Tree of Life Tattoo – 20 Amazing Tree of Life Tattoo Designs

Tree is a beautiful creature of this world.  All the living things we see in this world depend on trees either directly or indirectly.  However, our environment is also dependent on this creature of the world.  It is an accept able reality of this world that the trees have been giving benefits to the world since the beginning of human life on earth in the form of fossil fuel.  Tree, itself is a representation of life.  The branches of a tree give the message of love, peace, unity and harmony.  Furthermore, the braches show us we need to be social in our life.  We should not choose isolated life if we do so we will become fragile and weak.  So, there is a wide range of expression in Tree of Life Tattoo.


1.       Words and Tree tattoo

It’s a tattoo with some meaningful and informative words around a tree.  The pattern of writing is appallingly amazing and it looks very nice on your forearms.

2.       Powerful Tree Tattoo

This tattoo has a commanding impact with its dark red color on your leg.

3.       Ancient Tree Motif Tattoo

Ancient tree motif is a simple tattoo and it is very easy to draw.  It looks great when you get engraved it on your back.

4.       Interlaced Life Tattoo

Interlaced life tattoo is very unique with its tremendous concept.  The braches of this tree are interlinked with each other showing the complexity of life.

5.       Two Colored Tree Tattoo

This tattoo is embossed on your body with two different colors.  It is really a fantastic tattoo especially its colors.

6.       Dense Tree Circle

It a tattoo with a dense outline and inside of this outline there is an exceedingly beautiful tree with merged twigs.

7.       Name Tree Tattoo

This type of tattoo provides you an option to carve the name of your dear one besides a tribal tree.

8.       Orange, Green, Brown Tree Tattoo

It’s a tattoo with three natural colors on your body.  Although there is a mishmash of colors but the combination of colors is very nice.

9.       I Love Tree of Life Tattoo

This tattoo is good for you if you want to show love to the nature.

10.   Colorful Tree of Life Tattoo

It is a very colorful tree with a wide range of colors.  This tattoo is very good looking and attractive.


11.   Tree for Simplicity Tattoo

It seems to be a very simple tattoo design because it is very easy to print on your body.  Although the branches of this tree are thin and fragile but there is a message of simplicity in it.

12.   Tree and Flying Birds Tattoo

The tree is very sweet and eye-grabbing with small flying birds.  This tattoo provides a pleasant look to the people.

13.   Tree Home Tattoo

This tree is very dear to every bird because this tree seems to be a home for every bird.  The birds that are fling around this tree and look beautiful.

14.   Star and Tree of Life Tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of the star and the tree.  The tree looks very nice with brown and green colors on you back.

15.   Rib Tree of Life Tattoo

This tattoo is carved on your ribs and the design of this tattoo is very attractive.

16.   Green Shamrock Tree of Life Tattoo

It’s a tattoo with greenery all around the tree.  In addition to this, there are birds in the design.

17.   Tree of Birds Tattoo

The birds are scathed in such a way to show an image of a tree.  This tattoo looks very nice on your back.

18.   Single Color Tree of Life Tattoo

In this tattoo there is only one color and it seems very simple and attractive on your body.

19.   Tree behind Ear Tattoo

It’s a very small tree tattoo and engraved behind your ear.  It is seems very nice if you have small hairs on your head.

20.   Tree for Earth Tattoo

It’s an incredibly cool tattoo with a big dashing tree and a map of the world.  This is one of the best designs in the world of tree tattooing.



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