Shoulder Tattoos for Women – 25 Awesome Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Tattoos are a great means of self representation and they are also a very stylish way to represent oneself. Tattoos are getting more and more popularity day by day and many people get tattoos just for their style statement. These tattoos are not very welcomed by old people; they think that this is a total loss of time and money. But as the world progresses these people are also getting used to these Shoulder Tattoos for Women.

Shoulder phoenix tattoo

This tattoo is a phoenix in red colour which is engraved on either of your shoulders! It looks great!

Japanese chrysanthemum shoulder tattoo

These are two little weird creatures engraved in dark colour on both shoulders! This tattoo looks pretty cool.

Dog tattoo

Dogs are adorable; they are a favourite pet of almost everyone. You can get a dog tattoo on your shoulder if you like dogs!

Kraken tattoo on shoulder

This tattoo has got a lot of detail to itself and as it is engraved in beautiful intense colours and it looks wicked.

Fantasy tattoo on your shoulder

This tattoo can simply be your imagination! The things you fantasize about! You can get your imagination engraved on your shoulder.

Swallow tattoo

Two little birds are flying! This tattoo is engraved on the back of your shoulder and it is one of the most amazing tattoos that i have ever seen.

Cat cadaver tattoo

This is a very scary looking tattoo! This tattoo has got a lot of mystery to itself and looks great overall.

Shoulder butterfly tattoo

This tattoo is a very famous tattoo for shoulders amongst women and this tattoo looks really awesome.

Shoulder rose tattoo

As the name implies this is a tattoo in which a rose is engraved on either one of your shoulders and as you all know roses cannot look bad this tattoo is a stunner!

Mother Nature tattoo

Nature’s gifts like gardens and flowers and a lot of blessings which are endowed upon us by the nature! This tattoo is a show stopper!


Maple leaf tattoo

Maple leafs are very sober they look very appealing! This tattoo can be engraved on your shoulder and it does not look bad.

Floral Shoulder Tattoos for Women

A flower with its stems is engraved on the shoulder! This tattoo gives a very elegant expression.

Beautiful floral piece

This is a part of a flower, the petals of a flower which are shown profoundly! This tattoo looks pretty damn good.

Moon and back tattoo

This tattoo is one of the best tattoos you will ever have the pleasure of getting it engraved on your shoulder because this tattoo is one of its kind!

Lilies on shoulder

This tattoo looks pretty soothing as lilies are very beautiful and fragile flowers they depict delicacy and look great.

Stunning shoulder piece

A very unique pattern of black stripes and flames; this tattoo looks like a real piece of art work!

Girl Manga tattoo

This tattoo is a tiny little cute cartoon in green colour and it looks adorable!

Angel Shoulder Tattoos for Women

As the name explains it, this tattoo is an angel engraved on the shoulder and looks very deep and appealing.

Flourishing music tattoo

In this particular tattoo there are a lot of different musical instruments which are engraved on the body and this tattoo depicts a passion for music!

Stars Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Different colourful stars imprinted on the shoulder this tattoo is a star in the tattoo world!

Stars and butterflies

Stars along with butterflies this tattoo represents a very unique but awesome combination and this tattoo looks awesome.


Dragonfly Shoulder Tattoos for Women

This tattoo looks like a hybrid between a dragon and a butterfly! This tattoo is a very creative piece of work and looks amazingly great.

Zombie Godzilla

A very scary tattoo! Zombies are engraved and this tattoo freaks me out.

Pink leopard print start

A star shape with a leopard print this tattoo looks very creative and represents a person with unorthodox aesthetic taste.

Launch party Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Shoulder Tattoos for Women

A women in pink is cutting the ribbon, this tattoo is a great tattoo to have if you are a party person.

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