Rib Cage Tattoos: 20 Excellent Rib Cage Tattoos for Men

Rib cage tattoos are embossed on your hidden body parts until and unless you want to show them to the others.  There is a wide variety of tattoo designs available in the market.  Rib cage tattooing is getting very popular in the world because of the wide range of tattoo designs.

  1. Polynesian Rib Cage Tattoos

polynesian-rib-cage-tattoosA very beautiful Polynesian design with bold art and it looks very nice on your ribs.

  1. Meaningful Rib Cage Tattoo

meaningful-rib-cage-tattooA meaningful rib tattoo that shows the sign of ovarian cancer on your ribs and there are two wings in flying position.

  1. Blue Bird Rib Peace

blue-bird-rib-peaceA group of three birds in a vertical fashion on your ribs seems to be very nice with the message of peace and love.  The colors of the birds are very vivid.

  1. Hot-Red Rib cage Tattoos

hot-red-rib-cage-tattoosIn this tattoo you will see an out class red color in flaming red and black colors. To add some funny elements there is a frog which looks very nice and attractive.

  1. Graff on the Ribs

graff-on-the-ribsGraff is of the most decent animal in the world and it attracts every one by long neck.  In this tattoo, it has been represented in a very different way in yellow color on your ribs with an innocent look.

  1. Rib Feather Tattoo

rib-feather-tattooThis is very simple tattoo that includes only a single feather and it looks very nice with its fine art on your ribs.

  1. Rib Tickler

rib-ticklerIt is a horrible tattoo with a combination of skull and fire.  This tattoo basically shows the complexity of designing with its different concept.

  1. Rib Cage Tattoo with Text

rib-cage-tattoo-with-textThis tattoo contains beautiful words in an impressive font styles with long waves at the end of each words.

  1. Colored Bird Tattoo

colored-bird-tattooThis tattoo is very unique with the combination of red and black colors on your ribs.  The birds are very quote in small size on your ribs.

  1. Simply Amazing Rib Cage Tattoos

simply-amazing-rib-cage-tattoosA colorful tattoo with vibrant colors and it looks very nice with its amazing effect on your ribs.  This contains a mike with beautiful flowers around it and attracts everyone with its glittering effects.

  1. Break Free Rib Cage Tattoos

break-free-rib-cage-tattoosThis tattoo is liked by the people because of the concept of freedom.  There is a flock of birds that are flying on your ribs and it looks very nice.

  1. Quote on the Ribs

quote-on-the-ribsYou can carve any quotation on your ribs and it seems to be very sweet on your body.

  1. Ship Rib Cage Tattoo

ship-rib-cage-tattooThis tattoo covers all of your ribs when you get engraved it on your body.  There is a great ship on your body and it gives you an elegant look to your personality.

  1. Hourglass Rib Cage Tattoos

hourglass-rib-cage-tattoosThis tattoo design is very unique because there is hourglass and it is basically shows the importance of time to the people.  Hourglass looks very nice with some great words written around this hourglass.

  1. Scary Rib Cage Tattoo

scary-rib-cage-tattooThis tattoo is one of the most horrible tattoos with unforgettable skull in three dimensional effects.

  1. Tribal Lily Tattoo

tribal-lily-tattooLily is a very beautiful plant especially the flowers are very dear to everyone.  In this tattoo, lily flowers are drawn in tribal way.

  1. Flowery Rib Cage Tattoo

flowery-rib-cage-tattooIn this tattoo, there is only one color that is basically used to draw the flowers in a simple way and it looks very nice on your ribs.

  1. Rib Cage Star Tattoo

rib-cage-star-tattooIt’s a starry rib cage tattoo with beautiful stars in pink colors and tribal design of flowers and bows.

  1. Roses Rib Cage Tattoos

rosy-family-tattoo-designA very beautiful pattern of red roses on your ribs and it grasps the attention of everybody because of the black color effects.

  1. Rib Cross Tattoo

Rib Cage TattoosA great cross that has been drawn in an impressive way with tribal outline.

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