Tattoo Designs : 20 Wonderful Octopus Tattoo Designs

Tattooing your body for the very first time is hard to decide because you have to keep it with you for many upcoming years of your life. You should do long term search for the best tattoo designs for your body especially when you are new to this. If you are planning to get wonderful image of octopus tattoo on your skin, then stay for a while to this article. You will get amazing tattoos ideas for engraving your body with this attention-grabbing art. It is interesting to know that in various cultures octopus is sacred while some value this animal because of its power of regeneration of lost tentacles and strength. Similar other myths and believes are being associated to octopus but some etched their skin with wonderful plus colourful tattoos of octopus just for the sake of giving them a very unique look.

Amazing octopus key tattoo

amazing-octopus-key-tattooA tattoo with having pearled string and key in its tentacles look amazing. Engrave your body with this awesome and meaningful tattoo.

Blue Ring Octopus Tattoo Designs

blue-ring-octopus-tattoo-designsThis is really a wonderful tattoo design with a blue large ring around an octopus body. It gives an elegant skin image.

Octopus on neck tattoo

octopus-on-neck-tattooA very delicate and cute tattoo on one side of neck is inked with beautiful colour contrast. You will have an awesome accessory on your body for adding more beauty to you.

Octopus and star tattoo

octopus-and-star-tattooIt is beautiful idea of inking your body with a very stylish and cute tattoo design. A very cute cartoon octopus is surrounded by dancing yellow stars in this design.

Octopus Tattoo for Women

octopus-tattoo-for-womenMixture of bright and soft coloured octopus tattoos is tattooed on body of women. The supplementary pictures added in these tattoos are based on choice of a woman. Some like to add skull and scary look to octopus face while some like to add somewhat naughty and cartoonish look to it. Hence attractive tattoos are designed especially for girls.

First Little Octopus tattoo

first-little-octopus-tattooIf you are going to tattoo your body for the first time then you must go for a trial tattoo of little octopus on your wrist. This tattoo is amazing even within this small size it attracts attention of others.

Dangerous octopus tattoo

dangerous-octopus-tattooA dangerous octopus tattoo is made on upper back of a guy. It looks horrible.

Amazing Octopus Tattoo Designs

octopus-tattoo-designsHuge near to real octopus is carved on back of your body. It is an amazing tattoo design made with such perfection to make you able to see that an octopus has hold your body from back to the belly with its long arms. Everyone would definitely admire you amazing choice.

Octopus with spines Tattoo

octopus-with-spines-tattooThis tattoo gives sharpie look because an octopus is inked with spines on its arms. It is believed as a defense mechanism of an octopus against a prey.

Wonderful Octopus Tattoo

wonderful-octopus-tattooAn octopus is inked infront of a sea bottom view in backdrop. This presents a very wonderful image of your skin.

Cute Octopus Tattoo Design

cute-octopus-tattoo-designA cartoon octopus with a cute toy is etched on a girl’s body. It shows innocence of a wearer.

Women Octopus Tattoo on heart

women-octopus-tattoo-on-heartA very girlish looking octopus tattoo is made on left side of a girl chest to show the love for this animal.

Elegant Octopus Tattoo Design

elegant-octopus-tattoo-designThis tattoo design looks simple and elegant. It is made with subtle shading of an octopus’s body in contrast with base colour.

Leg Octopus Tattoo for Men

leg-octopus-tattoo-for-menAn elegant huge octopus is made on whole leg of a man. It really looks amazing there.

Octopus and a diamond tattoo design

octopus-and-a-diamond-tattoo-designA round headed octopus with a diamond in its one arm looks fabulous on your leg.

Hand octopus tattoo design

hand-octopus-tattoo-designThe body of octopus is made on backside of your hand with imprinting your fingers with its arms.

Tiger skin octopus tattoo design

tiger-skin-octopus-tattoo-designEngraving your body by spreading tiger skin pattern on an octopus body adds charisma to a girl’s body. This tattoo shows your qualities.

Outstanding octopus tattoo design on belly

outstanding-octopus-tattoo-design-on-bellyA solid colour is used to ink an octopus on one side of a person’s belly with giving lighter colour shade to its center. It is an outstanding design.

Fantastic octopus tattoo on girl’s thigh

fantastic-octopus-tattoo-on-girls-thighThis tattoo adds magnetism to a girl’s looks. A huge single coloured tattoo with long arms is made to cover whole thigh. It is gorgeous.

White octopus on your arm

white-octopus-on-your-armThis tattoo is so simple in which an octopus is made in shimmery white colour. It looks neat and elegant on your arm.

Adorable design of octopus tattoo  

tattoo designsWrap your back with a very adorable octopus tattoo design. Fantastic colours are used to imprint your body with this design. Vibrant mixture of water, an octopus, small fish, treasure box and moving hydra within this tattoo designs adds charm to your personality.

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