliant colours and various designs and forms, lock and key tattoos have universal popularity.

Lock and key tattoos for my feet

This is an amazing tattoo design for your feet, which contains lock on one foot and a key on other foot. This tattoo makes you a precious soul.


My heart tattoo design

This tattoo really expresses your heartiest feelings for your lover. A beautiful heart with a lock hole is protected by beautiful hands of a girl wearing a key ring in her ring finger.


Charming lock and key tattoo for belly

In this tattoo elegant lock in heart shape and its key are tied with a beautiful blue ribbon. It shows your relation bond among two partners of life.


Antique lock with a new key tattoo

This tattoo conveys a message that old norms can be transformed into new shape.


Old is gold tattoo design

This tattoo is etched on shoulder blade with an old locked treasure box with rusted hanging key.


Set me free lock and key tattoos

A tattoo with a human heart with lock and key quoted with statement set me free.


Unlock heart with 3 keys

This tattoo expresses the feelings of mother for her e kids. This very tattoo with heart shaped lock in middle of three keys speaks mother’s love for her children.


Lock and key tattoo for leg

On front side of leg this tattoo looks cool. It is simply etched with brown ink.


Lock and winged keys

This tattoo is carved with shading of grey and black. A key to lock is flying upwards with wings on its both sides.

Dedicated to my dad tattoo


A daughter shows her love and respect towards her father with wearing this tattoo on her arm. A heart shaped lock and a key tattoos with tag dad looks pretty.


Couple’s lock and key tattoo design

A couple shows love for each other with etching their wrists with this tattoo design. Female partner carves her wrist with a locked heart tattoo while male etch his wrist with a key.


Cute owl on key tattoo design

This tattoo is selected mostly by girls to engrave it on their foot. A cute owl having lock on its tummy is sitting on a key to that lock looks so stylish and cute on a girl’s foot.


Lock with locked key tattoo design

This presents the feelings of a helpless person; here a lock with a locked key expresses it well.


Twin lock and key tattoo

It is suitable for friends to wear this twin lock and key tattoos set on their backside of hands.


Web and tangled key tattoo design

A heart to key is shown entangled in a huge spider web. It is superb tattoo design for your lower back.


Devil lock and a cross key tattoo

Here a holy cross is a key to a devil faced lock. This shows that religion guides us in right direction as it cleans up all the evil desires from a person’s heart.


Rose and butterfly key tattoo

This is really very sweet tattoo design. A rose having a lock slot in its core is surrounded by two butterfly patterned keys.


Flying heart lock tattoo design

A colorful red heart with angel wings and a golden key are looking great in this tattoo design.


Cool lock and key tattoos design

Fabulous colours and cool patterns filled in lock and key tattoo is a brilliant tattoo idea for your chest.


Cage and key tattoo design

Lock and Key Tattoos

People etch this tattoo on their back. A caged heart in a huge cage has a key hanging with it via ribbon.

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