Swallow Tattoo – 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattooing is a way of communication in a figurative mode and every image, every picture either of a bird or everything around us is used to give message.  In this respect, swallow bird is also used in the art of body piercing.  They are the symbol of prophecy, material goods and strength.  In the past, this type of swallow tattoo design is used by the people whose families had been left behind on a mission and swallow bird was the symbol of hope, they will be in home one day.  Mostly, swallow tattoos are pierced on the chest of people because it is believed they lead them to the heaven after their death.  The wallow tattoo designs mentioned here will show their importance in the life of people who love this art of tattooing.

Angel Swallow Tattoo

It’s a very beautiful tattoo with a marvelous concept showing a beautiful swallow bird with a beautiful ring on the head of the bird.  Moreover, its look very nice when you get tattooed it on your abdomen.

1 - Angel Swallow Tattoo

Shining Color Angel Swallow Tattoo

This swallow bird tattoo has a fantastic look with striking colors.  You can observe different shining elements in this tattoo like small beautiful flowers.  It can be made with a combination of different shining colors and it looks very nice on your upper back. 

2 - Shining Color Angel Swallow Tattoo

Devil Swallow

Devil swallow as it is clear from the title of this tattoo; it is a tattoo with some contemptuous meanings.  There are two horns on the head of devil sparrow and it looks very attractive in black color.

3 - Devil Swallow

Tool Lyric Tattoo and Swallow

In this tattoo you can have a stunning swallow along with beautiful flowers.  In addition, you can add tow or more lyrics to give a message to the populace.

4 - Tool Lyric Tattoo and Swallow

Old School Swallow Tattoo

Old school swallow tattoo looks very pretty on the women chest.  It is black in colors and you can engrave two swallow tattoos on your chest. 

5 - Old School Swallow Tattoo

Swallow Poppy Tattoo

This type of tattoo looks very attractive if you have healthy arms because it is pierced on your arms.  Swallow poppy tattoo is a colorful tattoo with a red beautiful flower on your inner arm. 

6 - Swallow Poppy Tattoo

Heart Lock and Swallow Key

A very beautiful lock with the shape of a heart in red color and besides this there is a beautiful swallow bird having a key of the heart lock in the mouth.  This tattoo design gives a charming look when you get engraved it on your upper back.  Mostly, this type of tattoo is loved by women.

7 - Heart Lock and Swallow Key

Cute Swallow on Arm

It is a very sweet swallow tattoo design and it is very awesome with excellent colors imprinted on your arm. 

8 - Cute Swallow on Arm

Flying Swallow

It a very good tattoo with a flying image on your body and it has excellent attraction with a dark color on your upper back. 

9 - Flying Swallow

Swallow Memorial

In this tattoo you can add some memories of your life; for example you can add the name of your dear one along the tattoo a colorful sparrow either on your arm or shoulder. 

10 - Swallow Memorial

Kid Swallow

It’s a tattoo of small swallow with different colors.  It is usually carved on your leg. 

11- Kid Swallow

Amore Rider Swallow

It’s a tattoo with two swallow bird and Amore Rider is written on each of these two birds.  They look very nice with vibrant colors on your feet. 

12 - Amore Rider Swallow

New School Swallow Tattoo

It’s a new design in the world of swallow tattoo designs and it is a very eye-catching tattoo with bold and extravagant colors on your legs. 

13 - New School Swallow Tattoo

Swallows with Cross

In this tattoo, there are two swallows holding a cross.  This tattoo is a symbol of divinity and love for Christianity.

14 - Swallows with Cross

Rose and Swallows

It’s an angelic combination of roses and swallows on your chest and it looks very nice on your body if you have muscular body. 

15 - Rose and Swallows

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