Rip Tattoos – Thigh Rip Tattoos – Father Rip Tattoos

Rip is an abbreviation for rest in peace and rip tattoos are always related to the remembrance of the lost loved ones. There are different ways to express your sadness and carving rip tattoos is one of them. Many people carve the rip tattoos for the person they love the most but they don’t have then any more. You can find some amazing collection of rip tattoos with excellent creativity and extra details. These tattoo ideas for men also famous among young women.

Rip Tattoos Types

Girlfriend rip tattoo

A girl is usually very sensitive about her soul mate or boyfriend and if in case she loses him accidently then a rip tattoo is the best way to express her love.


Mum rip tattoo

Mother is a most important part of every one’s life and what more can you do for her than remembering her in this unusual way.

rip tattoos

Random rip tattoo

Random rip tattoos are those in which it is not necessary to mention a single relationship. It can be related to anyone.  


Eagle rip tattoo

In eagle rip tattoo a person actually wants to pray for those who have flown away from his life just like eagles.


Rip tattoo on the arm

Arm rip tattoos look trendy and fashionable and they are more famous among men.

rip tattoos

Grandma rip tattoo

Grandmas are the most loved relationship after parents and we never want to lose them and their death can be very painful for anyone and grandma tattoos are good to explain that pain.  


Father rip tattoo

To show your deep affection for your father even after his death, father rip tattoos are the best.


Grandson rip tattoo

It’s very sad for grandparent to lose their grandsons at an early age and for remembering them people carve grandson rip tattoos.


Rip tattoo for shoulders

Rip tattoos for shoulders are usually carved on both shoulders in equal dimension to give it a stylish look.


Wrist rip tattoo

Wrist rip tattoos are comparatively smaller but they look absolutely lovely. You can find lots of designs for wrist rip tattoos.


Rest in peace rip tattoo

Rest in peace rip tattoos means that the tattoo is not all about pictures or designs. In fact a text of rest is peace is a must part of this tattoo.


Full back rip tattoo

Full back rip tattoos obviously cover the entire back portion of your body and it can be with different combinations and techniques for carving tattoos.


Skull rip tattoo

The concept behind skull rip tattoo is to show that how life can be after death.


Memorial to a mum

Mothers are special for everyone and this tattoo will keep remembering you of her and the love you share with your mother.


Rip chest tattoo

Rip chest tattoo are perfect for men and it can be in the remembrance of any love one your would like to remember your whole life.


Michael Jackson rip tattoo

There are huge fans of Michael Jackson in the world who want to remember him with each moment of their lives. He was just like an ideal for many and that is why Michael Jackson tattoos are so much famous.


Friends rip tattoo

You can also carve a tattoo for the loving memory of your best friends who is no more with you.


Thigh rip tattoo

Thigh rip tattoos look really cool so you can also try a one on yours.


Father’s special rip tattoo

For fathers there are different ways of carving tattoos. One of them is to carve their own picture on your body.


Special rip tattoo

Special rip tattoos are embellished with different stylish and unique techniques to make it look different from all other rip tattoos.


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