Skull Tattoos – 20 Skull Tattoos Can Make You Invincible

There is a number tattoo design families from these families you can have tattoos on your body.  The skull tattoos are one of them which have been use as an emblem of power and strength.  In the past, skull tattoos are favored by boys only but now the trend has been change and it is getting very popular among women.

  1. Skull with Bow Tattoo

Skull Tattoos

A skull tattoos with two bows look quit nice below your neck and it attracts everyone with a combination of grey and black color.


  1. Skull Lovers Tattoo

In this tattoo, there are tow skulls with yellow and purple color curved on your leg.


  1. Foodie Skull

It is a very funny tattoo that eats a lot and it is carved on your arm.  In addition to this, you will see this tattoo contains two kitchen spoons behind the skull.


  1. Candy Skull Tattoo

It is a very cute candy skull made up of colorful candies especially the teeth of this skull look very charming.


  1. Scary Skull Tattoo

This skull represents very horrible effects when you get carved on your body.


  1. Cute Skull Tattoo

The eyes of this skull tattoo make it very cute on your leg.  It will be better for you if you carved in on your body in small size.


  1. Captured Skull Tattoo

Captured Skull Tattoo

This tattoo design comes with a great idea of prison of life.  A skull that has been trapped due to some reason and wants to get freedom.


  1. Love Skull Tattoo

It’s a very fantastic skull tattoo showing the feelings of love.  The eyes of this tattoo are awesome and drawn in the shape of heart.

  1. Lilly and Skull Tattoo

Lilly is incredibly sweet plant especially the flowers and bows of this plant are very beautiful.  At the centre of this Lilly flower there is a skull with simple look.


  1. Roses and Skull Tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of roses and a skull.  The color of roses is very eye-catching but the skull adds terrible effect to this tattoo.


  1. Sugar Skull Tattoo

In this tattoo design there is a sweet skull with a sugar flower and a long green leaf.


  1. Friends Forever Skull

If you and your dear friend want to have same tattoo design on your body then “Friends Forever Skull Tattoo” is the great option for you.


  1. Red Burning Skull Tattoo

A red skull with two bones look very nice on your outer arm and it adds great personality if you get engraved it on your body.


  1. Winking Skull Tattoo

It is really a funny skull tattoo design.  The skull seems to be very naughty and it looks very nice on your body.  This skull tattoo provides you a cool look and makes you feel happy.


  1. Diamond Heart Skull Tattoo

A very charming tattoo with a sweet little heart and a diamond on the head of skull.


  1. Ear Skull Tattoo

This one of the best looking tattoo and it is only carved on your ear.  Ear is one of the most prominent part of your body and this skull design adds more beauty to your personality.


  1. Class tattoo Tattoo

It is a colorful skull tattoo usually carved on your chest with the rows of colorful flowers on both sides of the skull.

  1. Patterned all over Tattoos

This skull design is known as Mexican Skull Tattoo and there are different patterns of layers on the face of the skull.  In addition to this, you will see two beautiful flowers on both sides.


  1. Smoking Skull Tattoos

It is a very dangerous skull and from the head of this skull there is a stream of smoke.


  1. Gray Skull Tattoos

This is one of the most horrible tattoos with grayish effect.  When you look at this skull it will take you to the world of death yet it is still loved by the tattoo lovers.

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