Old School Tattoos – Awe-inspiring Old School Tattoos For Girls

Tattooing has been serving as a language of expression in a formal and informative way, since it was introduced in this world.  People love tattooing to make memories of their dear one by body piercing.  Moreover, with the help of body piercing you can give message to the world by using symbolic representation.  In this regard, awe-inspiring tattoos play an important role in etching of body.  You can get engraved different quotations and citations that boost your spirit and thrust for life.  So, awe-inspiring Old School Tattoos are one of the best of way of describing things in words.


1.       Straight and Simple Old School Tattoos

It is a simple and looks very good in small size with a wonderful saying that is embossed on your wrist.


2.       Shakespeare Quote Tattoo

This tattoo is very impressive because of an amazing saying of Shakespeare on your inner arm.


3.       Both Hands Old School Tattoos

Old School Tattoos

It’s a very beautiful tattoo on your inner arm describing the feelings of sincerity to your dear love.


4.       Music Old School Tattoos

It’s a tattoo with a musical emblem on your upper back.  In addition to this, you can add the musical quotation of August Rush in a beautiful and clear font.


5.       Script Lettering Old School Tattoos

It is an amazing tattoo with a stunning font style.  It is mostly engraved on your inner arm.


6.       Latin Bible Phrase Old School Tattoos

A very informative citation taken from the Latin Bible and it is written in bold letters with a beautiful saying.


7.       Cool Quote Old School Tattoos

It is a cool tattoo with an attractive font style on your arm.


8.       Wrist Tattoo

It’s a line from a famous story of love in neat and straight lettering on your wrist.





9.       Lovely Nape Tattoo

It is embossed on your neck with a saying of “”Come as You Are””.  It’s a quotation showing no condition for your dear love.


10.   Upper Back Tattoo

It is carved on your upper back with a very famous African saying in artistic and cursive font.


11.   Love and Hate

This tattoo shows two sides of a same coin; love and hate.  It attracts due to its unbelievable font style.


12.   Arm Tattoo

In this tattoo a Celtic tree of life and a quotation is drawn in an impressive way on your forearm.  The tree looks very gorgeous with a quotation around it.


13.   Japanese Tattoo

In this tattoo, there is a Zen circle the symbol of strength and elegance in Japanese culture.  Inside this Zen circle there is a beautiful citation of love and peace.


14.   Matching Tattoo

If you and your friend want to have same tattoo on your body then this tattoo is the good option for you.  It is etched on your feet in a wavy fashion on your feet.


15.   My Favorite Tattoo

An incredibly sweet tattoo with a charming lettering on your upper shoulder and in you can make it more attractive if you add Christmas tree in this design.


16.   Avenged Seven fold Death Bat

A horrible skull with the bat wings on your back.  It gets the attention due to its horrible look with a meaningful message.


17.   Wonderful Line Old School Tattoos

No daught, it is really a wonderful line that motivates one should not feel hopeless in life.


18.   Tombstone Saying Tattoo

This tattoo when carved on your body looks quite inspirational that shows you a positive picture of death.


19.   Back of Neck Tattoo

This is a beautiful tribal design with an amazing saying behind your neck.  This tattoo provides you a monster look and makes your more powerful.


20.   Always Encouraging Tattoo

Old School Tattoos

An ever green truth of life because this encourages you to work hard in life.  In addition to this, the message keeps one balance in times of success as well as failure.



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