Pretty Tattoos | 20 Pretty Tattoos You Should Check Today

Pretty tattoos are carved on body to show one’s deep thoughts about life and their existence. Ups and downs are two wheels of the same cart. All of us love to have continuous chain of ups in our lives but along with this we should not blame downs because they prepare us to endure upcoming happenings of life with courage. People react to such experiences in various ways. A modern tool of expressing your feelings has been evolved, that is tattooing the body with motivational quotes, memorial images, symbols or pretty designs.

They engrave them on the exposed areas of body like wrist, foot, hand or arm mostly which are easily visible to them and act as reminder about anything special to them. Similarly most of the people love to engrave their broad body parts like belly, shoulders and back to make them attractive and lively. Hence there is definitely a specific theme or story behind each tattoo design body.

Principles of life tattoo design

This tattoo is basically a quote tattoo in which clearly in artistic manner any principle of life is carved e.g. loyalty, punctuality, peace, religion or discipline etc.

Black bird Pretty tattoos design

A very graceful shimmery black bird is etched by people on their shoulder blade. It is elegant tattoo design for your body.

Fast and furious tattoo

In this tattoo design a person shows deem upon speed and perfection. It also shows his disliking towards delay. An enthusiast values time with wearing this tattoo.

Twin flying butterflies tattoo design

This tattoo design is put on by girls on one side of their waste. Two colourful flying butterflies are charismatic.

Live like lively tattoo design

One of the best tattoo designs with dancing stars which symbolizes the liveliness is the essence of your good life.

Bear on ball tattoo design

This tattoo really looks cute. A circus bear standing on a ball shows your lively nature and your love for enjoying circus.

Amazing feather tattoo design

These fabulous pretty tattoos are usually etched on wrist. A small bird’s feather with purple sjading on one side looks amazing.

Alice on my back tattoo design

In this tattoo design any scene from Alice in wonderland movie is carved on back to completely cover that. It is marvelous idea for tattooing the body.

Cute Babelfish fish tattoo design

A little Babelfish looks cute plus cool on your neck. The colour used in its making adds charm to this design.

Panda girl tattoo design

Teenage girls like to have this cute and tiny panda with a red bow on its head. It adds innocence to their looks.

Valentine tattoo design

It is amazing tattoo design with full of hearts and colours. It is choice of lovers for giving surprise to their valentine on valentine day.

Bubble heart tattoo design

A cute girl making bubbles in heart shape looks awesome on your wrist. Everyone will love to see these pretty tattoos again and again.

Colourful birds on my back tattoo design

Triple green flying beautiful birds are carved on a girl’s back adds charisma to her personality.

Singing bird on my thigh

In this tattoo design a red huge bird sitting on a floral tree branch is singing with joy. It shows your love for nature and its beauty.

Little cross on my cheek tattoo design

This is amazing idea of showing your deep love for your religion. Get a tiny cross on one of your cheek because nothing can ever be visible to others than face.

Pretty dove tattoo design

A very innocent peace messenger dove is etched on one side of a girl’s rib. It is simple tattoo but it’s one of the attractive tattoo designs.

Galaxy on my neck tattoo design

Beautifully galaxy tattoo is engraved on a person’s neck. It shows your bright mind and thoughts.

Wrist watch tattoo design

It is admirable tattoo design. A tattooist attractively carves the wrist of a fan of this tattoo with a pretty wrist watch.

3 little birds

You can get very attractive look with this pretty tattoos design on your arm. The small black birds are imprinted on arm creatively.

Whistling humming bird

Pretty Tattoos

A very cut humming bird in subtle shades of yellow and blue adds allure to your looks.

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