Peace Sign Tattoo | 15 Peace Sign Tattoos for Girls

Body piercing has become eminent among young generation.  They get tattoos on different parts of their body.  People show great love towards tattooing because they are just like the expressions that someone wants to show to the world.  A tattoo can be of anything, it can be an animal, a bird, a fish and even a non-living thing.  People use tattooing for symbolic representation or sometimes they are being used to give message to the people.  You can use them to show love, power and your spiritual belief.  Tattooing is a language of expression; you can use them for a particular task.  If you want to give a message of peace to the world, then tattooing is the best mode of communication.  There are many peace sign tattoos but the most admired sign is a circle with three prongs facing downward.  In addition to this, the artists have made so many modifications to this circle.  The peace sign tattoo described here are the most famous and accepted tattoos designs to show the message of peace to the people.

  1. Cross Peace Sign Hybrid

Cross peace sign hybrid is a broken cross with a beautiful flower.  It looks very nice on your upper back, shoulder and arms.

2.  Peace Sign Insignia Tattoo

Insignia is a sign of peace and it is basically a branch of olive tree.  It is used as a peace symbol in the past during wars.

  1. Side Tree Tattoo

When you look at this tattoo you feel very pleasant and peace.  It is carved in green color with a quotation at the centre of the tree.

  1. Peace Tree Arm Tattoo

 Peace Sign Tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of a tree and insignia sign and both look very informative together.  People love to have this peace tree arm tattoo either on a single arm or both.

  1. Peace Heart Tattoo


Peace heart tattoo is circular in shape similar to a heart.  Peace heart tattoo together give the message of love and peace to the inhabitants.

  1. Love and peace tattoo

For this type of tattoo you need to portray a heart or citation for peace and love.

  1. Chinese Peace Symbol tattoo

The Chinese language is very stylish language and peace symbols or words are translated into Chinese language.  These tattoos look very attractive once you imprinted them on your body.

  1. Peace Music Tattoo

For peace music tattoos there are many cryptograms in music language.  There is a variety of font style in music language.

  1. Ankle Peace Sign Tattoo

It is engraved on your ankle with different designs of peace tattoos.  They look very charming when you walk.

  1. Inner Arm Peace Sign Tattoo

This type of tattoo is embossed on your inner arm with a variety of peace tattoos and it’s a very cool tattoo.  They can be pierced in different sizes and shapes.

11. Jimmy Hendrix Peace Sign Tattoo

It is a very unique tattoo with a circular shape.  Its outer boundary is covered by some quotation of peace.  You can have different citation in circular shape on you body.

  1. Hippie Peace Sign Foot Tattoo

It is carved on your foot with a beautiful set of flowers and a peace icon.

  1. Brown Egg Chicken Foot Peace Sign Tattoo

It is a brown egg with a chicken foot on it.  Here foot of chicken is basically a sign of peace.

14. Inner wrist peace sign tattoo

It is a very lovely peace sign tattoo with some beautiful little flowers on your wrist.

15. Peace flower

Peace Sign Tattoo

Flowers are the symbol of love, care and peace.  You can get tattoo of peace flower on your body.

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