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Tattoos are a great trend! If you like something get a tattoo of that thing engraved on your body. This is not a bad idea as this tells other people about your interests and hobbies and in some cases neck tattoos also signify your deep desires and in some cases they are a reflection of your personality as well. This is a list of 25 great neck tattoos that you can get engraved on your neck if you like them.

Ahimsa tattoo

If you love and per sue Gandhi’s teachings then the best way to show it is by having a ahimsa tattoo on your neck

Dove tattoo

This is a pretty cute little tattoo, this is a little dove engraved on the back of your neck and it looks awesome.

The golden snitch from harry potter

In the harry potter movie there is a gold snitch in a game that they play! Its tattoo looks wicked.

Flowers on the neck tattoo

These are 3 blue flowers running along your neck, this tattoo is a very beautiful tattoo to have.

Glowing neck stars tattoo

As the name implies your neck is engraved with these tiny little glowing stars and this tattoo looks awesome.

Dagger through the neck tattoo


A wonderful tattoo to have! It actually looks like a real dagger goes inside from one side of the neck and comes out from the other side!

Cherry blossom neck tattoo

The cherry blossom flower when inked on your lower neck looks quite stunning.

Kiss on the neck tattoo

Red lips mark is engraved on your neck and this tattoo looks like somebody kissed you there.

Muni neck tattoo

This tattoo is an ideal choice for you when you tie your hair up! It is very catchy.

Hearts on the neck tattoo

Flaunt your kind heart with a couple of tiny little hearts glowing out of your neck! This tattoo looks pretty damn good.

Butterfly neck tattoo

As the name implies! In this tattoo there is a butterfly which is engraved on your neck and this tattoo looks quite good.

Tribal butterfly neck tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of tribal patterns and a butterfly and this tattoo when engraved on your neck looks surprisingly good.

Flag on the neck tattoo

Love your country? Feeling a little patriotic? It would not be a bad idea to get your country’s flag inked on the side of your neck!

Peacock feather neck tattoo

This is a pretty impressive tattoo design, it has got a lot of beautiful detail to itself and it just looks great on your neck.

Vampire skull and cross bones neck tattoo

If you are a big fan of the notorious black world then this neck tattoos suits you in a completely perfect manner.

Black widow spider tattoo

Everyone is not a fan of spiders but those who love them this tattoo would be a great choice for their neck.

The baroque neck tattoo

This is an amazing design and will look very hot on any women who have got this tattoo engraved on her neck.

Curse seal of heaven neck tattoos

Have a taste for the extraordinary? Get this tattoo engraved on your neck if you really do!

Canadian maple leaf with heart neck tattoo

In this tattoo there is a heart carved in the leaf! What can be more symbolic of your love for the Mother Nature?

Musical note neck tattoo

Love music? If you do get the musical note tattoo engraved on the behind of your neck and it will do it for you!

Red bow neck tattoo

Bows have gone out of fashion eh?  Get them engraved on the back of your neck, they look stunning.

Gaming console tattoo

One of my personal favourites! If you love gaming then this is the perfect tattoo for you.


Cool music tattoo

A little musical script engraved on the neck doesn’t look bad at all!

A neck cross tattoo

Cross tattoo looks awe inspiring when engraved on the neck.

Sun neck tattoos

Neck Tattoos

Another great tattoo to have on your neck! Get it and you won’t regret.

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