Shoulder Blade Tattoos | 20 Amazing Shoulder Blade Tattoos

Boost up your beauty with marvelous shoulder blade tattoos designs. They are fabulous. You can even cover them easily whenever you want to, as compared to the tattoos on other exposed body parts. The shoulder blade tattooing was also common in ancient times among various civilizations. Any specific tattoo was carved on shoulder blades of people belonging to a particular tribe as an identity. Even nowadays people etch their shoulders with unique tattoo design to attract others and make them as a specific identity. Before wearing a shoulder blade tattoo you should be very careful in its selection because you will go through a painful procedure for getting this on your body. Various shoulder blade tattoo designs are added here for your support in selection and creation of a new tattoo design.

Dragon tattoo design

A very simple but full of elegance dragon tattoo design is engraved on shoulder blade. This tattoo is picked by both girls and guys.

Arrogant Panther tattoo design

An attacking panther is carved on a broad shoulder blade to give you an arrogant look.

A tribute tattoo design

With this very tattoo design an enthusiast give tribute to any dear and near entity along with a nice quote.

Woman and ginseng tattoo design

In this tattoo design a very beautiful lady figure is artistically merge with ginseng plant. No doubt it is a meaningful tattoo design.

Awesome humming bird tattoo design

This is state of art tattoo design in which two humming birds are extracting beautiful flowers’ nectar. It really give fresh look.

Tribal tattoo design

A tribal look tattoo pattern is being spread on shoulder blade fantastically.

Lilly tattoo design

A huge clourful and beautiful Lilly flower is engraved on shoulder blades of girls. This awesome flower gives you elegant look.  

Dahlia flower tattoo design

It is another charming tattoo flower which gives you more stylish and upto date feminine look. Various colours can be added in this tattoo design.

Butterflies in joy tattoo design

Beautiful butterflies flying with air and playing with flowers look magnificent on a girl’s shoulder blade.

I am Leo tattoo design

A person wearing this tattoo design shows his believe on zodiac signs. A brave lion full of grace is etched on your shoulder blade.

Attractive tattoo design

This very tattoo design contains a dancing girl in classical style. It looks attractive on shoulder.

Angel wings tattoo design

Huge angel wings in shimmer white colour are carved on shoulder blade. This design of Shoulder Blade Tattoos shows your love for peace and protection.

Curled Snake tattoo design

Shoulder Blade Tattoos

A curled snake with forked protruding tongue adds glamour and pride to your personality

Woodpecker tattoo design

This tattoo presents beautiful scene of happy morning with bloomed flower on trees and a woodpecker sitting on tree. It is fabulous.

My very first tattoo design

As the name indicates, this tattoo design is carved on shoulder blade on choice of a new tattoo fan. The magical artistic touch to hearts and stars attracts others

Cherry blossom flowers tattoo design

The beautiful cherry blossom flowers beautify a beautiful soul. This Shoulder Blade Tattoos design is choice of most of the middle age women.

My world my home tattoo design

A very colourful lively globe is made on shoulder blade. This tattoo design is unique and engraved by those who really value their home earth.

Heart and roses tattoo design

This tattoo design is carved on shoulder to show love to your counterpart. Though it is typical design but it adds glamour to your personality.

A dry tree tattoo design

A dry tree tattoo is really meaningful, awakening hope for sad person.

Cross and flower tattoo design

Shoulder Blade Tattoos

People show their deep love and respect for religion with this very Shoulder Blade Tattoos design.


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