Navy Tattoos – 20 Awesome Navy Tattoos for Inspiration

Navy tattoos are usually carved for two types of people. The first type is those who are directly or indirectly linked with navy and the other type is of people who really admire navy and all their contribution for the society. Special techniques are now being used in carving some of the best navy tattoos of the history.

Texas navy tattoo

Blue and red colour makes the overall looks of this tattoo outstanding. It is unusual and specifically close to people who live in Texas.

Navy ship tattoo

Navy tattoos

Navy ship tattoo is mostly imprinted on the wrist and it’s very special for a navy official to have a ship tattoo on his arm.

Navy tattoo with a penguin

This one is very cute as in this tattoo a penguin is holding anchor of a navy ship which looks adorable.

Full back navy tattoo

There are many full back navy tattoos available in which you can choose the one like the most. A ship should be necessarily a part of this tattoo.

Simple anchor tattoo

Anchor tattoos are very much common among all navy tattoos and they are imprinted in many forms and this is the simplest form.

A navy star on your wrist

For every navy official being a navy star is just like a dream and to fulfil this dream it is important to keep remembering you about your goals and this tattoo is going to help you a lot to remember your ambitions.

Attractive war plane

Navy posses their own war planes which are extremely well equipped and people want to show their strength by imprinting this tattoo on their wrists.

Tributary navy tattoos

In this tattoos you can add the text along with pictures to relate it with someone special.

Shoulder anchor tattoo

There are many different techniques in which anchors are carved on the shoulders which are slightly different for men and women.

Creatively imprinted ship wheel

Ship wheels are carved in different ways and one way is to show a wheel in an extreme weather conditions such as rain.

Anchor at the back

Imprint ship anchor at the back looks really stylish and its more famous among women.

Navy tattoo for belly

Navy tattoos are carved on the belly side especially for women and it can be anything related to navy.

Anchor sink tattoo

Well this one is a sad tattoo which is showing the failure of a soldier but still you can choose it according to your situation.

Navy tattoo with an eagle

People can related all the good things for success and glory to eagle and that is why they are also imprinted as tattoos.

Navy anchor on hand

This one really looks cool and attractive. You can choose the colours as you like but black and red are the most common.

A sailor on your back

These tattoos are usually carved on the back in which you can feel the relationship between a sailor and navy.

Cute navy tattoos

In cute navy tattoos different flowers and cartoons characters are added along with the anchor to give it a softer look.

A black and white ship

Apart from all the colours black and white posses it own beauty and grace so choose this one and it will look amazing on you.

Wrist navy tattoo

In lower back navy tattoos mostly a ship is imprinted in different styles and designs.

Full body ship wheel

Some people like huge tattoo and this one is for them because it almost covers the entire upper portion of your body.

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