Sexy Anchor Tattoos

Tattoos are awesome. Tattoos serve different purposes to different people, some people get it just because they look trendy, and some people get it because these tattoos have some kind of religious attachment to them. The numbers of people who get tattoos are increasing on daily basis. Here are 20 stunning anchor tattoo designs for all you guys out there who want tattoos.

Sailor anchor tattoo

A beautiful tattoo design, this tattoo looks quite an impressive piece of art work. You will surely like it and that is guaranteed.

Compass anchor tattoo

An old school beautiful anchor tattoo engraved on the wrist to show tribute! This is a great concept and looks pretty good.

Leg anchor tattoo

This tattoo is engraved on the back of your leg just above your ankle and this tattoo is very simple and still gives a stunning impression.

Finger anchor tattoo

Your little finger is engraved with this small tattoo and once engraved this tattoo looks like you are wearing a ring in your finger.

Rib anchor tattoo

This is an anchor tattoo inked on the ribs with shades of red and paying tribute to friendship. You can get it if you like it!

Skull and anchor tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of a scary skull and an anchor in very unique shades and this tattoo is engraved on your inner arm.

Rosary anchor tattoo

Anchor engraved on your wrist attached to a colorful rosary and this tattoo also contains a beautiful red heart in the middle.

Meaningful anchor tattoo

Black and yellow anchor tattoo flowing with green waves and also contains a sexy heart engraved in the middle. Simply awesome!

Amazing anchor tattoo

A very bold and colorful anchor tattoo inked on the inner arm with a rope attached to it! This tattoo is once again an absolute stunner.

Heart highlight anchor tattoo

This is yet another anchor tattoo which contains a heart in its design and this tattoo looks quite amazing when you look at it.

Dad anchor tattoo

In this particular tattoo there is an anchor where there are 3 plates on it and on those three plates is written “dad thanks for everything” what a meaningful and deep tattoo.

Inner arm anchor tattoo

Sturdy anchor on inner arm, this anchor tattoo has got initials of your loved one who has passed away. Another great tattoo!

Left foot anchor tattoo

Little anchor tattoo engraved on the foot and this tattoo has also got a broken rope attached to it from its one end.

Anchor tattoo behind ear

This is a beautiful anchor tattoo and this tattoo is small! It is engraved in black on the back of your ear and looks elegant.

Old school anchor tattoo

This anchor tattoo has black and gray shades to it and looks quite beautiful and has got a wave across it which is breathtaking.

Anchor tattoo pop art

What a sexy anchor design with lots of colors and a rope hanging from it. This tattoo will look great on any part of your body.

Love anchor tattoo

An excessively girly anchor tattoo inked on the upper middle back, this anchor tattoo has got a lot of tiny hearts in its design.

Right arm anchor tattoo

Simple and plain anchor tattoo engraved on the right arm and has got a super masculine and bold look to itself.

Cross anchor tattoo

This is an anchor tattoo drawn with a rope hanging and a cross as well! This tattoo looks quite a different version of anchor tattoo.

Cool anchor tattoo

The red skull with an anchor with a chain hanging from this skull as a locket, this anchor tattoo looks pretty cool.

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