Wolf Tattoo Designs | 15 Wolf Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoos look pretty awesome. These tattoos were not very common in early times but his trend is really in the boom these days! Everyone is getting tattoos nowadays. Even in these days tattoos have becomes so common that people are looking for different things so that their wolf tattoo is not identical to someone else’s tattoo. Everyone has their own reason for getting tattoos! One of the main reasons is that people get it just for style and some may also get tattoos because they are a part of certain gang or fraternity.

A wolf in red on the leg

This tattoo is engraved on the leg, it is a wolf which is in red colour and looks very furious and this wolf tattoo gives a very scary vibe. All in all; this tattoo looks devilishly great.

Wolf with its paws up in the air

This tattoo as you look at it seems like a wolf trying to attack you as it has got its paws up in the air and has that deadly look in its eyes telling you to not  get too close.

A wolf face on the shoulder

This is a tattoo in which the whole face of the wolf is engraved on the shoulder and it seems like the wolf is pretty satisfied for some reason. This tattoo looks really masculine.

A running wolf engraved on the leg

In this tattoo a wolf is shown to be running to catch its prey! This tattoo gives a very dangerous vibe as it is in dark mustard colour and the teeth of the wolf are out and is running with its tail up in the air.

Wolf and moon tattoo

Wolfs are often associated with the moon. In this tattoo there is a howling wolf with the moon and the sky as the background. This tattoo again looks pretty damn scary.

American wolf tattoo

In this tattoo there is a wolf engraved in electric blue colour with an angry face! It has yellow eyes and the teeth of this wolf are dripping with blood!

Wolf facing the moon

In this tattoo it is shown that the wolf is howling at the moon and this tattoo again looks very terrifying. This tattoo has got this weird depth to it and makes one wonder of what this is about.

Tribal and wolf tattoo

As the name itself explains, this tattoo is a combination of the tribal and the wolf’s face! There is a profile view of the wolf’s face with a tribal print at the back of its hair. A great tattoo to have.

Wolf on the arm tattoo

This tattoo is engraved on the arm and in this tattoo the whole wolf is engraved on the arm and it looks pretty awe some when you look at it.

Dream catcher wolf tattoo

In this tattoo there is a scarf around the wolf’s neck and the wolf looks happy and this tattoo looks pretty appealing.

Wolf cover up tattoo

This tattoo contains a wolf face with its hair flowing in the air, this tattoo looks pretty awesome.

Wolf tattoo (dedication for love)

This tattoo is a lovely tattoo to have. In this tattoo there are two wolfs hugging each other! What an adorable little tattoo to have on your shoulder.

Angry wolf on shoulder

This tattoo is a very terrifying tattoo! In this tattoo there is a wolf with its mouth open seeking a prey looks pretty damn scary.

The three eyed wolf tattoo

This is just an imagination. Of course there is no wolf bearing three eyes, this tattoo however looks pretty interesting and makes one really think that what this thing is.

A blazing wolf tattoo

wolf tattooIn this tattoo there is an angry wolf and it is shown to be literally on fire. This tattoo is very exquisite and not many people have seen this tattoo. If you are looking for something unorthodox, go for this tattoo.

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