Star Tattoos: 20 Ideas About Shooting Star Tattoos for Women

Tattoos are wonderful! Not only are they a piece of artwork they are also a source of income for many people as well as a source of style for people! Tattoos are getting more and more fame with each passing day. You may also want to get tattoos one day and that would not be a bad idea as these tattoos look so good. Above are 20 beautiful star tattoos that you can get if you want.

Beautiful star tattoo on foot

This tattoo is engraved on either of the feet and this tattoo looks pretty cool. It is in black and white colour and is very elegant looking design for a shooting star tattoo.

Shooting star with musical notes tattoo

shooting-star-with-musical-notes-tattooWhat an amazing tattoo! This tattoo has stars printed in musical script format and this whole image is engraved on any part of your body.

Three star tattoos 

three-star-tattoos-with-namesThere are 3 stars which are engraved on your body and each star has a name of a person or a place or anything on it and this tattoo looks really deep.

Traditional shooting star

traditional-shooting-starIt is an image of the typical shooting star from the sky which is engraved on your body and this looks really amazing.

Flowery star tattoo

flowery-star-tattooYou can give a shooting star tattoo a beautiful image by sketching flowers around the star and this tattoo looks really awesome as this is a very fine piece of art.

Shoulder back shooting stars

shoulder-back-shooting-starsAs the name itself implies this tattoo is engraved on your shoulder blade and this tattoo has got itself a very charming image.

Colourful shooting stars at the ankles

colourful-shooting-stars-at-the-anklesThis tattoo has three different falling stars engraved on either ankles and this tattoo looks quite stunning as the stars have different colours.

Shooting star across the whole back

shooting-star-across-the-whole-backThe name of the tattoo says it all! This tattoo is engraved on your back and it runs diagonally! This is a typical shooting star but it is colourful.

Falling star shoulder tattoo

falling-star-shoulder-tattooAn amazing tattoo to have on your shoulder blade! This tattoo looks very natural and is black and white in colour.

Black falling stars tattoo

black-falling-stars-tattooThis tattoo is engraved just below the back of your neck and this tattoo looks very unconventional as the stars are shown to be black in colour.

Shooting red stars on lower rib

Your lower ribs are engraved with this tattoo, in this tattoo there are 3 red shooting stars with their streaks following behind.

Burning star tattoo on your back

This tattoo as the name implies contains stars which are literally on fire. Very creatively done and this tattoo looks awesome.

Falling stars on the hand tattoo

Your hand and your forearm gets engraved this tattoo, and when seen from a distance it looks pretty cool.

Chain of stars across the belly

On either sides of your lower part of the belly this tattoo looks pretty cool especially for the girls as the tattoo is pink in colour.

Star floating in the air on the waist

This is a pretty wicked tattoo as the star is shown to be some kind of a kite and there is a string attached to it which is floating in the air.

Tribal falling star tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of the tribal patterns and the shooting stars and this tattoo looks pretty awesome especially when engraved on the wrist.

Shooting stars full ribs

burning-star-tattoo-on-your-backAs the name tells us these are shooting stars engraved on your whole ribs and this tattoo is a very unique and awesome tattoo to have.

Rainbow glowing shooting star tattoos

rainbow-glowing-shooting-star-tattoosThis is the best shooting star tattoo that i have seen so far! This tattoo is engraved on your body with glow in the dark shades and as you walk around in night it glows and looks great.

Unique shooting star tattoo on the thigh

unique-shooting-star-tattoo-on-the-thighShooting stars on the thigh are not a usual sight and as this tattoo is engraved on the thigh it makes it unique! Looks awesome!

Star tattoos at ear back

star tattoosThis tattoo is engraved on the back of your ear and it looks awesome.


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