Tattoos Designs | 20 Amazing Female Tattoo Designs

People are getting more and more interested in tattoos with each passing day! Tattoos are a great way to represent you without even speaking a word! Different people have different interests and so they get their tattoos according to their own liking! Some people get tattoos just because it’s a trend and some people have logical reasons behind it! People belonging to a certain gang get identical tattoos and many tattoos designs also have religious backgrounds.

Fairy in a rose tattoo

This is a very different tattoo, i have never seen any such concept in tattoos and I must say it really is something wonderful.

Lady with two big feathers

This tattoo is black and white there are no colours in this tattoo! Very eye catching and appealing and this tattoo signifies a wish for freedom.

Girl with black bottoms and red top bearing read feathers

Again this tattoo signifies a wish for freedom and flying! This tattoo depicts a very charming personality and looks kind of appealing.

A dragon on the back tattoos designs

This tattoo gives a furious impression and at the same time sends the message that bewares! This tattoo looks pretty dynamic and super cool.

Hybrid half bird half human tattoo

This is a combination of two different species! It looks like a bird as the girl has feathers like a bird and from the top it is a women and the hair of this women are as long as her.

Zodiac sign tattoo

This is simply a tattoo in which you get your zodiac sign engraved on your body!

Tulips on shoulder blade tattoos designs

Tulips are beautiful flowers and when they are engraved in different colours on your shoulder blade they look pretty damn good.

Feathers on the either sides of your back

This tattoo looks awesome as the girl who is bearing this tattoo on her back seems like she has feathers! It depicts a deep desire to fly.

Peacock on your back tattoos designs

Peacocks are a sign of beauty! When peacocks are engraved in wonderful colours on your back they look pretty awesome.

Roses on your left arm

When beautiful red roses are engraved on your left arm they show how tender your inner self is and all in all, this tattoo is a stunner!


Girl with a big crown on her head

This is a tattoo of a girl with a big crown on her head! It looks like a queen! And what a cool tattoos designs this is to have it engraved on any part of your body.

Celtic cross tattoos designs

This tattoo is a very famous tattoo and many religious as well as non religious ladies have it engraved on their bodies! This tattoo has some religious meaning and it looks cool at the same time.

Stripes on either of the arm

Stripes in any design are engraved on either of the arms of the ladies and these tattoos designs being so simple and black look so cool.

Coloured stars on both shoulder blades

As the name of the tattoo implies these tattoos designs are engraved on shoulder blades and those colourful stars look quite awesome.

Girl with a guitar tattoos designs

U can get this tattoo engraved wherever you like and it depicts passion for guitar and music.

Pythagorean Theorem tattoos designs

This is a very useful mathematics formula and many girls get it engraved on their body and it is not a bad idea! It shows their interest in the subject.

Flames on the neck tattoo

This tattoo is not a very rare sight but the concept of this tattoo is great and it also looks stunning

Green scary dragon on the neck tattoo

This tattoo is a very scary dragon and creeps me out! This tattoo is green and is a dragon and is very scary!

Revolvers on either side of the back tattoo

An awesome tattoo to have! This tattoo as the name implies contains two revolvers facing each other and they depict a passion for guns.

Fish engraved on the lower back

tattoos designsThis tattoo is a beautiful tattoo and it shows a person who is fascinated by fish and looks cool!

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