Rose Tattoos Designs – 20 Sweet Rose Tattoos For Women

King of flowers is the choice of kings. Rose is the most beautiful flower in this world. No flower can even compete in beauty with rose flower. Sweet memories are often associated with rose. People used to gift this beautiful, charming and full of fragrance present to their lovers. Some people worth the medicinal values of rose flower because it is used as laxative, face freshener and eye cleaner. Sweet roses are choice of beauty lovers. Roses are used to decorate various event stages hence, adding charisma to each and every thing. Nowadays people engrave skins with beautiful rose tattoos to make them as attractive faction of any community. Make your personality full of glamour with sweet rose tattoo designs and get beautiful ideas from this very article.

Left hand Rose Tattoos Design

A very elegant and fully bloomed flower is engraved on the backside of left hand. It looks real rose on your hand.


Coffinspire tattoo on your belly

A very delicate art work with rose and classic design is being carved on your belly. This tattoo is really awesome.


Sweet rose tattoo in sweet memory

The memorial sweet rose tattoos are imprinted on body with sweet heart’s name. It always reminds you that someone stays in your eyes and heart.


Rose, rosary and cross tattoo design

Peace and religion are the two wheels of same cart. People who believe in spiritualism carve any body part with this fabulous tattoo design.


Rose and skull tattoo design

People add innovation to their rose tattoo with skulls and bones. This tattoo is etched with perfection on an arm.


Meaningful rose tattoo design

This design is complicated in meanings but simple looking. Deep thinkers painted their body with this tattoo design.


Rose and blood with pencil art tattoo design

It looks attractive even in rough and tough appearance in pencil sketch art.


Getting closer to finished tattoo design

Girls love to have this very tattoo on their back. This design is full of life and colours with addition of sweet roses.


Black rose on your neck

This tattoo is tiny one. It is etched on one side of the neck. Sweetness and glamour of black rose adds charisma to your personality.


Rose ring tattoo design

A very delicate, awesome looking rose tattoo is engraved on ring finger. It shows your deep love to your partner.


The new rose tattoo

An awesome looking tattoo which is imprinted on the arm of guys, having roses in backdrop and prominent lady in veil with amazing attractive eyes.


Lovers rose tattoo

Lovers rose tattoo design is an amazing tattoo design. A full opened rose with love tag is carved usually.


Tribal rose tattoo design

This tattoo design is common design with red rose and back ground stencil work.


Rose and girl tattoo design

It is etched on back of guys, with a picture of a girl holding a stalked rose flower in her mouth. It looks unique and stylish.


Rose tattoo for shoulder

On shoulder a prominent mark is being carved with black outline of rose.


Rose in row tattoo design

This tattoo design is made on lower abdominal area. From front to back roses are made in a row to make a belt of roses around your waist.


Rose glove tattoo design

It is perfect and elegant tattoo design for both girls and guys. A rose in shades of black and grey is made hand and wrist in a way to cover up all the back are of hand with a rose flower.


Woman and red rose clip tattoo design

It really looks charming. A woman with red rose hair clip adds beauty and charm to your personality.


Rose and dove tattoo design

A flying dove over a red rose is magnetic tattoo for whom who love peace and beauty. It is mostly carved on upper back of body.


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